Kingfisher Blue and Orange Bridesmaid Dresses

I was walking by a stream early the other morning and I saw a flash of brilliant blue and a streak of golden orange out of the corner of my eye as I disturbed a kingfisher from its feeding perch. There are few things more uplifting in life than spotting a kingfisher and it's not just because they are relatively rare; it's more that there is something incredibly awesome about Nature's audacity at pitching such intense colours against each other on one small bird! And of course the result is radiantly superb!

So of course, I thought about how you could use this glorious combo for a wedding, having bright blue bridesmaid dresses and then include flowers of tropical orange in the bouquets to give that flash of brilliance. Or you could even go one step further, like this clever bride from New Jersey, who had both kingfisher blue AND orange bridesmaid dresses, with the ushers wearing ties to match.

kingfisher blue bridesmaid dresses

The pièce de resistance however is the bridal bouquet. Created by the super-talented Holly at Holly's Wedding Flowers, the silk bouquet was made up of not just tropical orange and vibrant blue blooms, but also included vivid magenta which added an extra zing to the whole vision:

Kingfisher Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

If you like the look of the mismatched kingfisher blue and orange bridesmaid dresses from the bridal party above, I've found similar ones from Dessy:

Kingfisher Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

Similarly, provide the ushers with Spa and Clementine matt satin ties and you're away!

Kingfisher Blue and Orange tiesAdditional accessories for the girls all add to the fun of the colour scheme, so let your maids experiment with chiffon roses in their hair or as add-ons to their dresses.

And don't forget, next time you're walking along a stretch of water, keep a look out for that most beautiful of British birds - I'm sure Kingfishers are a sign of good luck!

With thanks to Holly's Wedding Flowers and Making the Moment for the wonderful wedding photos and to the very talented Wildlife Photographer Sam Gore for his divine Kingfisher image.