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Which would be the best wedding colors to choose for YOUR big day?

wedding colors

Blush pink? A soft blue? Florals? Neutrals?

Really, there's no one size fits all when it comes to deciding on the colors that should inspire your your big day. A lot will depend on the time of year you're getting married, the venue, the mood you want the day to have ... However, there are a few ground rules to consider when you're planning your wedding day colors so here's some food for thought. And if you need real inspiration, just look at the colors of nature for the season in which you're marrying and that will give you plenty to think about.


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Marrying somewhere hot?

If you're having a destination wedding on a sandy beach somewhere or a place where the sky is going to be blue, blue, blue then we'd suggest that you go for the brightest of bright shades for your bridesmaids dresses, your accessories and your flowers. Hot pinks, turquoises, emerald greens, scarlets, bright sunshiny yellows all look fabulous - if the light is bright anything pale or pastel is going to look a bit washed out. Think of the tropical colors that are going to surround you and use them as your color palette.


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A country garden wedding day

If you're having a rustic wedding in a beautiful country garden, then we'd suggest you go for pale pinks, blues, yellows, greens, whites and creams. This is one day when tropical brights will look out of place. Think about a classic herbaceous border filled with summer flowers like roses, delphiniums, lavender, peonies, and daisies and you'll get the look right. You could also consider a mocha wedding theme which would look very pretty and sophisticated.

A city slicker wedding

A monochrome wedding looks fabulous in a city and if you want to extend the theme really far, just ask your guests to dress in black and white. You can add an accent of colour by wearing red wedding shoes. 

A wedding by the sea

This is where we would go for a navy and white theme, or maybe stone and white.

And if you're marrying in winter?

Winter weddings demand rich tones. We're thinking plums, forest greens, ruby reds, maybe a deep blue and of course a bright hollyberry red. Again, think about the wedding flowers that are likely to be in season and use them to denote your color scheme.

You might also find the Dessy Pantone tools invaluable when it comes to deciding on your colors and shades.

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