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Tips for a GREEN Wedding

green wedding Being eco-friendly and having a green wedding is all of the rave these days. And why not? We shouldn't go around producing excessive waste and hurting our planet for the sake of a wedding, right? However, most people have no idea where to start when it comes down to making their wedding more green. If you're looking to have a more eco-friendly wedding, here are some tips: 1. INVITATIONS. Make your invitations electronic or have them printed on recycled paper. There's no sense in having a tree chopped down for the sake of a wedding invitation. 2. FOOD. Go organic with your food! In addition to going organic, you can reduce the amount of meat you serve and help save the country tons of resources in the energy department. 3. GIFTS. Spread the word that you prefer cash gifts or gift certificates. Wedding presents that aren't a great match for the bride and groom often go to waste and that is not green at all! 4. USED ITEMS Use items that have already been used as much as you possibly can. This could be the silverware and dishes during your reception, the decorations, or even some of the dresses.