How to Choose a Timeless Wedding Dress

When you're picking a bridesmaid dress, it's fair of you to want to pick something that is fundamentally timeless. Timelessness will not only lead to less regrets over your wedding choices down the road, but it will also leave the participants of the wedding capable of using their outfit more frequently than the wedding and occasional Halloween party. Here are some characteristics that should be on your checklist for timelessness:
Be careful with your cuts. Think about how silly some of the dresses from the 80's seem now because of their huge, poofy skirts. Instead of going with something incredibly bold, try something that is sleek instead.
Even though neon green is really cool in Brooklyn right now, that doesn't mean it should be the theme color for your wedding. All of us have some crazy colors that we love, but try working with colors that are a bit more time-friendly than neons, for example. Try black, gray, white, off white, red, and blues for ultimate timelessness.
The more simple the outfits are, the more timeless they will be. Decorations like sequin, patterns, and fancy straps don't really do much other than diminish the eventual value of the dress.

Wedding Jewelry 101: Why Pearls Add the Most Class

You probably want your bridesmaids to look as elegant as possible for the big day. Part of this is making sure your ladies are all wearing classy jewelry. In top of that, it works best if the ladies are all wearing matching jewelry. This can often times be a point of dispute for many brides and bridesmaids. Each person, particularly woman, has their own view of what classy and elegant jewelry is. Some women are all about flashy gold and diamond while others don't see the need for anything on top of a nice, smooth silver. It can be really tough trying to figure out what will actually look the best across the board and flatter all of the women involved.
I find that the answer to this common problem is the pearl. Pearls have long been a symbol of class and beauty on women and they seem to never fail in this department. Regardless of what kind of personality type you're working with when it comes down to your closest lady friends, pearls are bound to make everyone smile.
In addition to that, pearls and/or pearl looks tend to be much easier to buy in bulk for matching bridesmaids than other types of classy jewelry.
Choose the pearl for your big day and you won't regret it. It's a sure way to make everyone happy and see to it that they all look flawless.

How to Choose your Bridesmaids

If you're a soon to be bride with a lot of girlfriends and lady family members, choosing your bridesmaids can be a little bit more than difficult. How in the word do you narrow down all the women in your life to just a few? It can not only be a tough call, but it can strain many friendships if the choice is made without much thought.

Here are some basic rules that should help you pick your bridesmaids a little more wisely:


Unless you've completely cut your family off, I think it's safe to say that your sister or sisters need to be bridesmaids. Unless you thoroughly hate them, they should be playing this role for a few reasons. They have known you the longest of anyone. Most sisters wouldn't be down with being left on the back burner for a friend. Avoid family tension and keep your sisters at the front of the list.


Even though you may have drifted back and forth in your friendship, oldest friends should be considered for bridesmaid first. If you have a good girlfriend that you've known since elementary school, I can guarantee you that she'll be a bit hurt if you pick your new work friend of 6 months to be a bridesmaid before her. Use your head with this one and avoid drama.


If your friends are really your friends, they'll completely understand that you have to choose bridesmaids and no one can take your choice personally. However, if anyone IS going to take your choice personally, it's going to be your siblings and oldest friends, so cater to them first and foremost.

Choosing the Right Dress for the Flower Girl

Choosing the right dress for the flower girl is important. This special little lady gets to be a princess for a day. For one day, she gets to have the focus on herself (even if she doesn't understand precisely what is going on in the ceremony). Most little girls will tell you they love the idea of dressing up and being as pretty as a doll, but there's one really key factor that will seal the deal with the happiness of the flower girl: if she loves her dress.
The most important aspect of a flower girl's dress is comfort. Little kids have a much lower capacity for being uncomfortable than adults do. If your little girl is wearing a dress that pinches or pulls in the slightest, you can expect to be hearing about it throughout the wedding. Make sure she is wearing something that fits her just right.

In addition, colors are a big deal to kids. (Although they can be a big deal to adults, too). Nonetheless, don't expect your flower girl to be enthusiastic about her dress if the color doesn't work for her. Colors are very symbolic for kids and you should work to find a dress that symbolizes something awesome to her.

Most importantly, the best tip that I have for helping you make sure that your flower girl is happy with her dress is this: make her feel like she picked the dress out on her own. If you give her a handful of dresses to pick from, all of which could work, and let her'll be doing yourself a favor. She'll feel like she picked the dress on her own and won't want to go back on her word and choice by complaining about the dress. Do this and you'll be set for the day.

The Gift that Keeps on Giving: Bridesmaid Totes

Sometimes, it is thought that bridesmaids shouldn't have matching purses or tote bags for the big day. This always amuses me. Why it is assumed that regular purses won't ruin the appeal of the beautiful dress is beyond me. In fact, there are few surer ways to diminish the over all look of a bridesmaid than to expect her to use one of her own purses for the day. This is a definite way to make sure that the bridesmaids don't match each other.
Providing bridesmaids with a bag that matches is essential! You may think your bridesmaids don't need a bag for the day, but you're wrong. Here are some key things that your bridesmaids will probably want to have on hand on the big day:
The list could go on for miles. This is one of the last days ever that your close friend will want to spend having bad breath or unkempt hair. She needs a bag for items like these to make the day run smoothly. Find a nice, matching bag for your bridesmaids and you'll be happy that you did.
Of course we suggest the totebags and clutches from Dessy!.

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Making the Best of Your Bridesmaid Dress

Ideally, your bridesmaid dress would be a color that you love. It would be the color that you personally have a soft spot for. It would be the color that you know you look good in. Unfortunately, the wedding is the bride's and not yours. This means that you may have to deal with wearing a color that works with the wedding - even if it is less than ideal for your personal coloring.

Nonetheless, there are ways to make unfamiliar colors work with your skin and hair. Here are some tips for working with a color you don't normally wear.


One thing you can do with a color you're not used to in order to help it bring out your best features is adapt your makeup. If a color tends to wash you out, try wearing a slightly darker foundation. Also try wearing more blush and heavier eye makeup for colors like these.

On the contrary, if a color tends to make you seem red and too colorful in the face, try using a lighter foundation and a light lipstick color. It's also helpful to use the actual color of the dress with makeup - for instance, matching your eye shadow to the dress can sometimes do the trick.


Sometimes when a certain color doesn't flatter the way you wish it did, it has a lot to do with the contrast between that color and the color of your hair. To reduce this variable in the equation of a bad color match, try a hair do that pulls your hair back tightly. This will draw less attention to the clash between your hair color and your dress color.


The most important tip for looking good in an unfamiliar color is to simply embrace it. Accept that the color is of the bride's choosing and that all colors can be beautiful if used correctly. Be confident on the big day and your confidence will shine through.

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The Do's and Don'ts for Elegant Wedding Hairstyles

Typically, for a wedding, you're going to want elegant hair if you're a part of the ceremony. However, from what I have seen, there's a right way to achieve elegant hair and a wrong way. Far too many girls do all the wrong things to get that classy look - but it just comes off as unflattering. Here are some do's and don't to make sure you get an elegant look for the big day:
DON'T feel the need to have your hair a certain way, DO follow your hair's natural tendencies. For instance, if you have curly don't have to straighten it! And if you naturally have straight hair, don't feel the need to curl it.
DON'T over accessorize your hair, DO go with a clean, natural look.
DON'T overuse product. This will just leave your hair sticky and greasy. DO try to get your look right the first time and use baby powder to soak up any grease in your hair if you end up using too much product.
DON'T choose a hairstyle that won't stay. If it looks like something that's going to fall down the minute you start dancing...don't wear it! DO choose something that will hold up all night long without causing you to worry about it.
DON'T fool around with your hair once the ceremony has started. DO let it flow and smile...this will mask any discrepancies in your hair.
DON'T come to the big day unprepared. DO toss some spare bobby pins, a comb, and some hairspray in your tote bag for the day.
Oh yeah...and DO have a great time!

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You'll Flip for Dessy's Wedding Flip Flops

wedding flip flops

You'll flip for Dessy's new wedding flip flops!

Flip Flops in Bridesmaid Colors! Choose white for bridal flip flops or custom colors for the bridesmaids for a perfect match with your wedding theme. Ideal for beach weddings, they'll be fun at your bachelorette party or the wedding dance, too.

Don't limit your thinking to the wedding. Fashion savvy gals will want a pair to match every swimsuit they own. The flip flops will pack small in your beach bag to protect tender feet from hot sand and look adorable every step of the way.

The flip flops come in a beautifully made chiffon pouch with a matching satin drawstring. It's a delightful extra touch, and the pouch is so elegant that mine will likely do duty as a lingerie bag when I travel.

The flip flops have nonslip rubber soles and are made with Dessy's own satin in a rainbow of colors to match bridesmaid colors by Dessy, After Six and Alfred Sung. Some colors match Dessy's satin tote bags. Fun for bridesmaid gifts!

Think ahead and order early. Most colors are in stock, but if necessary, your flip flops are made to order in the custom colors you specify so plan on eight to ten weeks for delivery.

Bridesmaids Statistics in 2007

Current Bridesmaids Statistics:
According to Conde Nast Bridal Media's "American Wedding Study" 2006:
Brides have an average of 5 bridesmaids in their wedding.
Based on 2.2 million weddings per year, there are approximately
11 million bridesmaids each year.
There are 44,230 weddings every weekend, 23 million bridesmaids and groomsmen,and almost 380 million wedding guests.64% of brides have their bridesmaids dress identically. Bridesmaid dresses cost an average of $691 total, figuring to be $138 each with the average of 5 attendants.

A Picture Makes for a Priceless Bridesmaid Gift

For those who don't savor the idea of being photographed in the post-ceremony flurry, there's a new trend in town: pre-wedding photography.

Though this trend does override the "bad luck to see the bride before the wedding" idea, pre-wedding photography offers some definite perks. A chance to photograph non-beer spattered bridesmaid dresses. A less fidgety flower girl. And most importantly...a personal moment with your groom.

Many brides have complained that one of the biggest drawbacks of their wedding was barely getting a chance to talk to the groom. A pre-wedding photo shoot allows for a romantic personal moment in a chapel, a garden, or by the seaside. A chance to kiss, pray and pose together may be just the thing you need to brace yourself for the big ceremony.

Whether you choose to have your photo shoot before or after, be sure to splurge on a nice photo album to keep your pictures pristine. Individual framed photos of your attendants also make great bridesmaid gifts.

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