Wedding Shoes

Wedding Shoes: Heels, Flats & Sandals

You've said "yes" to the dress. Now, it's time to choose a stunning pair of wedding shoes to match your gown. From sparkly stilettos to rhinestone flats, your perfect sole mate is just waiting to be found among the Dessy Group shoes for the bride and her crew.

Why Choose Bride & Bridesmaid Shoes at Dessy?

Out of all your wedding accessories for your special day, none of them are more important than your shoes. Not only are your bridal or bridesmaid shoes a reflection of your personal style, but they're also the most underrated workhorse of your outfit.

Think about it — you'll be standing in your wedding shoes all day, possibly 12 or more hours!

That's exactly why you need to choose your wedding shoes carefully by keeping both your comfort level and overall style top of mind. Lucky for you, Dessy has a stunning range of wedding shoes that don't sacrifice style for comfort, or vice versa!

Tall Wedding Shoes

Getting dressed up means high heels for most of us. Our posture gets a little better, our legs look fierce, and we feel more formal than we would in flat wedding shoes. If your hemline calls for height, consider wedding wedges for comfort or an ultra-modern block heel for steadier strutting down the aisle.

Flat Wedding Shoes

There's no doubt that flat bridesmaid shoes will keep your crew happy — but can the bride opt for wedding flats as well? Of course! This is your day, babe, so wear what makes your feet as happy as your heart.

Browse our collection of white, champagne and ivory flat wedding shoes with just the right amount of bling to complement any bridesmaid dresses. And even if you go for heels at your ceremony, foldable bridesmaid flats make an excellent gift that your BFFs will adore as soon as the DJ starts spinning tunes.

Bridal Sandals

Whether you're saying "I do" on a beach or you're simply a barefoot kinda gal, give some thought to bridal sandals. Flat shoes can skew casual, but bridal or bridesmaid flat sandals show off your pre-game pedis while amping up the glamor with pearls or crystals.

From stylish stilettos to rhinestone-adorned flats to sassy bridal sandals, our collection includes something for every venue and every bride's style. Pick up the perfect wedding shoes at Dessy to complete your jaw-dropping look from head to toe.

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