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Red sweater weddig--rename

Mismatched insanely adorable bridesmaid dresses and this brides ever lasting bouquet are what stole the show for me in this summer wedding. The wine bottle reception centerpieces, lemonade stand and window panes hanging from the trees? Sealed. The. Deal. Hope you love this gorgeous wedding as much as I - Happy Weekend to you!

REDsweaterwedding1.jpgREDsweaterwedding2.jpgREDsweaterwedding3.jpgREDsweaterwedding4.jpgREDsweaterwedding5.jpgREDsweaterwedding6.jpgREDsweaterwedding7.jpgREDsweaterwedding8.jpgREDsweaterwedding9.jpgREDsweaterwedding10.jpgREDsweaterwedding11.jpgREDsweaterwedding12.jpgREDsweaterwedding13.jpgREDsweaterwedding14.jpgREDsweaterwedding15.jpgREDsweaterwedding16.jpgImages by Tyler Branch Photo