Yellow Bridesmaid Dresses

Nothing can brighten up the entire look of your bridal party quite like the color yellow. From soft buttercup to eye-catching marigold, yellow bridesmaid dresses are perfect for warm weather weddings and manage to get even the grumpiest of wedding guests in the mood to celebrate.

Why Choose Yellow Bridesmaid Dresses?

As much as we love yellow, it can be overpowering if you're not careful. To keep this sunny hue under control, consider adding cool tones of blue or gray to your wedding color palette. You can also tone this color down by opting for yellow bridesmaid separates (i.e., white lace tops and gorgeous yellow skirts).

Keep in mind that yellow bridesmaid dresses can create a beautiful contrast against your groomsmen's suits. Consider outfitting your leading ladies in stunning lemon drop or buttercup yellow bridesmaid dresses that will pop against navy or charcoal gray suits.

If you're on the hunt for the best yellow bridesmaid dresses for your whole crew, Dessy has the perfect yellow gowns for your whole squad. Check out our huge selection of yellow bridesmaid dresses and get in touch with a Dessy stylist if you need any assistance with size, fit or color.

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