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DIY Farmhouse Wedding Inspiration

DIY Farmhouse Wedding Inspiration

I have a weak spot for rustic outdoor weddings that truly incorporate their surroundings. The hay stack seating covered with beautiful fabric is perfection. Not to mention the DIY creative favors of personalized bags of fresh cherries. The scenery, roaming horses and simple white floral arrangements add to the lovely ambiance of this perfect day. I hope that it also inspires yours!
farmhouse1.jpgfarmhouse2.jpgfarmhouse3.jpgfarmhouse4.jpgfarmhouse5.jpgfarmhouse6.jpgfarmhouse7.jpgfarmhouse8.jpgfarmhouse9.jpgfarmhouse10.jpgfarmhouse11.jpgfarmhouse12.jpgfarmhouse13.jpgfarmhouse14.jpgImages by Jose Villa Photography