You Need to Have Mustard Yellow In Your Wedding

Mustard yellow seems to be everywhere these days in fashion. From sweaters, to shirts and pants. So why not bridesmaid dresses? We're in love with this vibrant color because it just gorgeous and can go with so many other colors. What is great is that it goes with most of the seasons too!

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 9.09.12 PM

So many of our dresses come in a variation of this color, we picked just a few of our favorites that we thought gives a great idea of what this color is truly all about. We have the After Six Bridesmaids Style 6710, the Twist Wrap Dress, Alfred Sung Style D693 and Dessy Collection Style 2906.

An Alfred Sung Turquoise Dream Wedding

An Alfred Sung Turquoise Dream Wedding

We've love the various shades of turquoise for just about any season.  It works well in the fall, in the winter with some creamy whites infused and in the spring with vibrant colored flowers and other pastels.  You really can't go wrong with the color.  

While we obviously love all of our dresses, we thought some of our Alfred Sung Bridesmaid dresses were perfect to show with this color.  We picked a handful of dresses that brings this color out fully.

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 6.42.36 PM

Above from left to right are styles: D674 in mediterranean, D666 in azure, D656 in mediterranean, D622 in fusion and D660 in mediterranean.

Complete the look with any of our accessories, particularly the Gathered Matte Satin Clutch in oasis.

Gold and Sparkle for Your Wedding

Gold and Sparkle for Your WeddingOne of the hottest trends this year was the use of gold and sparkle and it doesn't look like that trend is letting up anytime soon.  Such a vibrant color that was not only on bridesmaid dresses, but on invitations, table linens,  centerpieces and mixed and matched with other beautiful colors.

We paired the gold and sparkle with a more subdued colors that we thought worked beautifully.   We particularly loved mixing gold and sparkle on these dresses:  Dessy Collection Style 2925 in midnight, After Six Bridesmaids Style 6730 in Venetian Gold, Dessy Collection Style 2882 in palomino and Dessy Collection Style 2922 in topaz.

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 7.04.55 PM

You will want to also consider completing the look for your bridal party with our tuxedos that can be found at

Sparkly and Shimmery Bridesmaid Dresses for Spring!

Sparkly and Shimmery Bridesmaid Dresses for Spring!

These two colors together with a little added sparkle and shimmer are perfect for a spring or summer wedding.  While many of you are preparing for your winter weddings,  we thought two colors are a reason to celebrate warmer months ahead.

What is great about these two colors is that invites other wonderful colors too.  You can do lighter pinks, a darker nude to add to the color palette.  The opportunities are endless. This year we saw a lot of sparkle with brides going with mix and match with fabrics and styles, and a sparkly bridesmaid dress was definitely one of them.

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 6.17.26 PM

We loved these colors in three of our newest styles from our fall collection.  The dresses featured here are Dessy Collection Style 2925 in ivory, After Six Bridesmaids Style 6725 in ginger and Social Bridesmaids Style 8161 in ivory as well.  If this trend continues (and we hope it will) you can really have a lot of fun with your bridesmaid dresses!

A Winter White and Grey Wedding

A Winter White and Grey Wedding

Neutral colors are great at any time of the year, and we just love a winter white and grey color combination for a winter wedding. It is romantic and simply lovely for a wedding.

Pair this color combination with vibrant red roses or a blend of creamy white ones.  This color is great for various times of the year, not just the winter. If you are planning a wedding in the spring,  this color combination works well too.  Pastel floral bouquets work great with this color combination as well.

We loved these colors in these dresses:  Alfred Sung Style D704, Lela Rose Style LR207, JY Jenny Yoo Bridesmaid Style JY507 and Dessy Collection Style 2920
Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 7.15.08 PM

Look for these colors in all of our newest fall styles at! 

An Elegant Emerald and Gold Winter Wedding

An Elegant Emerald and Gold Winter Wedding

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 8.46.04 PM

An elegant winter wedding with a beautiful combination of emerald and gold is just absolutely stunning.  The subtle green and the vibrant gold is perfect with winter white and light green flowers is a perfect add-on to the winter wedding look.   Deep red roses are also a great alternative to this color combination.

Winter weddings are beautiful because they're so cozy and personal this color combination just beckons love, warmth and celebration.   For this color combination, we thought the After Six Bridesmaids Style 6729, Dessy Collection Style 2921 and After Six Bridesmaid Style 6624.

For the groomsmen, we recommend our After Six tuxedos that can be found at After,  the tuxedos are both modern wonderful combination of modern and classic and would look great for a winter wedding.

Neutral Colors for Your Wedding Day

Neutral Colors for Your Wedding Day

Finding the right neutral for your wedding day and pairing with other colors like light blues and pinks may not be an easy task. What is great about muted colors like tan, beige a cream or a pink blush is that it is perfect for the bride who is looking for a classy, delicate and chic color palette.

We loved pairing this neutral color with blues and pinks because it was a great way to show how beautiful each of these colors are together and apart.  You can do cream colored roses and with hints of blues and light pinks to complete the look for your bridesmaids.

We chose a halter neckline style for each of these dresses to further the classy and chic look.  The dresses (among the many we have this fall) include Dessy Collection Style 2917, Alfred Sung Style D493, Social Bridesmaids Style 8151 and After Six Bridesmaids Style 6705.

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 7.37.15 PM

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The Perfect Color Palette for Your Spring Wedding

The Perfect Color Palette for Your Spring Wedding

While most of us are preparing for the beautiful fall months, most brides and their soon-to-be bridesmaids are thinking ahead, way ahead to spring of next year, especially if brides are busy planning their spring weddings.

We're thinking of sunny days and and flowers blooming and this color palette certainly lends itself to the beauty of spring and a spring wedding.

The minty greens and soft creams and blush pinks are all such a magical color combination.  These colors are perfect no only for a spring wedding but a summer or destination wedding as well.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 8.40.57 PM

We are celebrating the spring season by showing these colors in a short length. We loved some of our short-length bridesmaid dresses from Alfred Sung, particularly styles - D686,D685,D670,D654 and D680.  We also didn't forget our Summer Suits by After Six in khaki.

Don't forget to add beautiful accessories to the the overall look, visit our accessories page on! 

A Rustic Neutral Palette for Your Wedding

A Rustic Neutral Palette for Your Wedding

Whether you're getting married in the fall or next spring, going with a neutral color like Pantone palomino or cameo is a great color choice for your wedding.  It offers an opportunity to invite a variety of other colors.  Want to do a deep red for a fall wedding? That works or if you're getting married in spring and want infuse bright pinks and whites that works too.  

It is such a versatile color that you can't go wrong with what you put with it.   This wedding went a more rustic route with their wedding.

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 7.50.48 PM

For the fall, you can incorporate dark purples and pinks with your floral bouquets and mix various shades of whites.  We love this color for so many of our dresses, particularly Dessy Collection Style 2852JY Jenny Yoo Bridesmaids Style JY509 and After Six Bridesmaids Style 6707.  


Create a rustic wedding theme with these beautiful colors like this couple did.  They kept the colors minimal but vibrant at the same time.


Keep the natural look and feel of your wedding going with light greens and yellows.  Looking for the right dress for your bridesmaids? Check out our newest dresses at, and complete the bridal party look with our Destination Suits. 

Wedding images by Luma Weddings.