Making the Best of Your Bridesmaid Dress

Ideally, your bridesmaid dress would be a color that you love. It would be the color that you personally have a soft spot for. It would be the color that you know you look good in. Unfortunately, the wedding is the bride's and not yours. This means that you may have to deal with wearing a color that works with the wedding - even if it is less than ideal for your personal coloring.

Nonetheless, there are ways to make unfamiliar colors work with your skin and hair. Here are some tips for working with a color you don't normally wear.


One thing you can do with a color you're not used to in order to help it bring out your best features is adapt your makeup. If a color tends to wash you out, try wearing a slightly darker foundation. Also try wearing more blush and heavier eye makeup for colors like these.

On the contrary, if a color tends to make you seem red and too colorful in the face, try using a lighter foundation and a light lipstick color. It's also helpful to use the actual color of the dress with makeup - for instance, matching your eye shadow to the dress can sometimes do the trick.


Sometimes when a certain color doesn't flatter the way you wish it did, it has a lot to do with the contrast between that color and the color of your hair. To reduce this variable in the equation of a bad color match, try a hair do that pulls your hair back tightly. This will draw less attention to the clash between your hair color and your dress color.


The most important tip for looking good in an unfamiliar color is to simply embrace it. Accept that the color is of the bride's choosing and that all colors can be beautiful if used correctly. Be confident on the big day and your confidence will shine through.

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The Do's and Don'ts for Elegant Wedding Hairstyles

Typically, for a wedding, you're going to want elegant hair if you're a part of the ceremony. However, from what I have seen, there's a right way to achieve elegant hair and a wrong way. Far too many girls do all the wrong things to get that classy look - but it just comes off as unflattering. Here are some do's and don't to make sure you get an elegant look for the big day:
DON'T feel the need to have your hair a certain way, DO follow your hair's natural tendencies. For instance, if you have curly don't have to straighten it! And if you naturally have straight hair, don't feel the need to curl it.
DON'T over accessorize your hair, DO go with a clean, natural look.
DON'T overuse product. This will just leave your hair sticky and greasy. DO try to get your look right the first time and use baby powder to soak up any grease in your hair if you end up using too much product.
DON'T choose a hairstyle that won't stay. If it looks like something that's going to fall down the minute you start dancing...don't wear it! DO choose something that will hold up all night long without causing you to worry about it.
DON'T fool around with your hair once the ceremony has started. DO let it flow and smile...this will mask any discrepancies in your hair.
DON'T come to the big day unprepared. DO toss some spare bobby pins, a comb, and some hairspray in your tote bag for the day.
Oh yeah...and DO have a great time!

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You'll Flip for Dessy's Wedding Flip Flops

wedding flip flops

You'll flip for Dessy's new wedding flip flops!

Flip Flops in Bridesmaid Colors! Choose white for bridal flip flops or custom colors for the bridesmaids for a perfect match with your wedding theme. Ideal for beach weddings, they'll be fun at your bachelorette party or the wedding dance, too.

Don't limit your thinking to the wedding. Fashion savvy gals will want a pair to match every swimsuit they own. The flip flops will pack small in your beach bag to protect tender feet from hot sand and look adorable every step of the way.

The flip flops come in a beautifully made chiffon pouch with a matching satin drawstring. It's a delightful extra touch, and the pouch is so elegant that mine will likely do duty as a lingerie bag when I travel.

The flip flops have nonslip rubber soles and are made with Dessy's own satin in a rainbow of colors to match bridesmaid colors by Dessy, After Six and Alfred Sung. Some colors match Dessy's satin tote bags. Fun for bridesmaid gifts!

Think ahead and order early. Most colors are in stock, but if necessary, your flip flops are made to order in the custom colors you specify so plan on eight to ten weeks for delivery.

Bridesmaids Statistics in 2007

Current Bridesmaids Statistics:
According to Conde Nast Bridal Media's "American Wedding Study" 2006:
Brides have an average of 5 bridesmaids in their wedding.
Based on 2.2 million weddings per year, there are approximately
11 million bridesmaids each year.
There are 44,230 weddings every weekend, 23 million bridesmaids and groomsmen,and almost 380 million wedding guests.64% of brides have their bridesmaids dress identically. Bridesmaid dresses cost an average of $691 total, figuring to be $138 each with the average of 5 attendants.

A Picture Makes for a Priceless Bridesmaid Gift

For those who don't savor the idea of being photographed in the post-ceremony flurry, there's a new trend in town: pre-wedding photography.

Though this trend does override the "bad luck to see the bride before the wedding" idea, pre-wedding photography offers some definite perks. A chance to photograph non-beer spattered bridesmaid dresses. A less fidgety flower girl. And most importantly...a personal moment with your groom.

Many brides have complained that one of the biggest drawbacks of their wedding was barely getting a chance to talk to the groom. A pre-wedding photo shoot allows for a romantic personal moment in a chapel, a garden, or by the seaside. A chance to kiss, pray and pose together may be just the thing you need to brace yourself for the big ceremony.

Whether you choose to have your photo shoot before or after, be sure to splurge on a nice photo album to keep your pictures pristine. Individual framed photos of your attendants also make great bridesmaid gifts.

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Bridesmaid Dress Tips from Vivian Diamond

In the Fall/Winter edition of Wedding Dresses, Dessy Group designer Vivian Diamond offers some tips on shopping for bridesmaids' dresses.
1) Start by thinking of bridesmaids' dresses in terms of style and what would look good on your friends.
2) Pre-shop for bridesmaids' dresses before you present styles to your attendants. A website like makes this step a cinch!
3) Select five styles and colors of bridesmaid dresses and test them on one of your attendants.
4) Narrow it down to one style and two color options of bridesmaids' dresses.
Why trust Diamond's advice? The Dessy Group just celebrated their 70th year in the wedding industry, creating some of the most fabulous bridesmaid dresses you'll find anywhere. Happy Anniversary!

Bridesmaids Gifts: Something Old, Something New

You're a bride who wants the best of the best. If you need a latte, you go to Starbucks. For car insurance, no one else but that cuddly green gecko will do. And for wedding advice, there's only one name: Emily Post.

Though this venerable etiquette expert has passed away, her work lives on through her oh-so-proper offspring. In fact, the updated fifth edition of Emily Post's Wedding Etiquette is written by none other than Emily's granddaughter, the undoubtedly decorous Peggy.

Within these hallowed pages you'll find wedding advice that transcends decades (Emily's original was written in 1922) along with Peggy's thoroughly modern updates. Only a Post could create a flow chart of wedding party member' responsibilities, sidebars of sticky questions, and priceless advice on same sex weddings, "encore" brides, bridesmaids' dresses, and online wedding planning.

All information is dispersed with signature Post style and insight, making this book the perfect combo of something old and something new. Sneaky tip: give these books as bridesmaids' gifts for definitive resolution to bridesmaids' dress debates. Who could argue with a Post?

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The Good, Bad and Ugly of Destination Weddings

Destination weddings are all hot, hot, hot, but amore abroad isn't all dewy destination wedding dresses and balmy blue waters.

There are a few practical considerations to take into account. Here's our top three.

Season: Found a great deal on your dream hotel with an all-inclusive package in Barbados at an amazing reduced price? Awesome! Just make sure it's not hurricane season first.

License: Before you go booking plane tickets and dreaming of tropical bridesmaids' gifts, find out the laws on how long it takes to get a marriage license in your chosen country. The sultry French Islands require a few weeks' residency, whereas Anguilla only requires you to be there a day.

The Wedding Planner: At home these White Divas are optional, but for a destination wedding they are an essential. In the case of a destination wedding, the wedding planner is the person who is basically planning your wedding for you, from the reception to the ceremony centerpieces, so don't be shy about checking references, asking tons of questions, and making sure your personalities click.

That said, Bon Voyage Brides and Bridesmaids!

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Who Incurs the Most Expenses out of the Bridal Party?

Here's a riddle for you: What's more expensive than being a bridesmaid? Naomi Cambell's legal bills, the war in Iraq, hybrid cars and....being a best man!

According to a recent Morgan Stanley Credit Card survey, the unlikely suspect who accrues the most debt in a wedding party is none other than the best man. Despite the absence of expenses like bridesmaids' dresses and wedding showers, the best man is still tagged with the greatest wedding expenditures, which are estimated to be a "staggering" 530 pounds. From the bachelor party, groomsmen attire and wedding gift, the best man spends significantly more to the bridesmaids' paltry-by-comparison 324 pounds. Plus, bridesmaids' gifts are always better than groomsmen gifts.

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Save Yourself from the Summer Wedding Blues

While getting married in summer connotes many beautiful images: sunset kisses, sailboat backdrops, and outdoor champagne toasts, there are a few sticky situations that can mar the bliss of summer nuptials. Not to worry, here are ways to avoid the most common fierce weather foibles:

Allergies. I have been to outdoor weddings where my allergies were so bad I was crying harder than the bride throughout the entire ceremony. Lest your attendants sneeze like that notorious seventh dwarf, provide your girls with gorgeous embroidered handkerchiefs as bridesmaids gifts. Easily tucked into bridesmaids' dresses or stored among bouquets, elegant little hankies help keep the sniffles away.

Buzzing insects. Outdoor wedding can attract unwanted guests in the form of insects. But the rules of summer weddings are firm: no bees or any other pests, even ones wearing formal apparel, can be allowed to linger. Lest some flies show up who like, totally did not RSVP, arm an usher with a trusty flyswatter. Hey, if they're not on the guest list, they're not on the guest list.

Melting wedding cake. Outdoor weddings are often low on culinary supplies and cool storage places. To keep your wedding cake from melting like cheap makeup, consider serving adorable custom cookies instead. Perfect for a beach wedding or destination wedding, these durable desserts will withstand any weather.