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Save the Day with Your Superhero Wedding Theme

Save the Day with Your Superhero Wedding Theme

A superhero themed wedding - Can you imagine?! What a fantastic fun and creative way to bring on your big day! I want to be friends with this couple. I mean, how fun are they? They included so many fun details from the light bright sign, to the comic books and action figures, to the awesome pez dispensers and sugar cereals. The s'mores and grasshopper cupcakes and their actual capes top it all off.

superhero1.jpgsuperhero2.jpgsuperhero3.jpgsuperhero4.jpgsuperhero5.jpgsuperhero6.jpgsuperhero7.jpgsuperhero8.jpgsuperhero9.jpgsuperhero10.jpgsuperhero11.jpgsuperhero12.jpgsuperhero13.jpgsuperhero14.jpgsuperhero15.jpgsuperhero16.jpgImages by Jagger Photography