Men's Tuxedo Shirts by After Six

Searching for the perfect tuxedo shirt to complement your suit? Browse our selection of tuxedo shirts by After Six. Crisp, modern and timeless, After Six tuxedo shirts are designed for distinguished men who know that the finer details matter.

The Style

Choose from a classic wing collar pleated front or a modern laydown collar with plain or pleated front.

The Quality

Made from 100% super soft cotton featuring unbreakable, cross stitched buttons.

The Fit

Available in a modern slim fit or classic regular fit with an adjustable sleeve length & comfort collar extender.

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The crisp white tuxedo shirt provides the perfect base.

Why Choose Tuxedo Shirts by After Six?

At first glance, it might seem like tuxedo shirts are all the same. They're all crisp, white and simple, right? Well, not exactly. The quality, fit and style of your tuxedo shirt can make or break your formalwear.

Put simply, the finer details matter, and perhaps no brand places more emphasis on the details than After Six. Made from 100 percent super-soft cotton and featuring unbreakable buttons, After Six has been making quality tuxedo shirts for more than a century.

Whether you're looking for a traditional tuxedo shirt with a pleated front and wing collar or a modern tuxedo shirt with a plain front, After Six has a range of styles to help you ace your black-tie event. Browse our selection of timeless tuxedo shirts and choose a style that perfectly suits your formalwear look.

Complete your Look

Distinguished men know: Style counts, and all the details make the tux.