The Rise of the Big Fake Wedding

The Rise of the Big Fake Wedding

Planning a wedding can be stressful and most couples won't know until the day of their wedding how it will turn out, because let's be honest, anything can happen. However, photographer Callie Murray who is also the founder and CEO of Big Fake Wedding is offering brides and grooms a chance to see what their wedding could possibly look like.

Couples are asked to purchase a $25 ticket and attend a "wedding" of couples who are actually renewing their vows, but it looks like a real wedding with all the trimmings.

According to the Big Fake Wedding website, the event is complete with light bites and drink, an emotional vow-renewal ceremony and dance party reception. This was first launched in 2008 and has served as inspiration for couples and an experiential opportunity for wedding vendors to showcase their products and services to shopping brides and grooms just as they would at a real wedding.

The event is uniquely curated and most far-reaching bridal show alternative in the nation, attracting 6,000 attendees and 1,000 vendors across 31 events in 25 cities, according to the website.

According to the, Big Fake Wedding is a resource in finding trusted wedding vendors and a reminder to plan for what comes after a wedding: a marriage. Couples get to see everything to the flowers and bridesmaid dresses and all the other details related to planning a wedding.

Big Fake Wedding, according to, inspire brides and grooms to do something different, support small businesses and encourage a solid and committed marriage. It also gives couples a chance to see the many directions they could take while planning their wedding day.

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What You Need to Know About Weddings This Year!

What You Need to Know About Weddings This Year!

Starting the wedding planning process and wanted to know what some of the trends are this year? This infographic by EventUp offered some interesting insights about weddings today.

For example, today's brides have an average of 4.5 bridesmaids and only 38% still require their bridesmaids to wear the same color and style of the dress. Are you looking for your bridesmaid dresses yet? Check out for all our newest styles for spring and summer!

Engagement season may have just passed, but that doesn't mean brides aren't still posting engagement pictures on social media. According to this infographic, 59% of brides-to-be post a picture of their engagement ring on social media, but 11% of brides ask guests not to post photos of their wedding to social media.

Today the average age of today's brides is 29 and the average engagement length is 14 months. In 2014, the average wedding cost in the U.S. was $31,213; in comparison the average wedding cost for Manhattan couples was $76,328.

Check out the rest of this infographic to see what other interesting facts there are about weddings!


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Couples Drawn to Iconic 12-13-14 Wedding Date

Couples Drawn to Iconic 12-13-14 Wedding Date


Image by Gage Blake Photography

While December is a slow time for weddings, this Saturday will be a busy day for many couples, since many are saying "I Do" on the iconic date of 12-13-14.

Since the date is in sequential order, many couples find it to be an extra special time to get married.

According to the Associated Press, the date on Saturday represents the last sequential calendar date for at least 20 years for Jan. 2, 2034 and another 89 years until Jan. 2, 2103.

David's Bridal told The Chicago Tribune more than 13,000 weddings are registered for Saturday with them, while a year ago on this date, the company had 6,621 events registered.


Image by Whyman Studios

Last year, Brian Beitler, chief marketing officer of David's Bridal, told USA Today, dates with consecutive numbers are about to disappear. David's Bridal conducted its “What's on Brides' Minds” survey in 2013 that revealed that iconic dates are still popular.

The survey revealed that 40% of brides would consider planning their wedding on a special date like 12/13/14 or last year with 11/12/13.

Read more about iconic wedding dates in our blog posts - Couples Say 'I Do' on 11/12/13 and 12/12/12 Weddings – Are You Getting Married Today?

Featured image by Brandon Shafer Photography

At Last! Photos from Jessica Simpson's Beautiful Wedding!

At Last! Photos from Jessica Simpson's Beautiful Wedding!

We were so excited to see that photos (and a video!) from Jessica Simpson's wedding to Eric Johnson were finally released. The video takes you behind the scenes with Jessica and her bridesmaids as they get ready for her wedding day last weekend. Jessica looked simply stunning in her Carolina Herrera gold wedding gown and she pulled out all the stops for her bridesmaids too!
How beautiful does Jessica look on her wedding day! Photograph by Brides.


Another lovely photo from Jessica Simpson's wedding. Photograph by Brides

Jessica said she did not have a theme, but she wanted all of her bridesmaids (all 14 of them..mind you) to feel "ethereal" and the best they have ever felt. All of the bridesmaids are mismatched because as you will see Jessica say in this video below "not every girl is the same shade, not every girl is the same size, not every girl is the same personality.." we couldn't agree with you more Jessica!

Jessica's best friend CaCee Cobb wore a gorgeous green bridesmaid gown and we thought for those of you looking to do a similar color to CeCe's dress, here are looks we know you and Jessica would love too!


We think Jessica would have loved our After Six Bridesmaid Style 6699


We think this Lela Rose LR200 in clover would have been lovely in Jessica's wedding.. but we're biased!

In case you love gold as much as we do, take a look at our "oh so glamourous" Pantone Venetian Gold and blush style board:

Reshaping an Industry: Jacqueline Nwobu

Reshaping an Industry: Jacqueline Nwobu

What started with several Google searches and dedication of spreading a valuable message ended with a successful venture for Jacqueline Nwobu and her husband who made the brave attempt to leave their prior occupations and become magazine publishers.

Jacqueline Nwobu quit her job as a medical technologist and founded Munaluchi Bride Magazine. She did this because she wanted to spread a valuable message in the wedding industry that has yet to fully embrace women of color or Asian women in the pages of bridal magazines.

She and her husband embarked on the journey of starting a magazine simply to spread their message of having women of color embraced in the bridal industry.

Nwobu said during her talk at TedXEuston, what readers do see are the same women and the same message.

"The truth is we've done a little bit - but we have a long way to go," said Nwobu to the audience. "We do this because it is really important to have those images, those of women color on covers in the pages of the magazine."

She said the bigger picture years from now, having women of color in pages of a bridal magazine will not be or shouldn't be a big deal, it will be normal.

"It is really important when you think of the images we portray to our children, because images are powerful and lead to thoughts," said Nwobu.

Photo by

We Love the New Bella Bridesmaids Website!

We Love the New Bella Bridesmaids Website!

We're so excited about the re-launch of one of our favorite vendors, Bella Bridesmaids' new website! It's chic, sleek, and beautiful. Dessy Group is proud to be included in Bella Bridesmaids' collection of bridesmaid dresses from the world's leading designers. At Bella Bridesmaids, you have many beautiful Dessy dresses to choose from, and your personal Bella stylist will help you pick the gowns for you. Whether you're getting married in a grand ballroom or having a hoedown on the family farm, they have you covered!

Dessy Real Wedding Dessy Real Wedding
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Same-Sex Marriages Embraced Globally

Same-Sex Marriages Embraced Globally

Four countries in South and Central America have legalized same-sex marriage with Argentina being the first in 2010, according to Purely Diamonds. Photo featured on

Same-sex marriages continue to make headlines around the world, many countries including several states in the U.S. have embraced it, moving closer towards equality for all.

A recent blog post sent to us by Purely Diamonds, a family-run diamond jewelry design studio based in London, England showed how same-sex marriages have been embraced around the world.

According to the blog post, 10 European countries have embraced same-sex marriages and 11 European countries have accepted sames-sex unions.

While same-sex unions may not be entirely legal in some European countries, there are 22 out of 51 countries that have recognized it, according to the blog post.

The Netherlands were ahead of the curve in 2001, when they were the first to legalize same-sex marriages, while Asia has refused to embrace same-sex marriage.

In the U.S., Massachusetts was the first state to legalize same-sex marriage in 2004. California legalized gay marriage in 2008, only to ban it the same year after the introduction of Proposition 8 before legalizing it again 2010, according to the blog post. As of 2013, there are 17 states in the U.S. that have legalized same-sex marriage.

Just this week, gay couples continue to fight for their rights. On Jan. 21, six gay couples file a lawsuit to overturn Florida's same-sex marriage ban, according to

There are five states in the U.S. that recognize civil unions for gay couples, not including the states that have replaced civil unions with same-sex marriages.

South Africa is the only African country to have embraced same-sex unions while some countries have actually imposed the death penalty if same-sex couples are caught, according to the blog post.

Countries like the Sedan and Sierra Leone have legalized sexual activity between two women but have outlawed same-sex relationships between two men.

Canada was the first non-European country in 2005 to legalize same-sex marriage. Same-sex marriages are legally performed in Mexico City and in the state of Quintana Roo, according to the blog post.

In October, New Zealand legalized same-sex marriages. In Australia, there are three territories where same-sex unions are allowed. Australia's first gay marriage took place on Dec. 7 in the national capital of Canberra.

Some judges in Colombia has allowed same-sex marriages while some have not, the law in Colombia remains ambiguous, according to the blog post.

A new constitution in 2008 made Ecuador the first country in South America where same-sex civil unions are legally recognized and share the same rights as married heterosexual couples.

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Couples Get Ready to Say 'I Do' on 11/12/13

Couples Get Ready to Say 'I Do' on 11/12/13

Have a day to remember next Tuesday. Photo by Chelsea Elizabeth Photography

Next Tuesday will mark a very popular day to get married, you're probably reading this and wondering, “But it's a Tuesday?” Next Tuesday marks what many in the bridal industry consider as a “highly anticipated” date to get married because it will the date is 11/12/13.

According to David's Bridal's “What's on Brides' Minds” survey, iconic wedding dates are still popular.

Brian Beitler, chief marketing officer of David's Bridal, a bridal retailer based in Conshohocken, Pa., told USA Today, dates with consecutive numbers like 11/12/13 are about to disappear.


Have beautiful flowers just like these next Tuesday on 11/12/13. Photo by Hildebrand Photography

According to The Sacramento Bee, he said the last consecutive series of the century will occur next year, 12/13/14 and next year's date falls on a Saturday, so David's Bridal is predicting that date could reach record breaking numbers.

He told The Sacramento Bee that iconic dates are a trend in United States, reaching new heights when over 65,000 couples tied the knot on 07/07/07. He added, that couples love dates that have patterns.

The survey revealed that 40% of brides would consider planning their wedding on a special date like 11/12/13 or 12/13/14. David's Bridal estimates more than 3,000 brides will marry on 11/12/13, compared to last year, this is a 722% increase, according to The Sacramento Bee article.

I personally knew a couple who chose to get married on 9/10/11. My immediately thought, well people won't forget it because it a unique date to get married and memorable. It was the first time I had heard someone pick a special date like that one.


Have moments like these next Tuesday on 11/12/13. Photo by Sami Roy Photography

I like the idea of getting married on a special date like 11/12/13, it makes the day of your wedding more magical and special because it is unique.

Numerologist Julian Michael told Yahoo Shine there is sometimes a deeper meaning behind dates like 11/12/13/. She said that seeing these special pattern of numbers will prompt couples to pick it because to them, it appears symbolic.

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Lela Rose Bridesmaid Dresses in the NY Times

Lela Rose Bridesmaid Dresses in the NY Times

Bridesmaid dress designer Lela Rose and her dresses have been featured in the Weddings and Celebrations section of the New York Times!

Watch the video below, and read the full article What's New in Bridesmaid Dresses.

You can view the complete line of Lela Rose bridesmaid dresses on

The New York Times says that bridesmaids today have significantly better style choices than bridesmaids in decades past. They have access to sophisticated dress collections offering attractive, rewearable designs that can occasionally outshine even the bride. Designers such as Lela Rose have given wedding parties flexibility in materials, cut and color.

Fabrics that drape are flattering for many women, said Ms. Rose, who also uses chiffon in her bridesmaid collection. She introduced her bridesmaid collection shortly after her bridal-line debut in fall 2006. She partnered with the Dessy Group to produce the designs, with details borrowed from her ready-to-wear and wedding gowns, some with upscale fabric like silk gazar. The designs are "very individualized," she said.

"Often there is one detail that brings them all together," she said. Women can choose among different cuts to suit their body shape but in the same color.

The very-uniform look is not very modern, Ms. Rose said: "Some girls look great in anything, but not everyone does. Bridesmaids are part of your pictures, so why wouldn't you want them to look great?"

Your wedding party can indeed look great with Lela Rose bridesmaid dresses and accessories to match. Brides who like Lela's style can view Lela Rose wedding dresses on

Happy 50th Anniversary PANTONE!!!

Happy 50th Anniversary PANTONE!!!

What word comes to mind when thinking of color planning? PANTONE! This year marks 50 years since this company was founded and changed the world!

How does the best-known name in color celebrate such a landmark birthday? According to Giovanni Marra, director of corporate marketing, “In celebration of Pantone's 50 years of color inspiration, we designed special anniversary edition packaging and covers...We can't wait to see how the PLUS SERIES shapes the next 50 years of color.”

This makes us think, we haven't heard such colorful news since PANTONE WEDDING™ was released in 2010! If you aren't familiar with this brand and you are a bridesmaid, bride, wedding planner, designer, artist, or just a wedding and/or style enthusiast, then you MUST check out Dessy's PANTONE WEDDING page.


Bridesmaid card Color Tool customize

In a nutshell- these two companies partnered to make color planning easy AND fun for anyone involved in the wedding planning process.

PANTONE color tool wedding planning

It's true. From color coordinating with their chiplettes, to asking their best friends Will You Be My Bridesmaid?, to adding a hint of flair to a groomsman's suit, these colors will inspire you! We're now wondering if Dessy will be adding anything new to their site as a result of this big anniversary....

Color Guide Wedding Planning tool

Either way, we know that Dessy and Pantone are the best in the business when it comes to having a creative eye for palette and user friendly tools, and we're looking forward to another 50 amazing years of PANTONE® and all the exciting wedding goodies that PANTONE WEDDING™ will bring us!