Watch this video and you'll be surprised at how wedding gowns have changed in the past 100 years

Click below for the video. It'll be interesting to know what you think. We actually thought that it was interesting how little wedding dresses have changed - and how some trends have even come back.

The first dress - a Downton Abbey-style wedding gown dating from 1915 - actually showed the bride wearing a veil that was very similar to the one that Meghan Markle wore at the Royal Wedding recently, right down to the scalloped edges. Just shows that real style never goes out of fashion. 

Next up was a flapper style dress from the roaring 1920s - the decade of dancing The Charleston. Actually 1920's style dresses have never really lost popularity and many couples today decide to have a 1920s-styled day. In particular, the veil style - slightly bunched up around the ears - is a favorite with vintage brides. 

One of the most timeless dresses - give or take a few details - is the 1935 wedding dress. Based on a bias cut slip dress, it's overlaid with a long lace coat. Change the collar a little and you could wear it today. The buttoning at the front is exquisite. (Actually we LOVE the idea of having a long lace 'coat' over a slip dress. Perfect afternoon to eveningwear. 

The 1940's style wedding looks a little dated - and today's brides tend to prefer a gown that is more fitted. 

Moving onto the 1950's dress. Today's brides styling a vintage style wedding day would just love to find a dress like this. A full skirt is overlaid in lace and lace is right back in style now. Really pretty. Did your great grandmother wear something similar? 

In our view the most dated veil and headpiece is the one worn by the 1960s bride, with an oversized bow. The skirt has a tulip shape which you don't see so much now either but it's certainly a very romantic dress. 

Moving onto the 1970s. If you're aiming for a boho-style day, then this is a dress we think you're going to love. 

The 1980s style dress is certainly of its time, right down to the puff sleeves. Perhaps we'll leave things there. 

The mid-1990s dress hasn't really dated much. You could wear that today and you'd look very chic. Again, you might want a more fitted gown but the off-the-shoulder look is right back in style. 

Moving up to more recent times we have a strapless wedding dress - very popular with today's brides still and then a dress that is a nod to the gown worn by the Duchess of Cambridge at her 2011 wedding. 

Wonder what the future holds for wedding dresses? What do you think?

Three questions you need to ask when choosing a hat to wear to a wedding

wedding hats

(All hats shown above by Vivien Sheriff)

If you're anything like me, you've been watching reruns of Meghan and Harry's beautiful wedding day. 

And something that stuck me last time was how beautiful all the hats were. 

Hats at weddings - why they're so right 

There's something about a hat that just completes your look when you're getting dressed up. At the Royal Wedding there were some amazing hats on show and there's a shape to flatter everybody, so don't class yourself as a non-hat person. You just haven't found the right one yet, that's all.  


A post shared by Rachel Meghan Markle (@meghansmarkles) on You can wear a hat if you're a bride - and of course, wearing a hat to a wedding as a guest is too good an opportunity to miss. 


When you're choosing a wedding hat, we suggest you ask yourself three main questions:

1) What hat will suit my face/body type?
It's important to make sure your hat flatters your face and your silhouette. If you feel overwhelmed or unattractive in one style of hat then try another shape that you feel more comfortable in. But be daring and try on different shapes. You'll be amazed at what you can wear!

Rounder faces tend to be able to wear most shapes, a large brim or very small brim. Narrow faces usually suit bigger brims. Petite ladies can't wear a huge brim that will overshadow them, and larger figures usually suit big brims and tall headpieces.

2) What hat works with my outfit?
It's worth going shopping with a swatch of your outfit. If you're wearing a very brightly patterned dress, then maybe tone it down on the headwear, wear a subtle disc shape hat or headpiece in neutral tones, this will create balance in your look. Likewise, if you're wearing a low key subtle dress, then that acts as a blank canvas for you to really express yourself and go wild with the hat or extravagant headpiece.

3) What makes me feel amazing inside?
Wearing a hat is a chance for a women to express herself and feel beautiful, sexy, classy or any range of emotion or feelings. If you're feeling flamboyant, wear a showstopper. If you're feeling subdued and reserved you can wear a piece that embodies tradition and formality. You can convey such a range of feelings and social messages through your choice of headwear; for example wearing a headpiece which covers the face with veiling can signify allure. Ultimately it's all about feeling great and expressing yourself; a hat in many ways acts as an a extension of your persona.

People who always wear hats to get their look right

  • HM The Queen
  • The Duchess of Cambridge
  • Meghan Markle - the new Duchess of Sussex
  • Amal Clooney
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • All hats shown here created by Vivien Sheriff.

How to choose your wedding veil so you look beautiful in your photographs

Your wedding veil should be a soft whisper and not overpower your dress in any way.

When choosing it you need to think about these three key things.

  • The length length
  • The trim / edging and detail
  • Its position on your head and how it will work with your hairstyle and tiara  


1. Length

The length of the veil you choose will depend on the style of your wedding. A cathedral length veil will not work in a small intimate civil ceremony. Equally a funky vintage birdcage will not work in a cathedral!

Cathedral is full length and will come to the end of your train; this length is dramatic and almost ethereal and just frames any gown with a soft mist of tulle - so so dreamy. Tall and small girls can make this length work well.

Hip Length is also known as fingertip and literally ends at your fingertips, these look best on tall girls as they make petite girls look smaller. They are perfect for girls who simply find the whole full-length veil overwhelming and they are best for less formal weddings.

Shoulder length is precisely that. It sits just beyond your shoulders and will work on any height of bride. These can look soft and gentle and are simply lovely and really easy to wear.

2. Trim/Edging - what will go with your dress?

This can get complicated. There is ribbon edge, soft stitched edge, cut edge and a lace edge. Ribbon and soft stitched are classic and non fussy and will work with most dresses, lace edge looks fabulous with lace dresses to enhance the vintage feel or to dress up a plain gown. Plain cut edge will work with any dress and create a soft tulle halo.

Make sure your choice enhances your look and remember that the veil is the accessory not the show stopper - it's all about you in the dress!

3. Position of your veil - and where to wear your tiara / headband

The most modern way to position your veil is to wear it towards the back of your head, just behind the line of your ears. This will mean it sits behind your shoulders, it will also feel less intrusive to wear. If you are wearing the blush over (that's when you wear it up the aisle) then you will need it further forward or it will simply stick to your lipstick - which is not a good look on your finest hour!

Most brides wear a tiara or headband and the veil should sit comfortably behind your tiara. If you are wearing a side set comb then the veil should still be worn centrally.

Make sure your hairdresser secures your veil into your hair style so that it doesn't slip on the day.

How to wear a veil

You're obviously going to want your carefully chosen wedding veil to feature in your photographs - but getting your look right and photographed perfectly is a real art. Here are some key tips for being photographed beautifully in your wedding veil.

Ideas for veil shots

    • Cathedral length full veils should really be shown off at their best fully displayed out behind the gown. Just think of Kate Middleton on her wedding day.
    • Ask the photographer's assistant to fluff the veil (as if you were shaking a quilt) so the veil flies up and the photographer gets a shot of the veil in the air falling.Getting a bride to spin around whilst holding the veil out lets it spin round, offering a energetic and fluid photograph.
    • The bride and groom both under the veil can work but ONLY if the couple are facing and looking at each other. Eyes towards the camera is a big no-no as they can look like they are caught in a fishing net!
    • The MUST HAVE shot is the bride's father putting the bride under the veil before setting off down the aisle to meet the groom - and the moment when the groom or father removes the veil from the bride's face and she sees her bridegroom at the altar. Whatever happens it will always be a shot charged with emotion.
    • The bride shot from above walking down a staircase, veil trailing behind her.

Veil shots to avoid

    • Check when the groom is holding the bride in an embrace that the veil isn't being pushed into an unnatural shape or worse bunching up above her head.
    • If it is really, really windy, seriously consider removing the veil for some of the bridal portrait shots. If it is a full veil it will be blowing everywhere and the bride's expression might not be that relaxed.





14 stunning photos of wedding shoes (and how to choose the perfect pair)

It's a small detail in your overall wedding day look, but an important one.

Your wedding shoes need to show off the dress you're wearing perfectly. You may want to hide them away under your dress, with just the merest glimpse, but they're still very important. 

 Here's what you need to be thinking about when you're choosing your wedding day shoes

Are the shoes comfortable?

While some shoes may be deceiving and feel comfortable in the store, will they be comfortable for hours at a wedding? Make sure to walk in them for a while, do a little dance if you have to, in order to see if they can withstand anything your day may include.


Can you manage the height? 

While you may have fallen in love with a certain pair of shoes, are they too high? You want to make sure the height works for you and that you can in fact walk in them. Pick out shoes you love in varying heights before you choose the tallest one. If you never wear heels but are desperate to on your big day, then you're going to have to get some practice in at home. A well-known supermodel said you should wear heels at home until you can walk in them without blinking an eye. Just make sure you wear them on the carpet so you don't scuff them accidentally. 

How about colors?

You may want to go with a metallic if you are a bridesmaid, because unless you are getting shoes that are dyed to the color of your dress, finding a shoe that is exactly the color of your dress could be difficult. If you are the bride, a white or ivory shoe will work just fine here. Alternatively you could choose a bright color or a pastel, a floral design, a key detail, beading ... 


How much should you spend?

If you've always wanted a pair of Christian Louboutins or Manolo Blahniks, then this might be the time to work them into your wedding budget. If you choose shoes that you will wear over and over again, then the cost per wear goes down dramatically so a pair of fabulous heels that get a regular outing could ultimately work out cheaper than a pair of white or ivory bridal shoes you'll only wear once. It's certainly something to think about. 

Should your maids all wear the same shoes? 

Not necessarily. Some of your bridesmaids may be fans of heels, others prefer flats or a low heel. They don't all have to wear the same color either. Talk to them about shoe choices before making any decisions. It's important they feel comfortable and wear something that flatters them. 

Bring your wedding shoes to your dress fittings

The best way to get a good idea about the length of your dress is to bring shoes to the fitting. It will give the seamstress a chance to see how much she needs to shorten.

Will your wedding shoes take a good photo?

Today some of the most popular pictures being taken are of the bride's shoes, so make sure to pick a pretty pair for the wedding.

Image credits from left to right.  

Top row: Dolce & GabbanaTory Burch, Jimmy Choo

Second row: Vince Camuto, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Christian Louboutin

Third row: Manolo Blahnik, Dessy, Dessy

Bottom row: Manolo Blahnik, Dessy, J Renee, Paradox

7 ideas for purple themed wedding styling

One thing we've noticed is that a lot of brides like the color purple. Or purple in all its different shades - lilac, violet, mauve, magenta ...

Of course, you might not want to wear a purple wedding dress. (Which might be a step too far from tradition! )

But there's nothing to stop you wearing delicate lilac wedding shoes, carrying a bouquet of mauve flowers, choosing a violet themed wedding cake, having purple wedding favors of some description, lilac stationery .. 

So we've tracked down a few ideas for purple wedding accessories to inspire you on your way ... 

Wild Roses Floral Wedding Invitation via Not On The High Street 

1. We picked out this wedding invitation because it's kind of purple lite. It definitely gets the purple wedding idea across but it's subtle rather than in your face. In addition, it brings all sorts of other ideas to the party - like purple hydrangeas, anenomes, lilac colored roses ... 

Purple striped straws via Not On The High Street

2. If you're having a milkshake bar, candy table or in fact any kind of a buffet, then it's a must-do in shades of mauve and violet. Love these purple striped straws - remember to line them up in same direction when you're laying out the drinks so that they look uniformly fabulous. 

Marie Antoinette Cake by Elizabeth's Cake Emporium

3. A purple wedding cake in different shades of lilac and mauve could be truly spectacular.  This one is a work of art. On the other hand, you could be a bit more low key with your wedding cake by decorating it with fresh flowers in shades of violet and purple. 


(Image via Helen Helas Florist)

4. Flowers come in an abundance of purple shades - depending on the time of year you can choose from tulips, anenomes, ranunculus, gerberas, irises, hyacinths, hydrangeas - just talk to your florist. A mixture of purple flowers - with an ombre effect - would look wonderful on your wedding tables and in your bridal bouquet. The image above shows hydrangeas - which would work well as ombre as they are naturally shaded - they are also relatively inexpensive and look very showy. 


(Bridesmaid frocks featured above by Dessy)

5. Have a look at Dessy's bridesmaids dresses in shades of purple. Another good way to create a graduated ombre effect. Dress one maid in a light mauve and put another in a deep purple. Why not leave them to pick their styles to suit them - just specify whether you want long or cocktail length.

(Purple shoes by Manolo Blahnik)

6. Shoes. In our view one of the accessories you're going to have most pleasure choosing. If you can't find the exact shade of purple you're looking for then try Rainbow Club who'll dye your shoes in almost any shade you can imagine. Remember you can use Dessy's Pantone color tools to match up the shade. 


(Confetti by Confetti Petals)

7. Confetti

Beautiful clouds of lilac confetti. Give out paper cones at your ceremony to make your guests feel involved. Choose lilac biodegradable confetti made from real flowers. 

50 wedding tips you really need to know about

(Twist wrap dresses by Dessy in blush pink.)

It's always easy to be wise after the event. Think to yourself: "Oh I wish I'd known that" and "Why didn't somebody tell me."

Well to help you in the run-up to your wedding day, we asked some past brides what they thought girls should know in the run up to their wedding. Here's what they told us.

The 50 pieces of wedding advice to keep in mind

  1. Having a videographer. Not having a wedding video is top of the list of brides regrets
  2. Remember to wear your wedding shoes in before the big day. On carpet at home, so they're comfortable
  3. If you're wearing high heels and you're usually in flats then get practising walking in them - so you glide, not stumble
  4. Make sure the ushers know what being an usher means. That is, showing people to their seats and handing over the order of service. Not standing chatting. People milling about, not sure where to sit is not how to make your guests feel welcome and relaxed
  5. Remember that there will be a few unforeseen glitches on your wedding day. So go with the flow and don't overstress about them. (Like the weather, a guest turning up wearing white, guests being late.)
  6. Offer a chill out room for young children to watch a DVD, play and snooze during the evening reception
  7. Have somewhere comfortable and quiet for guests to sit, chat and catch up after the reception - a must if you're planning on having noisy music! And the oldies really like it.
  8. Serve plenty of soft drinks and tea and coffee after the reception. Also plenty of water on the tables - jugs of tap water are quite acceptable
  9. Prebook taxis for the oldies and have a local taxi firm on standby
  10. Practise holding your bouquet at hip level - not at waist level. Looks much better in photographs that way
  11. You don't have to wear white or ivory shoes. A bright colour or a metallic can look fabulous (and you're likely to wear those shoes over and over again)
  12. Don't wear high heels at a beach wedding. DO have a pedicure. (Maybe for the groom too.)
  13. If your wedding gown is strapless, you could cover your shoulders with a lace shrug for the ceremony and then unveil a new look for the reception and evening party
  14. Ask your bridesmaids what style of dress they feel would flatter them. And then offer them suitable choices
  15. Some bridal registry companies let guests contribute to the cost of a honeymoon
  16. Check real wedding photography to see what style suits you. It might be reportage. It might be something more traditional. Give yourself time to research different photographers in your area
  17. Marry in winter or mid-week and you'll find your budget stretches further and you have more venue options
  18. How about wearing a colored petticoat peeping out from under your wedding dress?
  19. Investigate wedding dress sample sales if you're on a tight budget - you could find the designer dress of your dreams at a cut price
  20. Flowergirls don't have to hold bouquets. Maybe just baskets of confetti?
  21. Don't have a facial just before your wedding day because you'll risk a breakout. No later than 10 days before your wedding probably best
  22. Have a singles table at your wedding reception and see what happens. Mix everyone up. Don't lump the singles with the marrieds. That is very boring for them. They want to have a bit of a party. Flirt.
  23. Save money on transport and ask a relative or friend with an amazing car if they could drive you to the church and reception.
  24. Use a wedding budget planner on your phone to help you keep track of spending
  25. Set your wedding budget first before you do anything
  26. Your best friend might not be your best chief bridesmaid. You need somebody who is super efficient and organised
  27. Marry at lunchtime and have an evening party and you're going to have to feed guests at least twice - which can be expensive. Maybe consider a late afternoon wedding instead?
  28. Consider having a mini-moon after your wedding day and a more extended honeymoon later on
  29. Show your hairdresser snaps of the neckline of your wedding dress so you can be advised on the most flattering hairstyle
  30. Choose a neckline to suit your figure - strapless, one shoulder, sweetheart ... more tips here
  31. Think about your dress fabric and the time of year. Duchesse satin in winter. Light chiffons in warmer weather
  32. Bridesmaids can get chilly with bare shoulders. Drape a colour co-ordinate pashmina around them whilst they are waiting for photographs (they make a good bridesmaid gift too).
  33. You don't have to have a formal sit down dinner. Buffet style might suit you a lot better - with free seating for the guests
  34. Let men know the dress code. Lounge suits, morning suits or black tie. It's embarassing to turn up in the wrong clothes
  35. If your venue location is perfect but you find the inside of the room uninspiring, consider room draping to turn it into something spectacular
  36. Wedding wellies are the perfect way to go if you're having to walk to and from the car on a potentially wet wedding day
  37. Don't underestimate the amount of time a DIY wedding actually takes - really, how long will it take you to handcraft 150 invitations?
  38. Buy a good quality, plain iced supermarket tier cake - and then decorate it with fresh flowers to save money.
  39. Serve substantial canapes and you could may not have to offer a starter
  40. Give each of your bridesmaids, flowergirls and pageboys a framed photograph of you all together on your wedding day
  41. Ice cream vans and a dessert table work well at summer weddings held in marquees
  42. Choose wedding flowers that are in season rather than expensive exotic blooms that have to be flown in
  43. Let your bridesgroom get involved with the wedding planning - split up the tasks between you
  44. If your mother in law wants to help, then let her. Give her some jobs that you're happy to delegate to her
  45. Remember it's your wedding day and should follow the format you want (although if you're having financial help from parents they are allowed some say in it!)
  46. Marrying abroad (in Italy) can be a much less expensive to tie the knot and it would be just as super gorgeous.
  47. Save The Dates are essential in these busy times if you want most of the invited guests to be able to attend
  48. Bridesmaids don't have to wear the same style or dress or even the same colour. Choose co-ordinating colours or go for an ombre effect
  49. If you're having a first dance together then practise. You might even want to have some lessons
  50. You are marrying your soul mate. The One. Nothing else matters really.

Wondering about wedding themes? Why blue is never wrong ...

If you're not a bride who is in love with the color pink, then choosing wedding accessories in blue could be the answer, particularly the shade that's known as duck egg blue.

Why this particular blue is so versatile

  • It's a pastel shade - which means it will melt into the background if you want it to
  • It works beautifully at spring, summer and winter weddings
  • Combine duck egg blue wedding accessories with gold or silver and you get a very special luxe effect
  • Think about bronze, silver or gold shoes for your bridesmaids - or play it down with neutrals
  • Duck egg blue looks fabulous on wedding cakes too

For a clever, refined look at a bridesmaid dress, check this frock from Dessy. DC2946 which is actually a soft tulle in celadon over platinum rococo lace dress. Match with our Pearly Aqua Chandelier Earrings.

Romantic blue bridesmaid dress and earrings by Dessy

Why else is blue such a dream wedding theme? Use it to dress the inside of a marquee, for your seating plans, on your tables.

Clematis cakes by Rosalind Miller

Other reasons to choose blue

You'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to flowers. Talk to your florist but just as a starter you can opt for; hyacinths, bluebells, delphiniums, clematis, grape hyacinths, ranunculus, lavender, larkspur, anenomes ...

Blue is a classic color for wedding invitations too. Nothing is quite as inviting as a crisp blue envelope coming into the mailbox, complete with beautiful calligraphy.

Invitations by Ananya

This shade of blue works well with lace as well. Consider placing lace over a blue tablecloth. Or dressing your bridesmaids in different shades of blue for an ombre effect.

And of course, you'll be following the old rhyme for what to wear at a wedding for good fortune:

"Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue ..."

Credits: Wedding Cushion by Cherry Pete from Not On The High Street, bridesmaids with flowers via, wedding photo with balloons by Max & Friends via, buttonhole by Anna del Greco at BridalbyAnna.

12 secrets about choosing wedding veils all brides should know

(Veils above by The Wedding Veil Shop)

Choosing the perfect wedding veil veil can be a complicated task for many brides. One-tier or two-tier? White or ivory? Tulle or lace? This bridal task becomes one you'll relish with these goof-proof tips.


  1. Choose your bridal gown BEFORE you decide on a veil (unless of course you're wearing a family heirloom)
  2. Expect your mom, sister or friend to cry when they first see you in a wedding veil
  3. Think carefully about your hairstyle if you're wearing a veil
  4. Take the veil to the hairdresser to experiment
  5. Practice taking it off for the reception with your chief bridesmaid
  6. Wear a birdcage veil if your dress is short or retro. You can keep it on for the reception too
  7. A blush veil is one which folds over the face when you're walking down the aisle, then lifted when you reach the altar
  8. For a bit more coverage, choose an elbow-length veil. Particularly if your dress has an ornate bodice you want to show off
  9. Fingertip veils are good for full-length gowns, particularly if the bride is tall. But it won't look good if your wedding dress has a train
  10. A cathedral veil is floor length and dramatic. It looks wonderful with a formal gown (think of Kate Middleton on her wedding day) and falls six inches past the train
  11. A white veil suits a classic white wedding dress. Or choose 'antique white' if you're wearing an off-white dress. If your dress is ivory, choose a champagne colored veil
  12. Try on several different veils when you're choosing your wedding dress and listen to what the salesperson suggests. Although you may have always had your heart set on a particular type of veil, you could surprise yourself

Finally, if you want your wedding photographs to remain classic, then try not to choose a wedding veil that's too on-trend as it will look seriously dated in a short while.

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Pale blue bridesmaid gowns you'll want to keep for yourself

(Bridesmaid dresses by Dessy)

Most girls suit blue. And it's a wedding color that works for bridesmaids at spring, summer and winter weddings. (Fall has different hues to offer of course and we'd go for oranges, browns and reds at that time of year).

It's like that old wedding rhyme:

"Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue..." Which just shows that weddings and blue should go together ...

What does blue say?

The thing about light blue as a color is that it really does whisper elegance and glamor whilst eschewing overt prettiness. And it tends to suit all complexions, which is always a consideration when choosing bridesmaid dresses.

Take a look at these one-shouldered bridesmaid gowns we've picked out. They're all beautiful - and because they're by Dessy they come in a variety of shades of blue - from delicate pastels through to sophisticated midnight blues.

(All frocks above from the Jenny Yoo collection at Dessy).

Different blues for different venues

If you've having a destination wedding or you're getting married under hot sunshine, then you can choose bright blues - turquoises, azures and a jade blue. Bright colors can stand up to bright light without looking faded, although they'd look more out of place if you're having a country garden style wedding.

Then again, you could have chosen to have a more rustic theme; so choose more delicate shades of blue like cornflower - which will look beautiful with wild flowers and less formality.

Maybe you're having a city wedding or a wedding that's being held in the early evening. Then your choices might veer towards elegant deep blues with a touch of shimmer - maybe like these gowns from Dessy below.

Choose the right shade of blue for your maids too. Don't feel that you have to dress them all in one color - you can graduate the shades of blues to get an ombre effect as below. (Check out Dessy's Instagram feed for images of real girls wearing Dessy at real weddings.)

A post shared by The Dessy Group (@dessygroup) on

Picking out perfect wedding accessories for your bridesmaids ...

(Breathtaking Dessy bridesmaids in our Dessy Collection dress style 2918)

My best friend always looks well-dressed and stylish. She hasn't got a big clothes budget either - she's just clever in the way she puts her outfits together. For example, she'll buy a chain store dress but swap the belt for something different or change the buttons. And so she's instantly created a look that nobody else will have - a look that's her own.

The same applies when dressing your bridesmaids.

I got to thinking about the way she accessorises and realised that the same applies with wedding accessories, especially when you're dressing your bridesmaids.

Wedding Sashes by Dessy

You could buy a dress off the peg and then embellish it with a sash. Maybe in a different colour, to contrast the whole effect. Think about the wedding accessories that will make a difference.

A georgette stole could also look very elegant - as a cover up for the religious ceremony and then to give the outfit a whole new look at the reception. (The stoles above from Dessy.)

Avoiding matchy-matchy for bridesmaids is very on trend right now. You can dress your maids in different shades, in rainbow colors or in variations on a shade (for example every color pink from the palest rose to the deepest magenta).

They'll love you for that because it means that every girl will be able to dress in a color that suits her complexion and flatters her figure. Some girls look fantastic in pastels - others look 'washed-out' and will be happier in a stronger color.

Dessy also does a tempting selection of glittery shoe clips to dress up plain ballet flats. There are mini handbags too.

The key to personalising your wedding and making it look original (and not off the peg) is to use accessories to alter an outfit. No two brides will do this in the same way. A good way to start is by looking at Pinterest and starting up your own board with accessory ideas.