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20 Photos that will Inspire Your Purple Wedding Day

20 Photos that will Inspire Your Purple Wedding Day

If you love the color purple, then this one is for you. Featuring Dessy Group bridesmaid dresses this wedding shot by Lily Kesselman Photography is a beauty! With 10 bridesmaids all wearing their choice of dress styles, an adorable flower girl and an over-the-top to perfection wedding cake I think you'll love this one as much as I do. P.S.Ah-mazing wedding dress, no?!

dessydresslilykesselman1.jpgdessydresslilykesselman2.jpgdessydresslilykesselman3.jpgdessydresslilykesselman4.jpgdessydresslilykesselman5.jpgdessydresslilykesselman6.jpgdessydresslilykesselman7.jpgdessydresslilykesselman8.jpgdessydresslilykesselman9.jpgdessydresslilykesselman10.jpgdessydresslilykesselman11.jpgdessydresslilykesselman12.jpgdessydresslilykesselman13.jpgdessydresslilykesselman14.jpgdessydresslilykesselman15.jpgImages by Lily Kesselman Photography