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The Bridesmaids Guide to Better Bachelorette Parties

As bachelor parties grow less X-rated, bachelorette parties should follow suit. But that doesn't mean bridesmaids don't still just wanna have fun! So, here are some great new bachelorette party ideas, some courtesy of The Knot.

    • Have a slumber party, then sweeten the pot with a surprise guest: instead of a stripper, hire a poker dealer, a tarot card reader, or a henna tattooist to spice up the night!

    • Going out? Drag shows, limo rides, and scavenger hunts are fun for bridesmaids and brides.

    • Last but not least, just because there's no nudity doesn't mean your bride isn't entitled to at least a little good old fashioned humiliation (she did pick out that crinoline bridesmaid dress after all). Go to a comedy club and let the comedian know your friend is getting married.

Follow these ideas for a bachelorette party none of you will ever forget!