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How to Choose your Bridesmaids

If you're a soon to be bride with a lot of girlfriends and lady family members, choosing your bridesmaids can be a little bit more than difficult. How in the word do you narrow down all the women in your life to just a few? It can not only be a tough call, but it can strain many friendships if the choice is made without much thought.

Here are some basic rules that should help you pick your bridesmaids a little more wisely:


Unless you've completely cut your family off, I think it's safe to say that your sister or sisters need to be bridesmaids. Unless you thoroughly hate them, they should be playing this role for a few reasons. They have known you the longest of anyone. Most sisters wouldn't be down with being left on the back burner for a friend. Avoid family tension and keep your sisters at the front of the list.


Even though you may have drifted back and forth in your friendship, oldest friends should be considered for bridesmaid first. If you have a good girlfriend that you've known since elementary school, I can guarantee you that she'll be a bit hurt if you pick your new work friend of 6 months to be a bridesmaid before her. Use your head with this one and avoid drama.


If your friends are really your friends, they'll completely understand that you have to choose bridesmaids and no one can take your choice personally. However, if anyone IS going to take your choice personally, it's going to be your siblings and oldest friends, so cater to them first and foremost.