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10 Wedding Photography Tips to REMEMBER!

Get your wedding photography right and you'll have images to cherish for the rest of your married life.

Get it wrong and you'll have to put up with them €“ because your wedding day isn't a dress rehearsal and you only get one shot at getting your images right.

So here's a list of 10 top wedding photography tips to be thinking about:

    1. Choose a photographer who suits your individual style. Don't just go with a photographer who is recommended by your venue. Ask for recommendations from friends as well as your venue and check out the photographers' individual websites. Some specialise in reportage, some are wizards at capturing impromptu images whilst some are more old school and will take formal photographs. It's your wedding day and you need it to be remembered in a style you're happy with. So do your research beforehand and ask to speak to some past customers to check they were happy with everything.
    1. Meet up with your photographer and make sure they are aware of how you look when you have your photograph taken. If you think you have a 'best side' then say so. Also warn the photographer if you're the type who blinks when their photograph is taken or finds it hard to smile naturally. Photographers have all sorts of tricks for dealing with reluctant posers and they'll help you to look your best.
    1. Walk around your ceremony venue and reception area with your photographer in the lead up to your big day to suss out areas you want photographed and places you want to be photographed in. There may be alcoves and windows that would frame a wedding photograph to perfection and your photographer will have an eye for what will make a good picture.
    1. Think about having a video of your wedding day too if your budget will stretch. Not having a video is a bride's top regret after their wedding day and film captures the essence of a day and the mood in a different dimension.
    1. If there are aspects of your day you are particularly delighted with €“ for example the view from your venue, your wedding cake, a detail on your dress €“ write a list and give it to your photographer beforehand so he or she doesn't miss anything.
    1. Have individual portraits taken of all your young flowergirls and pageboys with you and your bridegroom and then have them framed after the wedding. Gift wrap them and present them to your young attendants as a thank you to cherish.
    1. If certain members of your family really don't get on then have a quiet word with your photographer and brief him or her, so he doesn't ask them to pose together!
    1. Remember you are photogenic! All brides look beautiful so look and feel confident!
    1. If you want your first dance photographed then it's worth having some lessons so you rock your Strictly moment!
    1. Relax. If not every detail of your reception isn't exactly how you planned - for example the table cloths are the wrong shade of ivory (!) then don't worry about it. Just enjoy your day and get the photographs taken anyway.

Have you any other tips to add?