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DIY Wedding Reception Centerpiece Ideas

DIY Wedding Reception Centerpiece Ideas

Wedding reception centerpieces are on the high list of DIY items for couples lately. You want something that looks pretty but doesn't break the bank. These fabulous ideas found over at Martha Stewart Weddings fit that description perfectly. The wedding centerpiece with herbs give your tables a great organic feel and you can use smaller pots of herbs for a wraparound menu that put the herbs to good use. Your guests can take them home as edible wedding favors. Another easy and affordable idea is wine bottle centerpieces and table numbers. Have wine bottles do double-duty as table numbers. Simply stick number labels over the wine labels and there you have it!

Another favorite are these wedding centerpieces with potted flowers. These could be flowers you planted yourself a few weeks back or bought at your local market. Pretty and simple, a great combination. Lastly, these gorgeous floral arrangements in bags are great because you can use vases of varying sizes, shapes, and materials can be unified with paper bags to serve as fresh, bright centerpieces at a casual wedding.

For more wedding reception centerpiece ideas visit Martha Stewart Weddings.