Dessy's Destination Wedding Attire Guide

Destination Wedding Attire Guide

Want to tie the knot tropical-style? You're not alone. Offering exotic vistas and all-inclusive packages, destination weddings are magical. But just because you are getting married on a beach or a boat instead of a church or city hall doesn't mean your ceremony doesn't deserve all the pomp and splendor of a traditional wedding. And as every woman knows, how you feel on your big day will be largely dictated by your ability to cultivate the perfect bridal appearance. Below, Dessy has your exclusive guide to head-to-toe destination wedding dress beauty, from choosing the right destination wedding dress to finding the perfect tropical blooms. With a drop-dead sexy destination wedding dress, gorgeous flowers and accessories, perfectly polished nails and a chic wrap, you are ready to go.

Step 1: Choosing your destination wedding dress.

No doubt about it, by land or by sea, the wedding dress is the centerpiece, the crown jewel, and the show-stopper of the ceremony. Destination wedding dresses are no exception. Though often less extravagant than traditional wedding dresses, destination wedding dresses are nevertheless filmy, sophisticated, classic and beautiful. Composed of soft fabrics, sleek designs and simple lines, destination wedding dresses complement the lush beauty of your surroundings rather than compete with it. Leaving the cumbersome petticoats and train behind in favor of a light and breezy destination wedding dress will ensure you feel utterly appropriate and at ease on your wedding day.

Step 2: Accessories & Trim.

While finding your dream destination wedding dress is paramount, there are other important touches that make a huge difference on your destination wedding day. Simple destination wedding dresses look lovely when embellished with just a hint of glimmer, such as a sophisticated wedding sash. Island-inspired jewelry like freshwater pearls, sea pearls, mother of pearl or flowers are also gorgeous accents. Destination weddings are all about customization, so the choice is all yours.

Step 3: Hands and feet.

If you get to your destination wedding site early, treat yourself to a luxurious manicure and pedicure. The versatility of cream, ivory or white destination wedding dresses allows you to get creative with your polish. Consider a pretty opalescent shade to enhance the ethereal feeling of your dress, or choose a fun tropical design like a bright flower or animal print. Beach wedding dresses demand sweet bare feet or skimpy flip flops, so make sure to park the heels at home and pay full attention to pampering below-the-ankle for the big day. Same goes for fingers, which may be photographed clutching the bridal bouquet or cutting the wedding cake. If you are choosing ornate flowers, keep polish simple. If you are choosing simple flowers, go for classic red or sophisticated raspberry polish.

Step 4: Flowers.

On that note, flowers also make an important impact on your destination wedding attire. Having a wedding in a tropical paradise allows you many unique options. If your ceremony site is particularly lush and floral already, there's no need to go nuts with a huge bridal bouquet. A fragrant plumeria lei, a simple sea orchid tucked behind the ear, or a single bird of paradise clutched in the hand are all compelling possibilities. However if you are getting married on the beach, don't be afraid to take advantage of the extensive local flora to create a gorgeous and fragrant medley like tuberose, jasmine and hibiscus.

Step 5: A wrap.

Although destination weddings are often in the tropics, revealing destination wedding dresses may require just a light wrap to ward off heavy heat, sand fleas, or brisk island breezes. We recommend a light and airy pashmina shawl.