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Name Changing Made Easy for Newlyweds

Name Changing Made Easy for Newlyweds is an online service created to simplify the name-change process for newlyweds. They research the name-change procedure for each state and make sure that all forms and filing instructions are the most up-to-date versions available. Simply create an account which will guide you through 3 easy steps in 30 minutes - saving you over 12 hours of research and form completion.

Step 1 - Questions: Answer questions about yourself.
Step 2 - Forms: Your answers will be used to auto-fill all forms and notification letters.
Step 3 - File: Print out forms and filing instructions which include order of submission, fees, required filing documents and office addresses.

You will have six months of unlimited access to your MissNowMrs account, so you can complete your name-change forms at your own pace. You can even get started before your wedding. And they offer giftcards, which make perfect shower or wedding gifts.