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25 Ways To Feel Less Stressed On Your Wedding Day

  1. Remember why you're getting married. Yep, it's to spend the rest of your life with that very special person. Make a commitment. It's not to have a big party, wear an amazing dress, let your little niece realise her dream of being a flower girl (although that's all lovely of course). It's about promising to be with somebody for the rest of your lives (happy sigh). Keep that one thought in mind and everything else seems insignificant somehow.
  2. Make a realistic wedding budget and stick to it. Then you can enjoy everything so much more, knowing that you can afford it - rather than stressing about the financial comedown afterwards.
  3. Realise it's not going to be a perfect day. It might rain. Your flowergirl might get chickenpox. Your wedding car might get a flat tyre. Some things you can't do anything about - so just go with the flow.
  4. Make sure your bridal veil is fastened to your hair firmly. You don't want it sailing off on the breeze at the first puff of wind or coming awry just as you're entering the church
  5. Wear waterproof mascara (and don't try a new brand of make-up just beforehand either, in case you get an allergic reaction).
  6. Wear in your shoes on the carpet at home before you walk down the aisle. They'll be much more comfortable, you're less likely to get blisters and you'll walk with more confidence.
  7. Remember that all the people who matter (your husband-to-be, mums, dads, grannies, grandads) will think you look beautiful.
  8. Brief your photographer fully before your wedding day on the shots you want to have taken and walk around your venue pointing out locations you'd like to be in the pictures a week or so beforehand. That way nothing will be forgotten.
  9. Ask your chief bridesmaid to have emergency supplies in her clutch bag (lipstick, mascara, handkerchief, hairspray, comb ...)
  10. Take a non-drowsy hay fever tablet if the pollen count is likely to be high
  11. Eat breakfast. Feeling faint with hunger won't make you feel your best
  12. Forget about your diet - enjoy all the delicious food you've chosen.
  13. Have your nails and a pedicure the day before.
  14. Only have the essential people in your home on the morning of your wedding. Your parents, your bridesmaids, your sister, your hairdresser/make up artist. Too many people will create a less than relaxing atmosphere. Say no to casual visitors who just want to drop by to wish you well - it's not the time.
  15. Take a deep breath and every 10 minutes or so just breathe in the atmosphere, look around and make some visual memories for yourself.
  16. Wash your hair the day before, not on the day. It's easier to style that way.
  17. Get wedding insurance. Peace of mind starting at £18. Worth every penny.
  18. Don't plan on DIY-ing everything. Some wedding Do-It-Yourself is lovely but you really don't want to be writing place cards on the morning of your wedding. Be realistic about what you can and can't do. Delegate as much as possible.
  19. Go for a half hour walk with your chief bridesmaid/best friend/mum/dad/grandparent early on the morning of your wedding day. Have a calm chat and some timeout before the house gets busy.
  20. Let the experts you've employed - your florist/ hairdresser/ chauffeur/ venue/ photographer get on with their jobs. They've helped with probably hundreds of weddings and know the ropes.
  21. Leave your mobile at home when you leave for the venue. Everyone important is there anyway.
  22. Take some time out with your new husband during the wedding reception. Slip away for a walk around the grounds of your venue and have a quiet 10 minutes together to drink in the atmosphere.
  23. If you want to take the floor for a first dance together then do. Take some lessons if you want to do something fancy. If not, then a slow smooch around the floor to some music you both love is absolutely fine.
  24. Be present in the moment. Don't think about what you haven't done or what could go wrong. Just enjoy the here and now.
  25. Look at your gorgeous new husband. You've got each other. Companions for life.

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