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That in-between age for bridesmaids (and how to deal with it)

(Dessy styles Alfred Sung D699FP, JR536FP)

What's the difference between a flowergirl and a bridesmaid?

Well, a flowergirl is usually young - under the age of 10 probably. Flower girl dresses are a little girl's delight - full skirted, in pretty colours with co-ordinating sashes and Dessy offers them in sizes 2-12

But when a girl hits 10 she doesn't want to look like a flower fairy. She's looking for something a little more 'grown-up', a little more sophisticated. If you've got older bridesmaids she's going to want to be like the 'big girls' and hold her own with them.

Flower girl style FL4055

That's why we introduced our Junior Bridesmaid Dresses. Specially designed to suit and fit younger figures which haven't yet got grown-up curves. Our Junior Bridesmaid line is a perfect choice for pre-teens. Check the styles and you'll see that many of the features - spaghetti straps, one shoulder styles, waist details - are similar to those on the adult bridesmaid version - it's just that these are cut to fit less mature figures.

Junior bridesmaid style JR534

If you're looking to dress your girls all in one theme - from flowergirls through to your girlfriends in their twenties, then you'll find it very straightforward as many of our bridesmaid dresses are available in a on-trend fabrics and colours - like these shimmering sequins and florals.

Dessy style 3002

So you can get a neckline and length to suit each and every individual - which will make for happy photographs of your maids.

Off to a prom?

Remember that your junior bridesmaids may also be attending a school prom at some time in the near future, so why not choose a dress that would be suitable for a prom too? Take a look at Dessy's prom selection, which hosts many styles in attractive colours, to flatter all shapes and figures.