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Real Wedding - With Bridesmaids in RED Dresses!

Real Wedding - With Bridesmaids in RED Dresses!

Do you like colour accents?

Then you're going to love this real wedding where the bride dressed her maids in red bridesmaid dresses!
bridesmaids in red dresses at real wedding

Using colour accents in this way makes for some great wedding photography. Particularly when the bride has chosen to stay all in white, with a white bouquet (but check out her turquoise shoes peeking through!)

The bridesmaid bouquets pick out the colours of their dresses to perfection. (You can find similar red bridesmaid dresses by Dessy.)

Red is a great colour to choose as a wedding theme in winter and can look very dramatic against a snowy backdrop.

Images by The Nichols Photography.

real wedding with bride and groom
bridesmaids in red with colourful bouquets
wedding cake at real wedding