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A Southern Gals Big Ranch Wedding

A Southern Gals Big Ranch Wedding

Who knew polka dots and weddings went so hand-in-hand? Those adorable little dots are scattered around this ranch wedding just perfectly. I also fell for the little black bridesmaid dresses that are sure to be worn past this wedding day. I hope you are inspired by the cuteness!

bigranchwedding1.jpgbigranchwedding2.jpgbigranchwedding3.jpgbigranchwedding4.jpgbigranchwedding5.jpgbigranchwedding6.jpgbigranchwedding7.jpgbigranchwedding8.jpgbigranchwedding9.jpgbigranchwedding10.jpgbigranchwedding11.jpgbigranchwedding12.jpgbigranchwedding13.jpgImages by Ashley Maxwell Photography