Four ideas for fun and informal wedding invitations and save-the-dates

If you're planning on holding a more informal kind of wedding ceremony, then you want to set the tone right from the beginning. 

You probably feel that a formally calligraphed invitation, on stiff board with a gold rim isn't quite you.

Is your venue low key? Maybe you don't want any fuss?

Maybe you're getting married on a beach? Or having a festival-style ceremony?

Perhaps it's second-time around for the pair of you and you want things to be a bit different. 

You want to do it your way and your want your wedding invitations to reflect your sense of fun. Have something spontaneous about them. 

See what we've found

We've picked out a few ideas for invitations and save the dates that are sure to bring a smile to your guests' faces when they receive them. Some could be used as wedding favors also. 

And best of all? Most of them act as keepsakes for the future, rather than an expensive invitation that will eventually end up in the recycling bin. 

Printed tea towel by Wedding Tea Towels

This idea is sure to make your friends laugh when they receive it - and it's a beautiful accessory for the kitchen too. Choose from a variety of different designs and over 16 different shades, from fuchsia through to blush - so you can even keep your wedding color theme matching if you have one. 

Save the date pencils from Etsy

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best and these pencils are certainly that. They're a really inexpensive option too, coming in at 99p each. Of course, they'd also work as wedding favors too if you have any left over! 

Photobooth Save The Dates - image via Pinterest

You can create these on the spur of the moment, dress up as you wish, add accessories. Again, they're a cheap way to send Save The Dates and you can be as imaginative as you wish. If you're having a beach wedding, maybe you want to dress up in beach gear? Well, we'll leave the creativity up to you. 

Save The Date mugs via Etsy

These tick the box of being useful as well as kind of beautiful. We like the simple white design and lettering that will look good in even the most minimal home. 

Another idea - you could adjust the lettering to make them wedding favours too - maybe fill with candies and sweets and put at each place setting? 


FREE 'Will You Be My Bridesmaid?' Cards

free will you be my bridesmaid card

Sending a girlfriend a 'Will You Be My Bridesmaid?' card is a special moment. We understand that. So now Dessy has created these free bridesmaid cards , in colors you choose, that you can download direct. (A little extra to help your budget stretch a bit further.)

We have 10 designs to choose from - featuring flowers, birds, bridesmaids ... and you can alternate the text and background in a choice of over 320 Pantone colors to suit your wedding theme.

It's just one of the ways in which we think about your wedding and bridesmaids (as well as creating some stunning designs for maids dresses in many, many different styles and colors.

Because we think no two brides are the same ... and so why should any two weddings be the same?

Which 'Will you be my bridesmaid?' card design will you choose?

Play around with different color schemes before you download to see which you like best. Planning a blush wedding day? Then choose a blush background and a contrasting pink text (or stick with traditional black).

When you're happy, just download your final design choice and print it off onto good stock card. Put in an envelope and present to your bridesmaids-to-be. (If you want to be super color co-ordinated, you could write the name and address in the same shade - or print it out that way from your computer.

For ideas on color theming your wedding, see the Pantone color swatches and color theme fans that we have available.

Budget friendly

Even if you're on a budget, you can attend to those little touches which will make your wedding stylish and choosing colors that work well together is an inexpensive (and effective way of doing this).

Just check out some of our posts on color wedding planning here - everything from mis-matched bridesmaid dresses to choosing cakes and flowers in the right shades. Enjoy!

Download your free 'Will you be my bridesmaid?' cards here.

Free "Will you be my bridesmaid?" cards for you

bridesmaidcard1.pngbridesmaid card

Trying to find that perfect way to ask your favorite girls to be an important part of your big day? We here at The Dessy Group have a stylish solution. Stylish and might I add FREE!

Stylish, elegant and FREE!

With designs provided by our friends The Wedding Chicks, simply visit the DIY bridesmaid cards at Dessy, choose your favorite design, choose your favorite colors and download your creation. Send, and watch the smiles appear!

It's a special moment

Choosing and deciding who is going to be your bridesmaid is a very special time in your wedding planning.

You might have had a bestie in mind ever since you were a young girl, or perhaps you've decided that your maid of honor should be somebody that has been a big part of your life in more recent years.

One thing is for sure - you need to choose somebody who is unflappable and organised as your head bridesmaid. They will have a lot to help you with and so you need to know that they are reliable. Asking a friend who is busy with young children or a new baby might not always be the best idea!

Postal invitations are wonderful

Rather than send a text or an email, inviting your girls in a more timeless way will surely be appreciated.

Handwritten envelopes are always a pleasure to receive, particularly if they contain an exciting invitation - and asking somebody to be your bridesmaid with one of these cards will capture a perfect moment.

Print them out onto a good quality card and search out some envelopes that fit in with your color scheme. Then hand calligraph (or ask a friend) the addresses and pick out some suitable stamps.

Different designs

You'll find several different designs here to choose from and of course you can print them out in different colours to suit the shades and tones you've chosen for your wedding day.

And because they're free, Dessy is helping you to spread that wedding budget a little bit further ...

Wedding invitation do's & don'ts

Save the dates, invitations, RSVP cards, menus, name cards, and thank you notes...there are many elements to creating an organized stationery plan for all of the stages of your wedding.

Wedding invitation do's & don'ts

Most important however, are the official invitations letting your guests know where to be and at what time to capture the beautiful moment that you say "I do". Invitations also tend to be the most traditional part of your wedding and there's some important etiquette you need to follow. To keep you on track, here's our simple list of do's and don'ts to make sure you're aware of the right protocol before sending out all those important envelopes.



  • Have a theme that runs all the way through your invitations. Your stationery needs to match. From flowers to place settings, a well-considered color scheme always makes everything appear much more elegant and classy. Matching invitations will also give guests a sneak peek of what they should expect the ceremony to look like.
  • Do give your guests plenty of notice. Save the dates are a really good idea, particularly if you're having a wedding in the holiday season or planning a destination wedding. People plan so far ahead these days and may want to make your wedding part of a holiday. The actual formal invitation should be sent 6-8 weeks before the wedding date itself.
  • Do make sure that all necessary information is included You wouldn't believe how many invitations get sent out missing the date, or the venue, or the time. Double and triple check that the information is accurate and don't forget to include details of accommodation and a map if necessary.
  • Do let your guests know the dress code. If your event is "black tie" then it should be clearly noted at the bottom of the invitation. Wedding attire can range from laid-back beach threads to glamorous red carpet getups, so let your guests know from the beginning what kind of outfit they will need to shop for. There's not much worse than turning up in a lounge suit to a wedding that's morning dress or vice versa. Everybody will feel more comfortable if they're certain what they expect to wear.
  • Do address the envelope formally. That means that everyone's names should include their title and full name. Titles are important because they keep the tone formal.



  • Don't include your wedding website on the invitations. If you have already made the choice to document your wedding on a personal website, it's okay to want to share it with your guests. However, the formal wedding invitation is not the place to include your website. Either include it in the save the dates, or just advertise it on your personal social media accounts.
  • Don't include registry information. This is a major don't because it is considered impolite. You don't want to come off like you are asking for gifts. Guests should be inclined to simply ask you or your bridal party which stores are registered at.
  • Don't invite everyone you've ever known. The size of the wedding can depend on many factors: the budget, the location, and your personal preference. Yet even if you choose to have a large ceremony, it's always necessary to edit your invitation list. It's unnecessary to invite that distant cousin that no one has spoken to in years. Focus on inviting the people that are nearest and dearest to your heart.
  • Don't choose a font that is illegible. Calligraphy is very popular in wedding stationary, and rightfully so because it usually looks beautiful. Be mindful when choosing your fonts though. Some script can be very difficult to read, especially in light colors. Remember that the invitation is all of the essential information, so it definitely needs to be legible.
  • Don't use labels for your guests' addresses. Yes, addressing envelopes by hand is a very tedious process but that's why there are professionals to help you out. Printed labels come off as lazy and inconsiderate, which is definitely not how you want your guests to feel. Consult your stationery designer first to see if they can also address your envelopes for you.

Featured image credit: Pineapple Paradise Wedding Invitations By Beacon Lane

Photos by Chudleigh Weddings, Kathryn McCrary Photography

13 Common Wedding Invitation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them!

When sending a wedding invitation, it is so easy to miss the little details with your wedding invitation. That's why it's important to always check before you send!

Here are some common mistakes every couple makes with their wedding invitations.

Not ordering enough invitations. Even though you have your headcount for your wedding, it is so easy to accidently not order enough wedding invitations. Make sure you know how many invites you are sending to each household, and always order extra just in case!

Not sending enough invitations. It is usually one invite per household, along with any additional adults living in the home you are sending it to. For example, if you are sending it to a couple with grown children, it is good etiquette to send one separately to the children.


Not having the right return address on the return envelope. Wanted to have the invites sent to your parent's house? Then decided to have them sent to your own home, but forgot to make that change before you gave the go ahead on your invitations? Make sure details are checked before you order them.

Incorrect spelling of someone's name on your invitation. Even one letter missing, could cause chaos with family. The last thing you need is your future mother-in-law asking you how you could misspell her name.

The wrong design for the invitations. This may not necessarily be your fault, it could be the designer's fault, but in any case, it delays the process of sending out the invitations in a timely fashion. Check and double check that you and your designer are on the same page when it comes to the design of the invitation.

Not providing written directions to the wedding reception and ceremony. Not everyone has a GPS and not everyone knows how to use them. Don't assume that everyone is technologically savvy and will just use Google Maps or something similar to find your wedding. Some guests may still feel comfortable doing it the old fashioned way.


Image by Andrea Weddings

Not having enough postage on your wedding invitations. Make sure you are up to speed on the wedding invitation rates before you send out your invitations. You are not using regular postage for these types of invitations. We came across this nifty site that provided that information –

Not providing dress code information for your wedding. The invitation, the venue you have listed and/or the type of wedding you are having should dictate what kind of attire your guests should be wearing at your wedding. However, it is important to include something along the lines of: “Black tie Affair” or “Formal Attire” “Semi-formal Attire” or “Casual Attire.” Anything that gives guests a good idea of what they should wear to your wedding.

Sending the invitations too late. You will want to send your invites about a month and a half to your wedding. This should give your guests enough time to respond in a timely fashion.

Not including an RSVP date on your invitation. Of course we all have to assume couples would include one, but in the off chance this is a forgotten detail, make sure to include and RSVP date. Also, it is good to ask that guests respond two weeks before the wedding.


Image by McWed

Not asking guests if they have any dietary restrictions. On the response card, if you're asking people what they prefer to eat, traditionally steak, chicken or fish, make sure to ask if anyone has any dietary restrictions or allergies to any specific food.

Not listing everyone on the invitation. Don't forget to include your parents and his on the invitation. This wedding is about the both of you, not just you and not just him.

Not having or sending invitations to the right address. This could cause a little bit of an issue, so make sure you have everyone's address way before you start thinking of invitations. It could cause a problem when a close family member thinks they aren't invited to the wedding.

The Best Ways to Save the Date for your Wedding!

The Best Ways to Save the Date for your Wedding!

It's hard to believe, but wedding season (June - September) - and summer - has come to an end. That being said, we're about to enter the hot zone of engagement season. Otherwise known as the holidays! Yay! Once the ole' chap drops to one knee and puts a ring on it and you finally set a "I do" date, what's next? Well letting your cherished guests know of course. Below are some of our favorite save the date ideas.



Sure, it's a frat party staple but what says "get ready to get down" more than a koozie? Get your guests excited to help you celebrate with a cute, kitschy koozie that includes your names, the date (obviously) and a little moniker for the big day.



A simple, sophisticated and savvy way to save the date is to send your guest list save the date postcards. Get further milage out of your engagement photos by choosing your favorite and making it the centerpiece of your save the date. Paperless Post and Minted all offer great options. And, here's a perk - postage is less than for a letter! It adds up!



A coaster is a cute and clever way to let your friends & family know the date is set and the party is being planned! We've seen everything from wooden to cardboard coasters and no matter what material you choose it's sure to make an impact among your favorite people. We like the rustic, embossed version seen above!



Save the date magnets have been around for a while and it's probably because they work! It's a functional and fun way to help your inner circle count down to the big day. Pick a background that's important to you and your partner or choose a engagement picture (or one from the past!) and get ready to see your face on every fridge!

No matter what you decide - get your save the dates out at least 6 months in advance so that your guests can set aside the time to help you celebrate. Happy planning!

Should You Include 'And Guest' On Your Wedding Invitation?

Should You Include 'And Guest' On Your Wedding Invitation?

A classic yet modern way to announcing your wedding than with this French Vintage wedding Invitation by Minted.

You're making your wedding guest list and checking it twice and there are some on your list who are either single or possibly in relationships. Should you include "and guest" on the invitation?

You could, but you don't have to. If the person isn't married or in a serious relationship it is fine to send them a solo invitation. Now this is totally at the discretion of the couple and what size of wedding they are planning on having and more importantly what they can afford.

These days weddings can get super expensive and it is important to think of your wallet over what people might say or think about your choices for your wedding day.

Like other Minted invitations, the Daishiki Wedding Invitation and other designs are printed on luxe paper and available with matching accessories.

Some couple either want a smaller wedding or just can't afford to invite everyone with guests. It is just the way it is. Be prepared that once the invitations go out to the people on your list, your solo invitees may feel slighted. If this is the case, kindly explain to them that you simply can't invite everyone with a guest and that it is nothing personal.

Many people will know immediately that if the invitation doesn't say "and guest" on it, they were invited solo. Be prepared that some people may take it upon themselves to RSVP for two people, again you would need to explain to them you simply can't accommodate everyone.

Aquarelle wedding invitationA great Spring or Summer invitation - Aquarelle by Minted.

Also be prepared that some people may not attend the wedding at all because you didn't include "and guest" on the invitation. Don't worry! These are minor headaches during the wedding planning process.

If your small wedding or large wedding has a lot of people with guests, it is okay to send some of your solo friends and family members invitations with "and guest" on the invitation.

The Best Bridesmaid Invitations We've Seen

The Best Bridesmaid Invitations We've Seen

Finding the perfect way to say “Will you be my bridesmaid” has become more personal than ever these days. It is not just about picking up the phone and asking your girls, it is about really taking the time to tell them how much it would mean to you if some of the favorite people in your life were part of your wedding day.

Here are four of the best ways to ask your girls “Will you be my bridesmaid?”


I love this DIY creative way to ask your maids to be part of your wedding day.


I thought this was a fun way to ask your potential bridesmaids to be part of your wedding day. The box is strung with embroidery floss and the top of the boxes have the initials of each bridesmaid.


In case your girls don't know what is expected of them for your wedding, this bridesmaid invitation is a cute way to ask them!


We loved this one! He popped the question, now pop the question to your girls!

While this doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of ways you can pop the question to your bridesmaids and have them share in your special day, it will certainly make each and every one of them feel honored to be asked.

Now that you have asked your bridesmaids, it is time to look for dresses! Take a look at all the beautiful bridesmaid dresses that Dessy has this fall! Also, check out more ways to ask Will You Be My Bridesmaid? with Dessy's free printable cards.

Ways to Ask - Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

Today there are a ton of great ways you can ask your closest friends and family to be a bridesmaid. And girls today are getting creative!

When one my close friends asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding, she went the sentimental route. She gave each of her girls a card and inside was a 5x7 picture collage of each of us with her through the years.

When my cousin asked me to be her maid of honor she took me out to dinner at a local restaurant. These are just two ways the bride can ask her girls to be part of her special day. Lately it seems brides are getting creative (thank you Pinterest!) with the ways they are asking their girls to be in their wedding.

This is a special time for the bride and while she may have her man, she will need her girls to stand behind her on her special day. Here are some really cute ways you can ask your girls to be part of your wedding.


I loved this DIY idea! What a sweet way to ask "will you be my bridesmaid?" And who doesn't love cake?

bridesmaid box

Click here to see how you can create this box for each of your girls

Creating this box that has some of her favorite things is such a cute way to ask your bridesmaid to be part of your wedding day. It's a great way to show each of them you have taken time and thought into who each of your girls are.

Something Turquoise Click here to see how to create this box for your girls!

Get the party started with your bridal party with this fun and personal DIY idea!

Finally, check out the free printable "Will You Be My Bridesmaid?" cards from Dessy. Lots of designs and colors to match your wedding colors!

If you are looking for a little something to add to a card, or a special box you are making for your bridal party, I really liked the Crystal & Silver Stack Bracelet set by The Dessy Group. It's even a great bridesmaid gift idea!

A Date to Remember: Save The Date Announcements

A Date to Remember: Save The Date Announcements

You have set the date of your wedding and now it's time to tell everyone about it! I came across these cute and memorable save the date announcements that offer something different for couples. Guests will not only remember the wedding, but the tiny details as well.


Pop up into the homes of your potential guests with this fun save the date announcement by This is definitely a fun and whimsical way to tell guests when you plan to tie the knot.


For the avid readers out there, check out this DIY save the date bookmark by Wedding Friends. It is a printable save the date that is perfect for book loving couples.

Savethdate-SomethingTurquoise- 2This save the date by Something Turquoise will have guests counting down to the big day with the couple's Instagram photo. Couples can print the photo with Social Print Studio and order sticker books for only $10. To see the full tutorial visit the Something Turquoise website.

ST_easily_embellished_save_the_dates - croppedThis unique save the date magnet featured on Something Turquoise is a great DIY idea for couples looking for something simple and easy to tell the world about their wedding day.