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The Dessy Group Introduces the Pantone Wedding™ Chiplette and 2012 Fan Guide

A new and cost effective way for brides to select and communicate wedding colors.


New York, NY, December 15, 2011 The Dessy Group is pleased to introduce the Pantone Wedding™ Chiplette – a new and cost effective way for brides to select and communicate wedding colors. As an extension to the Pantone Wedding™ partnership with the Dessy Group, the Pantone Chiplette provides an easy alternative to mix and match colors, while planning the many aspects of a wedding. Pantone Wedding™ is a partnership between Pantone LLC, the world's leading color authority, and the Dessy Group, the primary bridesmaid dress and accessory supplier in the wedding industry.

Dessy Group and Pantone work closely together to create a color reference based on Dessy's color ways and the Pantone Fashion and Home color system. Stemming from Dessy Group fabrics, each color is measured and matched up to a corresponding Pantone color. The color reference creates tremendous 'consumer convenience' for any customer who needs an instant and accurate way to communicate color to wedding vendors or a bridal party.

The new Wedding Chiplettes allow the bride-to-be to find the perfect color palette for her dream wedding. Each 4" x 1.75" Pantone Wedding™ Chiplette is a full color card with the Pantone TPX reference number. A QR code is printed on the back of each chiplette, which which can be scanned to return a mobile user to the site. The bride can then share her color choices with the wedding party and distribute them to wedding florists, caterers, bakers and invitation printers.

Chiplettes are manufactured by Pantone using a proprietary six color print process. Easily affordable and sold per chiplette, the bride-to-be can explore a variety of color options and experiment during the wedding planning process. Once she selects her palette, she may return to purchase more chiplettes in her colors to distribute to wedding attendants and suppliers, thus ensuring her wedding is flawlessly color coordinated.


In addition to the Pantone Wedding™ Chiplette, Dessy has also developed a new Pantone Wedding™ Color Planner for exclusive use with chiplettes. Each planner can accommodate up to six individual chiplettes. The Color Planner has a bride's checklist and six perforated chiplette holders which are dye cut to contain a chiplette. On the back of each chiplette is a place for the bride to input her contact information serving as a 'color business card'. Dessy currently offers a complimentary Color Planner with the purchase of every 6 chiplettes.

Dessy has also released its exclusive 2012 Pantone Color Fan Guide containing the entire range of 180+ Pantone Wedding™ colors in the current Dessy collections. Chromatically arranged by color family, each color in the color-on-paper fan deck is numerically referenced and named to assist quick color decisions.

With the PANTONE WEDDING™ Fan Guide, Chiplettes and Color Planners, today's bride can create a custom color palette in a manageable and creative way!

About The Dessy Group

The Dessy Group is the leading manufacturer of bridesmaid dresses, social occasion dresses, flower girl dresses and destination wedding gowns under the labels Dessy Collection, After Six, Alfred Sung, Social Bridesmaids, Lela Rose Bridesmaid and After Six Wedding Dresses. Founded in 1939 by Margot Rosenthal, A & M Rosenthal, now The Dessy Group, got its start in bridal millinery. In the 1950s, Margot's daughter Ronnie and her husband Andrew took over the business and added bridesmaid dresses to the Dessy line. Today, the business continues to thrive under the leadership of Alan Dessy and design direction of Vivian Dessy Diamond.

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