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This is how brides can use Pantone's color of the year 2018 - Ultra violet

Back in Roman times purple shades were so prized that that only the Roman Emperor was permitted to wear a purple hue. 

And this year a shade of purple - Ultra Violet 18-3838 - has been chosen as Pantone's color of the year. We've worked closely with Pantone on this to produce a whole range of items to help you plan your wedding and match up this stunning shade. 

As Pantone say: “Ultra Violet is a blue based purple that is enigmatic and complex, and suggests the mysteries of the cosmos, the intrigue of what lies ahead and the discoveries beyond were we are now. ”


It's all fabulous news for brides and here's why

  • Purple is considered by some to have a significant mental effect when we wear it and when we see it.
  • It is thought to calm the mind and destress (very useful for brides then!)
  • It has an uplifting effect (so everybody is going to be really happy at a purple-themed wedding of course!)
  • It is considered spiritual 
  • Dessy has a whole range of beautiful bridesmaid dresses in ultra violet - in over a hundred different styles. Cocktail length, full length, strapless, one-shoulder ... start looking and dreaming here. You'll also find pretty dresses for your young flowergirls and dresses for junior bridesmaids. 

Anyway, we think it is a completely fabulous color to choose for a wedding theme, as these images prove.

Your florist is going to be REALLY pleased

Why? Because you can get flowers in all sorts of shades of purple. Here's a list to start you off: Lisianthus, roses, anenomes, verbena, lavender, clematis, irises, salvia, delphinums, bellflowers, agapanthus, orchids, heather, hyacinths, asters, carnations, calla lillies, cosmos, cyclamen, crocus, colombines, gladioli, lilacs, pansies get the idea!

Choose purple as a wedding theme color and your florist will be overjoyed, because it offers so many shades of bloom to work with.

Your caterer will be enthusiastic too

Because when it comes to sweet things - like macarons, cakes, desserts - purple is a tempting and appetising shade. It's a wonderful color for dessert tables and as wedding cake decor.

Getting the exact shade for your wedding you're looking for

  • To help brides along with their wedding planning, Dessy has created the Pantone wedding color reference tool, which allows you to pick a color - like Ultra Violet - and discover the matching Pantone reference number. 
  • You can then share it with everyone. 
  • Give a color swatch to your florist so she can match up the exact shade of Ultra Violet (or whatever color has attracted you) to your blooms. Give it to your cake decorator too. In fact, give it to everyone who will need it! 
  • If you want your caterers to decorate your tables with cloths or accessories of a particular hue - then hand them the Pantone reference and let make their job so much simpler. 

Working that Ultra Violet theme

You might want to have bridesmaid dresses in Ultra Violet. Or maybe you want to embrace the trend of dressing your maids in separates - so you have color pops of the purple shade. Perhaps embellish with some sequins. 

You could opt for Ultra Violet sashes for your flowergirls. 

Accessories like cravats, ties and vests for your bridegroom. Maybe even socks!  

Anyway, enough of the talking. We're going to let ultra violet talk for itself, with these fabulous images! 

You can start shopping for wedding kit in Ultra Violet shades right here ...