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10 things a wedding guest should NEVER say at a wedding

(Image credit: Gossip Girl)


Now Meghan Markle is a naturally classy lady. She's well-groomed, well-put together, polite and charming. 

But even Prince Harry's bride-to-be had to have some special lessons before she joined the British Royal family. There's a whole lot of stuff to learn when you're a Duchess. Things like when to curtsey to Queen Elizabeth, what color manicure is acceptable (it's neutral by the way), what not to eat and when not to eat ... and so on. 

However, if you're a wedding guest then there are also some social skills you need to make sure you have. Because there are some things that absolutely must not be said at a wedding - or done. 

Some people naturally have flawless manners. Others don't really have much etiquette at all and make faux pas constantly, embarassing those around them.

But when it comes down to weddings, it is important that everyone has etiquette - even if it is forced. However, regardless of how important this is, some people still tend to mess up and not say the right things when they should...or they say all the wrong things when they shouldn't.


Here's our list of the top 10 things you should never say to the bride, groom, or their families

  1.  "I can't believe she finally is settling down! She's so wild. I never thought she would. Really, when you think of the time she...!" (And so on. Leave the bride's past in the past.)
  2. "You can't even tell she's pregnant!" (This may be a secret or the bride may want to keep her elderly relatives out of the loop. In any case, it's not your place to announce it.
  3. "Remember that time he/she was sooooo drunk......?" (Again, leave the past in the past.)
  4. "Oh...I thought you were going to go with the OTHER dress..." (This is almost guaranteed to make the bride feel a bit insecure and maybe not her best. NOT what you want her to be feeling. She's made her decision and your unhelpful comments are just that.)
  5. Well, he finally cleaned up nice...." (Tactless in the extreme.)
  6. "I came for the alcohol." (Not a classy comment for a guest to make.)
  7. "I'm scared to see them as parents..." (This doesn't make you sound like a kind person and doesn't show you in your best light.)
  8. "Good thing that first marriage didn't work out..." (Just unnecessary.)
  9. "Glad he finally grew up..." (Haven't you ever done things in your youth you regretted later? Cut him some slack.)
  10. "Why is she wearing a white dress again?" (You know something, it's really none of your business. It's HER choice.)