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Wedding Tips for Your Groom: Grooming

Wedding Tips for Your Groom: Grooming

For part two of Here comes the groom! we are talking about grooming your groom. You might have everything picked out for the groom, thinking that he looks spectacular, and forget all about making him look good. Brides spend so much time worrying about their own hair and makeup that they don't think too much about the groom. Well before the wedding, give him the task of making a checklist of everything that he needs to do before the wedding and what he needs to bring to the wedding (hair products, deodorant, etc.) Make sure you take a glance at the checklist, just to make sure all the bases are covered!

Men have their daily grooming routine, but for the wedding they may need to branch out. Recommend that he gets a professional shave. This is not only relaxing and pampering, but it will make him look his best and it's a great activity to do with his groomsmen. Besides barbers, some hotels have in-house spas that can provide this service.

Most women have a slew of bath and grooming products, but men sometimes only have a bar of soap. A nice gift for your husband-to-be might be a luxurious grooming kit. Buy one or put together your own kit full of items you would like your groom to use. You never know, but he may love the products and special treatment and want to add it into his normal routine.