What You Need to Know for Your Engagement Photo Shoot

What You Need to Know for Your Engagement Photo Shoot


What a beautiful engagement photo this is! You can take your photos in a park, beach or open field. Photo by Matthew Irving Photography

You're engaged and it is time to take your engagement photos, but what should you know before you go?  Here are some tips to think about before you take your engagement photos.

1. Location:  Aside from picking the photographer,  you will want to pick a location.  Do you have a location that has sentimental value to both you and your fiancé?  Maybe it's the place where you had your first date? Or somewhere scenic, like a beach or an open field? Is there a location you have always loved and thought would be great for photos?  If you don't have such a location, you can have your photographer pick some ideal spots that will work for your engagement photos.

2. Time of Year: After you get engaged, it is important to decide the time of year (prior to your wedding of course!) that you want to take your engagement photos.  If you are looking to have your photos taken on a beach, summer or spring may be a good time to have them done.  If it is an apple orchard or the changing colors of the trees strike you, maybe you should consider fall.  If you are looking for outdoor pictures in general, seasons like spring, fall and summer are perfect. But! winter makes for some awesome outdoor photos too!


Little detailed shots like this one make for great photos for your engagement! Photo by Jason Thomas Crocker Photography

3. Matchy-Matchy:  What you wear on the day of your photo shoot should have similar color tones, we're not saying they should be identical (although, how cute would that be?!) but similar color palette is important.   It's important that your clothing choices works well with the location you have chosen. Often times, couples will pick two locations and two sets of clothing for their shoot.  One set more formal and one set more casual.

4. Hair and Makeup:  You will definitely want to get your hair and makeup done for the photo shoot. If you are on a budget,  you can can do it yourself, perhaps have a friend who is a good at hair and makeup help you.  But take your time, because you will want to look your best for your engagement photo shoot.

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