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Should You Have Dark Colored Bridesmaid Dresses at Your Spring Wedding?

Should You Have Dark Colored Bridesmaid Dresses at Your Spring Wedding?

The immediate answer is you can do whatever you want! It's your wedding, after all. However during the spring, brides tend to lean towards pastels or just brighter life-like colors.

Dark colors are traditionally reserved for fall and winter weddings. But these days it seems that brides are breaking away from tradition and doing whatever color they choose for their wedding.

A great way to have dark dresses but still incorporate spring if you are worried about the colors being too dark is by incorporating light flowers or similar lighter colors that are similar to the dark color of your choice.

One great example of a dark bridesmaid dress is the Lela Rose Style LR198, which is a cocktail sleeveless dress gazar dress with pleated detail and scoop neck.

We recommend that you go dark with your dress colors if you lean towards a night wedding. Dark colors perfect for a wedding after dark.

Another great example for a dark dress this spring, is the Alfred Sung Style D611, which is a full length v-neck dupioni dress with inset waistband and inverted pleat ing the front and back skirt. There are even pockets at the side of the skirt! A dress with pockets is always a plus!


Also if you are considering a dark color for your bridesmaid dresses, you will want to take fabrics into serious consideration. Darker colors like black for example may not fit for the weather temperatures.

Keep in mind you will want to find colors dark or otherwise that look best on all your bridesmaids. While you want to pick colors you like, you will want to consider your bridesmaids' skin tones. Not all dark colors look good on every skin tone, so be conscious of that.

Some flattering dark colors are deep purples, black (that's universal) deep reds, dark navy are all great options for dark colors.

Looking for the best color scheme for your bridesmaid dresses? Check out the Pantone Chiplette Swatches to help you make the best color decision!