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10 Key Etiquette Rules For Weddings

You remember what your grandmother said, "Good manners don't cost anything".

Well, we'd certainly agree with that one and etiquette and good manners are really important at a wedding - both on the day itself and in the build-up beforehand and afterwards. So here are our 10 key rules for etiquette for your wedding. Let us know if you think we've missed anything out.

  1. Your wedding list. Whatever people give you, act pleased.  You might have a wedding gift list or you may have asked for money towards your honeymoon. If people want to give you something else that they've chosen themselves then you need to be gracious and not annoyed that they haven't given you what you asked for. Some people don't like buying from a gift list and others feel strange giving money - that's their choice and you'll need to respect it.

  2. Don't forget to write your thank you letters. Apart from anything else, people need to know that you've received their gift. You don't have to write masses - just a postcard with a few lines will do. But not writing is a real no-no.

  3. Don't use pre-printed thank you cards. Write something in every card by hand. Enough said.

  4. Address your invitations to whom you are inviting. For example if you want to invite "Mr and Mrs John Smith" and not their children, then write just that on your invitations. If you are inviting their offspring add "and children" or whatever the children's names are.

  5. If a guest is in a long term relationship then write both the couples names on the invitation. If you don't want casual plus ones then don't write 'and guest' on the invitation as the invitee will then bring somebody along. You don't have to have plus ones if you don't want to, except when couples are properly established.

  6. If you're planning on having a disco or live music after the wedding breakfast and clearing tables away for a dance floor, then make sure these guests have somewhere to sit. It's also a good idea to have a chill-out room where people can sit and chat in the quiet - not everybody will want to dance the night away.

  7. Don't have too much to drink. If you're nervous it may be tempting to sip champagne to calm your nerves but you really want to remember your big day in the utmost clarity, not in a blur. Have a glass of fizz by all means but limit it.

  8. Don't use preprinted labels on your invitations. Even if they save you time, they look tacky and inelegant. Far better to ask a friend with beautiful handwriting to help out or use a calligraphy font for the addresses and print the envelopes out one at a time on your computer printer.

  9. Have a receiving line. It may seem a bit old-fashioned to you but it does mean that you get to say hello to every guest and thank them for coming. It also means that you don't have to go around every table at your wedding reception and worry about missing people out.

  10. Don't put a time of the wedding on your invitation and then walk down the aisle half an hour or so later. Walk down the aisle at the time it says on the invitation - people will have made an effort to get there on time and you shouldn't keep them waiting.

Any other wedding etiquette tips you'd like to add? What's the worst breach of wedding etiquette you've come across?