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10 Things You Need To Know About Wedding Shoes

Get them right and you'll be walking on air all day. (And not only because you're marrying your Mr Right.)

Get them wrong and your wedding shoes will be a pain. Literally.

It's a given that you're going to choose pretty shoes that make you feel like a princess. But you know, there's a few other considerations to take into account as well. Here - with the benefit of experience gained from other brides, are the 10 commandments of wedding shoes.

  1. You do actually have to wear them. Whilst the highest of heels may be your thing, you're going to be in those heels all day. Walking down the aisle towards your fiance with the eyes of your friends and family on you (and tripping up is so not a good look). You're also probably going to have to dance in your heels. So choose a pair that you can dance and walk in - you'll feel more comfortable and will be able to relax more.
  2. You don't have to have white or ivory shoes. Having coloured shoes peeping out from beneath your dress looks great and gives you a touch of individuality. You've always loved red shoes - well, go for a beautiful pair on your wedding day.
  3. Wear your shoes around the house (on carpet) in the run up to your big day so you've 'broken' them in a bit before you wear them.
  4. Buy a pair of shoes you're going to want to wear over and over again, and not just for your big day. So if you've always fancied a pair of Jimmy Choos then this is the time to go for it. Choose the right style and you can wear them to parties, balls and posh events for months or even years afterwards (and then they'll be an investment piece).
  5. Wear your shoes (or a pair of similar height) to your bridal dress fitting so your hemline is the right length.
  6. Make like a supermodel and practise walking in your shoes - especially if they're on the high side and you're not used to walking in high heels.
  7. Cushioned gel insoles can be a real life saver at the end of the day - have a pair on hand in case your feet start to get achey at the reception.
  8. If you're looking for coloured shoes but can't find just the right shade, Rainbow Club offer a fabulous shoe dyeing service.
  9. If you're having a winter wedding, be prepared for snow or wet weather. Don't have your dainty satin slippers ruined by walking in the slush - instead consider wearing some wedding wellies to see you safely down the path.
  10. If you're wearing open toed shoes, then a pedicure is an absolute must.

If you're looking for bridesmaid shoes and wedding shoes, Dessy has a lovely range with ballet flats in a rainbow of shades, plus shoe clips to make the look even more individual.