Pale blue bridesmaid gowns you'll want to keep for yourself

(Bridesmaid dresses by Dessy)

Most girls suit blue. And it's a wedding color that works for bridesmaids at spring, summer and winter weddings. (Fall has different hues to offer of course and we'd go for oranges, browns and reds at that time of year).

It's like that old wedding rhyme:

"Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue..." Which just shows that weddings and blue should go together ...

What does blue say?

The thing about light blue as a color is that it really does whisper elegance and glamor whilst eschewing overt prettiness. And it tends to suit all complexions, which is always a consideration when choosing bridesmaid dresses.

Take a look at these one-shouldered bridesmaid gowns we've picked out. They're all beautiful - and because they're by Dessy they come in a variety of shades of blue - from delicate pastels through to sophisticated midnight blues. 

(All frocks above from the Jenny Yoo collection at Dessy). 

Different blues for different venues

If you've having a destination wedding or you're getting married under hot sunshine, then you can choose bright blues - turquoises, azures and a jade blue. Bright colors can stand up to bright light without looking faded, although they'd look more out of place if you're having a country garden style wedding. 

Then again, you could have chosen to have a more rustic theme; so choose more delicate shades of blue like cornflower - which will look beautiful with wild flowers and less formality. 

Maybe you're having a city wedding or a wedding that's being held in the early evening. Then your choices might veer towards elegant deep blues with a touch of shimmer - maybe like these gowns from Dessy below. 


Choose the right shade of blue for your maids too. Don't feel that you have to dress them all in one color - you can graduate the shades of blues to get an ombre effect as below. (Check out Dessy's Instagram feed for images of real girls wearing Dessy at real weddings.) 



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That in-between age for bridesmaids (and how to deal with it)

(Dessy styles Alfred Sung D699FP, JR536FP)

What's the difference between a flowergirl and a bridesmaid?

Well, a flowergirl is usually young - under the age of 10 probably. Flowergirl dresses are a little girl's delight - full skirted, in pretty colours with co-ordinating sashes and Dessy offers them in sizes 2-12 

But when a girl hits 10 she doesn't want to look like a flower fairy. She's looking for something a little more 'grown-up', a little more sophisticated. If you've got older bridesmaids she's going to want to be like the 'big girls' and hold her own with them.

Flowergirl style FL4055

That's why we introduced our Junior Bridesmaid Styles. Specially designed to suit and fit younger figures which haven't yet got grown-up curves. Our Junior Bridesmaid line is a perfect choice for pre-teens. Check the styles and you'll see that many of the features - spaghetti straps, one shoulder styles, waist details - are similar to those on the adult bridesmaid version - it's just that these are cut to fit less mature figures.

Junior bridesmaid style JR534

If you're looking to dress your girls all in one theme - from flowergirls through to your girlfriends in their twenties, then you'll find it very straightforward as many of our bridesmaid dresses are available in a on-trend fabrics and colours - like these shimmering sequins and florals. 

Dessy style 3002

So you can get a neckline and length that's going to suit each and every individual - which will make for happy photographs of your maids.

Off to a prom?

Remember that your junior bridesmaids may also be attending a school prom at some time in the near future, so why not choose a dress that would be suitable for a prom too? Take a look at Dessy's prom selection here, which hosts many different styles in attractive colours, to flatter all shapes and figures. 

Why you should consider having floral bridesmaid dresses

(Images above from left: Alfred Sung Style D699P and Jenny Yoo 534

Flowers and weddings go together like ... perfection. 

One trend to consider is having floral print bridesmaid dresses. The other day we recommended the idea of just having your maid of honour wear a floral gown as a way of standing out from the other bridesmaids, but here I'll show you how stunning the entire bridal party can look if more of the maids are dressed in florals. 

Floral don't have to be spriggy chintzes either - you can have delicate flowers or something larger and more splashy - as Dessy shows here. 

(All bridesmaids dresses from Dessy. From above: Jenny Yoo Style JY533, Dessy 2828, Alfred Sung 699FP, After Six 6766)

And then below we have another beautiful interpretation (from Green Wedding Shoes via Pinterest) where the bride chose to use the hand-tied flowers to lead the visual impact with bold, striking colours and dramatic ribbons. This allowed the girls to mix and match their dresses with two pale pink floral on black (one high neck, one a deep V) and one solid black deep V; two pale pink floral on blush (again one high neck, one a deep V) and one solid pale pink high neck. Very cleverly structured so that the seemingly random selection of dresses is actually extremely well planned and perfectly balanced with the bride's stunning cross-over gown.

pink floral print bridesmaid dresses

Another beautiful example of pink floral print bridesmaid dresses is this image from via Pinterest. This time the background of the bridesmaids' gowns is a delicate duck egg blue which is a brilliant foil for the coral pink floral pattern, adding a lovely depth to the overall effect:

pink floral print bridesmaid dresses

As you can see, there are many ways to make floral bridesmaids dresses a unique statement at your wedding. Just look at the floral options available from Dessy and you'll be immediately inspired by the variety of colour within the fabric which will allow you to pick out whichever element you want as a highlight (pink, coral, red, yellow, green), as well as the different bridesmaid necklines (jewel, strapless and deep V).

pink floral print bridesmaid dresses

From the left we have D707FP, centre is D724CP and right is D723FP, all from the fabulous Alfred Sung collection at Dessy for the perfect summer wedding. Happy picking!

A sunflower themed wedding day

(Image via Kingdom Photography)

Bright, vibrant, full of sunshine and HAPPY! How else would you describe a sunflower?

Every flower has a meaning and sunflowers have come to symbolise adoration, loyalty and longevity - so what better bloom to pick for your summer wedding day?

Another advantage of sunflowers is that they are relatively inexpensive and you don't need many to make a fabulous display.

They're the sort of flowers that are happy to look beautiful on their own or when placed alongside other blooms.

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A sunflower motif works well on your wedding invitations, seating plans and of course you could put a packet of sunflower seeds by every place setting as a memorable favor.

Using sunflowers as a color theme

If you're having a summer wedding day then consider putting your bridesmaids in sunflower yellows.

Or you can also use the sunflowers with other hues to create quite a different feel to your day. Take a look below at a few of the real wedding color combinations.

Blue and yellow always works together well - so maybe that's something to consider for your bridesmaids' dresses.

Sunflower Summer Wedding

I love this bride's choice of delphinium blue and white flowers mixed with her sunflowers, with the bridesmaids in pretty royal blue. Many thanks to Boho Weddings for this great shot.

And then for a TOTALLY different look - sunflowers mixed with coral pink or red! Both of which combinations are absolutely stunning. Immediately below is an inspirational look from Rustic Wedding Chic and below that is a riot of color from Jennefer Wilson, via Pinterest.

Sunflowers with coral from

Red and Sunflower summer wedding

How to make your maid of honor look fabulous

(Image via Anne Edgar Photography)

When you're choosing your bridesmaids, it's likely that you have one particular friend in mind who will be your maid of honor (MOH). Some brides have their MOH carry a slightly different bouquet or wear more elaborate jewellery.

But we think that the best way to make your MOH stand out is by choosing a dress for her that is either a different style, a different color or both!

Here the bride has chosen pastel shades for her girls, with a mushroom taupe color for her chief bridesmaid.

There are various ways of making your chief bridesmaid stand out. Maybe dress her in a metallic frock, like the one above. Or dress her in a floral frock with the bridesmaids in contrasting colors (or vice versa).

This bride below chose to enable her Maid of Honour to stand out from the bridesmaids using a different shade with an ombre effect, which of course produces such a romantic and soothing aesthetic.

How to make your Maid of Honour stand out

To shop the look above, try Alfred Sung D721

how to make your maid of honour stand out

So take a leaf out of these brides' books and really make your maid of honor feel special - and it will make your wedding photographs look even more spectacular!

Pinterest Inspired Wedding Colors for Fall

With the fall coming we can't get enough of all the beautiful colors we're seeing on Pinterest! The deep reds, the vibrant purples, the lush greens - it is a magical time to get married. So we thought we would show you some of our newest dresses in some of the color combinations we have fallen in love with.

Social Bridesmaid 8156 - Fall

This fall try these colors in our Social Bridesmaids Style 8156 bridesmaid dress!

If you love purple, the rich reds and you love the beautiful shades of orange during the fall, you will love this color combination! It is just a beautiful array of colors that will definitely make you feel the magic of your wedding.


We love these colors in our After Six Bridesmaid Style 6729 bridesmaid dress!

While the midnight blue is a dark hue, it is a very versatile color that works well for a preppy yet rustic wedding for the fall! The midnight blue is great for all seasons, so if you aren't getting married this fall, it is still a color you should consider for your wedding!


Something blue in our Dessy Collection Style 2943 bridesmaid dress

Believe it or not, this is a great fall color combination! The Pantone oasis sets the tone for the rest of the colors for your fall wedding. You can infuse creams and light browns with this combination for the perfect fall wedding look.


You'll be glad you picked this color combination in our JY Jenny Yoo JY508 bridesmaid dress

Make a bold statement with the bright Pantone clementine and calming it down with the Pantone blush, stormy and charcoal gray. This is a great color combination for a September wedding, when summer is just making its way out the door.

Don't forget to visit The Dessy Group Pinterest page for more color inspiration! And you can find all our newest fall bridesmaid dresses here on!

A Fall Wedding with Red and Pink

A Fall Wedding with Red and Pink

Looking for two colors to mix and match for your fall wedding? We think various reds and pink hues are just the two colors you should consider for your fall wedding.

Mix and match your bridesmaid dress styles too! For example, our After Six Bridesmaid Style 6725 adds a little shimmer to your bridal party look.

Break up the blush pinks with bright and vibrant reds, like the colors on our Dessy Collection Style 2940 and Lela Rose Bridesmaid Style LR221.

Looking for more inspiration when it comes to what types of florals you should have with this color combination? Here are is a Nashville wedding that had these colors infused into their wedding that we thought was just beautiful!


Wedding images by NYK & Cali Wedding Photographers

4 Tips to Consider Before Mixing and Matching Your Bridesmaid Dresses

4 Tips to Consider Before Mixing and Matching Your Bridesmaid Dresses

Mixing and matching the bridesmaid dresses is a hot trend right now with no signs of ending anytime soon.  So if you  have just begun your wedding planing, and are thinking of the look and style for your bridesmaids,  here are some tips you will want to consider.

All Short or All Long?:  Do you want everyone to have short dresses and have the color be different for each girl? Or do you want all the dresses to be long? The length of the dress is important, you will see that some brides will do one girl (normally the maid-of-honor) be in one length, while the others are different.

[gallery size="full" ids="19620,19570,18953,18948,18947,18944"]

Choosing the Right Color for Your Bridesmaid:  Having each of your girls in a different color is fun, but you will want to make sure you have the right color for each of your bridesmaid.  You wouldn't want to put a very light color on a fair skinned girl.   Also, when it comes to mixing and matching, think about the shades of the color you want, and make sure that the shades you are choosing work well together.  Find the right colors with our Pantone Wedding Color Guides!

Mixing and Matching Accessories:  Maybe mixing and matching has nothing to do with the dress itself, but everything to do with the accessories.  Have each girl wear a different necklace or bracelet.  When it comes to shoes, have each girl wear a shoe that fits her style and comfort.  If you are looking for fun and unique accessories, check out all of our accessories at!

Different Patterns: It doesn't need to be about color at all, but rather about various patterns and materials.  Incorporate sparkle or lace into your bridesmaid dresses.  Have each girl wear a different material of the same dress or a different dress with a different material in the same color.  The options are endless.

Looking for the perfect bridesmaid dresses to mix and match? Check out all of our newest styles at!

How to Give the Best Wedding Toast of All Time!

How to Give the Best Wedding Toast of All Time!

Last week we came across this fantastically funny wedding toast and we couldn't help but share it.  But what we also realized was that these two girls are singing their wedding toast in After Six bridesmaid dresses! We love it!

Are you a maid of honor at a wedding soon?   Here are three quick tips about giving a wedding toast:

Keep the toast within a reasonable amount of time:  Don't go too long or too short, keep it at no more than five minutes, unless you are the two girls in the video, then go as long as you want!

Get Creative:  Feel free to sing and even dance your wedding toast, think outside the box when it comes to giving your wedding toast to the happy couple.

Practice Before the Wedding: We are sure these two girls in the video practiced (or maybe not!) before the wedding.  Whether you are talking or singing your wedding toast,  make sure to practice before the wedding, especially if standing up in front of people is a little scary for you.

Loved the After Six bridesmaid dresses in the video? Check them out here:

AfterSixBridesmaidsStyles 6669, 6613

5 Things You Need to Know Before You Go Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

5 Things You Need to Know Before You Go Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

Bridesmaid dress shopping has begun and it is one of the many fun moments you get to share with your bridesmaids. So where do you begin and what do you need to know?

Here are some tips to think about before you bring your girls bridesmaid dress shopping:

Consider Your Wedding Dress: Before you select your bridesmaid dresses, it’s important to consider the look and style of your own wedding dress. Will the looks you have in mind for your bridesmaids work with your wedding dress or do you need to consider making some alternations to your ideas?

The Time of the Year: When are you getting married? This will play a big part in the style and material you choose for your bridesmaid dress. You may not necessarily want to do a satin dress if you are getting married in the middle of summer or a chiffon dress for a winter wedding. So before you start shopping, make sure to take this into consideration.

Do You Need to Bring Everyone? In most cases yes, especially if you have girls with varied body types, you will want to make sure everyone is in agreement about what has been chosen, you don’t want any of your bridesmaids feeling uncomfortable about the dress they are wearing on your wedding day.

Pick a Few Shops, Don’t Go Crazy: Ask for recommendations from friends who have gotten married before, search online for designers (preferably that have the look and style you want for your bridesmaids. Pick a few places to go based on who has the designer and dress you want. Also consider price points, different bridal shops offer different prices for bridesmaid dresses, you will want to take that into consideration as well.

How Long It Will Take to Get the Bridesmaid Dresses? You should start shopping about six months or more before the wedding, give enough time for the shop to order the dress and make any necessary alterations.

Check out for all our latest bridesmaid dress styles and looks that will look beautiful on all your bridesmaids.