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A Rock Star Worthy Wedding in Vegas

A Rock Star Worthy Wedding in Vegas

Theme weddings can be hit or miss. This Rockabilly wedding shot by Tara Swain Photography is a definite hit. The can-can skirt, birdcage veil and pink accents on the gorgeous bride are the perfect start to this fun celebration. And what better way to celebrate after the wedding than a festive bowling alley? I love this couple and how much fun and personality they put into their day. I wish I would have been there. Hmph, guess my invite was lost in the mail. Ah, well. Enjoy!

Rockabillywedding2.jpgRockabillywedding3.jpgRockabillywedding5.jpgRockabillywedding6.jpgRockabillywedding7.jpgRockabillywedding8.jpgRockabillywedding9.jpgRockabillywedding10.jpgRockabillywedding11.jpgRockabillywedding12.jpgRockabillywedding13.jpgRockabillywedding14.jpgRockabillywedding15.jpgRockabillywedding16.jpgRockabillywedding17.jpgRockabillywedding18.jpgImages by Tara Swain Photography