5 ideas for easy DIY wedding table centerpieces

One surefire way of making sure that your big day is unique is by having a DIY wedding day. 

Making your invitations, decorations and favors yourself means that they will personal to you. However, be realistic about the amount of time you have available to you and don't be overly ambitious. Planning a wedding can take up a lot of time and you don't want to missing out on your beauty sleep because you're up and awake in the small hours making paper flowers and printing invitations. 

Mind you, there are some easy and quick ways to DIY your wedding and choosing simple table centerpieces is one of them. Here are a few ideas we've come across we think you'll like. 

1. Scented rose petals in hurricane lanterns


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You can buy inexpensive glass hurricane lanterns online - we found some here on Amazon.  Choose ones that are about 15cm high, so they don't dominate the table or block the guests' view. Just before the guests arrive, put in a white church candle, add a little water and sprinkle in fresh rose petals. Job done!  Then light the candles. 

2. Add some sparkle


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Place inexpensive colored glass chippings (you can buy different shades here on Amazon) in clear glass globes or hurricane jars, then a string of battery-operated fairy lights (buy here) on top. Add some blooms (roses work well) on top and then light up just before your guests walk in. A low cost idea that really has the wow factor. 

3. Winter branches 

You can buy decorative branches in florist suppliers or online. For a rustic look choose bare bark but if you want some festive shimmer then go for branches in silver or gold. Wrap fabric around the base that ties in with your theme and then add Christmas decorations or wire on flowers. 

4. No flower budget? Try this one

If your floral budget is severely limited but you still want to have fresh flowers on every table, then try this. Buy some inexpensive bud vases in different heights (charity/thrift shops are a good place to find them) and then put odd numbers on every table, filled with a single bloom. Don't choose just one type of flower - mix it up. Here the bride has used a sprig of delphinium (blue), wild grasses and statice. The trick is to always have an odd number of vases - three, five or seven. Don't worry if the vases don't match - you can mix up glass, ceramics and different colors. Experiment with what works for you. 

5. For a rustic wedding

If you're having a wedding out in the countryside, then keep things simple with this simple table centerpiece idea. Place candles in clear glass hurricane lanterns, then place lengths of cut greenery alongside (eucalyptus has been used here). This works best on long, trestle-style tables with the candles arrayed down the centre. 

9 Unique DIY Ideas to Inspire

9 Unique DIY Ideas to Inspire

Ladies and gentlemen, the craze of the "do it yourself" wedding is apparent and we have to admit, we're totally loving it. Incorporating DIY ideas into your wedding means you're after a unique flair that will have guests paying close attention to all the  details. Whether it's a simple craft or a large scale project, trading the traditional for something a bit more creative will put a personalized touch on your wedding day, elevate your event,  and  save you some cash. We've seen many projects replicated beautifully again and again but we give these projects a 10 out of 10 rating on our scale in terms of pure originality.

Alternative Boutonnière

This fishing lure idea is sheer perfection for an event thats set in the countryside and has a rustic appeal. We like the notion that a boutonniere doesn't have to be a floral arrangement. Try incorporating a small pin into your gentlemen's ensembles that relates somehow to your overall theme.


Vintage Photo Booth

Photo booths are an amazing place for guests to remain entertained and also obtain a keepsake. Create a space where guests can hang the photos for an interactive decor idea. A vintage set up is a little more rare so you should  research where to rent one from in your local area.

View More: http://heather-michellephotography.pass.us/jaimetraviswedding

Survival Crate

Take a different approach to the wedding survival kit and gear it towards your wedding party as opposed to your guests. Create two separate crates for both the bridesmaids and groomsmen that contains items for them to use while they're getting ready. Include uniquely crafted snacks, beauty products, and celebratory beverages.


Needlepoint Keepsake

The vintage art of needlepointing makes for a very charming keepsake. Embroider your names the date of your big day to display for years to come. Jose Villa Photography

Paper Crane Hanging

Florists get a run for their money when paper crane hangings are introduced into the mix. Note: this project is definitely time consuming. To quicken the timeline of this DIY  think about purchasing paper cranes on Etsy (or a similar site) that are already folded. Once you receive the oragami, you will just have string them together and strategically place them at your venue. info@steffenharris.com - www.steffenharris.com

Embroidered Jackets

We love that you can take the traditional bridal robe and revamp it to feel modern and different. Consider embroidering a flannel and wearing it to get ready for the special day. We also love the idea of applying patchwork to matching denim jackets to create personalized Bride and Groom looks.


Teepee Altar

For this grand scale project, assemble a team to help you both conceptualize and  execute. The only materials you need for a teepee altar are very large wooden dowels and your choice of fabric. Consider enhancing your DIY sanctuary with colorful garlands or fresh blossoms.


Wooden Directional Signs

Hand painting signs is  a rustic way to show your guests which way to proceed.


Plant Favors

Plants are a wonderful way to add some green to your wedding. Handing out something that can be planted not only resonates as sentimental, it's also environmentally friendly!

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A Glam DIY Perfect For a Festive New Years Wedding

A Glam DIY Perfect For a Festive New Years Wedding

With sparkling confetti flying, sequin gowns twirling, and champagne bottles popping, New Years Eve is a time meant for pure celebration. New Years weddings come with all the glitz and glam that you would expect of the annual holiday. Plus if you're a couple fueled by pushing each other to be your best, then incorporating resolutions into your ceremony is just another reason to tie the knot on the special day. Inspired by the sparkle and shine theme of these festive weddings, we've come up with this fabulous glitter glassware DIY. Try it out to serve champagne or handcrafted cocktails at the reception or simply give the glasses as gifts to your wedding party.

mikecarreiro3 2


  • Glassware (champagne or martini works best)

  • Mod Podge

  • Liquid glue

  • 2 paintbrushes

  • Glitter (in your choice of color)

  • Painter's tape

  • Paper plate

Step 1: Clean the glassware.

Step 2: Adhere tape to the glass where you want there to be straight lines. For example if you want to glitter only the stem of the glass then place the tape around the top of the stem.

Step 3: Use a paintbrush to brush on Elmer's glue to the area of the glass that you want the glitter to appear.

Step 4: Pour the glitter onto a paper plate. Use your hands to sprinkle it over the glue area on the glass until it is fully covered. Let it dry for 30 minutes.

Step 5: Use the other paintbrush to apply Mod Podge over top of the glitter in a thin layer. This will allow the glitter to stay in place better. Let it dry for 2 or more hours.


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Photos by Budget Savvy Hostess and Mike Carreiro.

5 Beauty Looks To Match Your Personal Bridal Style

5 Beauty Looks To Match Your Personal Bridal Style

Throughout the years, every woman will manage to establish her own unique sense of style. She'll realize that she looks good in blue, but not red, that she likes her hair best in soft tousled waves, or that her favorite shade of lipstick is a golden cocoa hue. This repertoire of details is important, because together it establishes a personal aesthetic that allows her feel confident and radiant in her own skin. On her wedding day, a bride should feel nothing short of confident and radiant. For one day, all eyes turn to her and she becomes the sparkling gem of the party. One of the most important factors in making her feel like the most beautiful woman in the world is to allow her personal style to shine through in her wedding day ensemble.

For decades now, the bride consumes herself with the importance of the dress. While yes, the dress certainly is the statement of the look,  the combination of the dress with an impeccable hair and makeup style is what allows the bride to feel her absolute best. A bridal beauty look needs to be cohesive with the dress and reflect not only the cut of the gown but also match the setting, season, and overall styling of the entire of the ceremony. We've matched up these five gorgeous beauty looks with bridal styles that are always in style to inspire your hair and makeup plans for the special day:


Feminine Elegance

If you've envisioned a traditional wedding for you and your beloved against a picturesque backdrop, then you'll want a look that reads timeless and graceful. The details should be kept soft and refined.  Try a fresh face, bold lash and dusty rose lip. Let your skin be a statement on its own by taking all the necessary steps in your skincare routine to allow it to really glow. For a romantic hairstyle try a relaxed low ponytail or chignon. You'll want your locks to look as if they were perfectly swept from your face for an effortless appeal.

 Shop this Feminine Style Dress

Pasha Belman Photography

Modern Bohemian

A growing trend within recent years has definitely become the bohemian bride. A whimsical dress and rustic ceremony are almost synonymous with a natural, down-to-earth beauty approach. Skip the veil and opt for a fresh floral crown placed atop loose cascading curls.  A matching makeup routine will include a dewy sun-kissed complexion, golden tones on the eyes, and a shimmery lip to create an ethereal flair.

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If you find frills and lavish glamour aren't your style, then stick with a wedding look that's sleek, modern, and streamline. Sometimes less is more when your whole ensemble works together to make a minimal statement. Try a makeup look that highlights your eyes with a liner and lets the rest of your face remain very natural. A classic blowout will leave your hair feeling refreshed and perfectly aligned with the understated qualities in your dress.

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Vintage Glamour

For the bride with a clear nostalgic vision and love of glamour, you'll want a look that's definitely bold. This look reminisces on the opulent flapper style of the 1920s. To get the look, style your hair into finger waves or a curly faux bob. Placing a hair accessory in your curls always works very well to add an extra touch of glitz. Apply smoky shades to your lids for an intense eye, and contour the cheeks to create perceived definition. A red rouge lip can add even more of a daring statement in a vintage style look.

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Preppy Chic

A preppy style is first and foremost an equal mixture of sophisticated and playful. If you think in bright colors, classic lines and versatile fashion, a beautiful way for this modern prep style to come through in your wedding is to include hints of 1960s mod. The first thing to know about your make-up is: don't overdo it. A nice lip gloss is good, with some mascara and a thin winged eyeliner. A pink blush will also brighten up your face and highlight your smile.  Keep your hair high and slicked back in a top bun to show off the beautiful neckline, bows, pearls, or other details in your dress.

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2 Easy DIY Up Dos For Your Wedding

2 Easy DIY Up Dos For Your Wedding

Finding a wedding look for your hair is not always easy. There are so many beautiful styles out there, but it is important to find a look that is right for you.

We came across these two hairstyles by stylist Sarah Potempa of Beachwaver that are not only gorgeous, but they are easy to do if you are looking to cut costs and do your hair yourself. We encourage passing these videos along to your bridesmaids too!

A Reverse French Braid Updo

The Headband Updo

What is a great wedding day up do without some beautiful hair accessories? We think the Pearl Spray Hair Comb and the Rhinestone Star Hair Pins.  Also check out all of our other accessories at Dessy.com! 

Why Every Bride Should Have a Pinterest Board

Why Every Bride Should Have a Pinterest Board

Whether you're getting married, in a relationship or even single.  Every girl should have a wedding Pinterest board.  Brides especially should create one upon getting engaged and even before if possible.  Now some might think it's a bit crazy, but it actually isn't.  It's genius if you think about it.

Here are some reasons we think creating a Pinterest board is the perfect idea for brides-to-be.

You Get the Ideas:  Pinterest is infamous for providing women with a ton of ideas when it comes to everything wedding.  You can pretty much plan your entire wedding based on what you see on Pinterest.  If you have recently gotten engaged, it's good to create one simply to make it easier for yourself to know what you want and don't want for your wedding.  You can choose colors, styles,  look at various times of the year of different weddings.  You will get to see what is trending and what isn't, you can see if you want traditional or non-traditional.  The world is your oyster.

Other People Get Ideas:  Your family, your friends and bridesmaids get a chance to see what you like and don't like based on what you Pin.  Pinterest might be a good place to put tentative registry ideas to help your family and friends away ahead of time what you might be thinking for your home.

Everyone Is Doing It:  Every girl today, or almost every girl today has a board. It's not to say you need to follow the masses if you aren't like other girls, but it's a good way to keep yourself organized during the wedding planning process.

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You Can Get Creative:  If you've never created a Pinterest board before, a great way when it comes to wedding planning, is to create multiple boards for different facets of your wedding.  One board can be strictly about bridesmaids, another about groomsmen, another about centerpieces... you get the point. That way your ideas are kept in silos rather than clumped together into one board.   If you are only creating for sole purpose of your wedding, only pin ideas that you know you will implement into your wedding.

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When the Wedding Planning is Done:  One thing we do recommend is to stop looking at ideas toward the end of the wedding planning.  New stuff comes up on Pinterest all the time and if you have your wedding set, continuing to look on Pinterest will overwhelm you and stress you out.

Looking for inspiration? Check out our Pinterest board at The Dessy Group! 


How to Do Your Own Wedding Day Makeup

How to Do Your Own Wedding Day Makeup

You want a natural look and feel for your wedding day, so it is important that you know the basics should you decide to do your own makeup on your wedding day.  We came across this neat video by Allure that provides all the information and tips you will need to give you a flawless look for your wedding.

Aside from your makeup there are other ways you can be more you on your wedding day.  Here are some tips of our own we want to share with you:

Your Hair:  Choose a style that fits well with your face, if you aren't a person who likes having their hair up, don't do it for the wedding.  Also don't go over the top when it comes to your hair if that isn't you either.  Work with your stylist or yourself (if you are doing this on your own as well) to get the look you want for your wedding day. We also recommend that if you are going DIY with your hair to check out several how-to videos on YouTube.

Your Dress:  Are you someone that prefers simple over extravagant or someone who prefers sleeves over strapless, pick a dress that will not only make you feel comfortable on your wedding day but also fits and looks great for your body type.

Your Shoes: Shoes are very important on the wedding day, you may not see them, but you will definitely feel them. So again, it is important to find a pair that you feel comfortable in not only for the ceremony but for the reception as well.  However, if you insist on beauty over comfort, we strongly suggest a pair of flip-flops or slippers during the reception.  We recommend our Flower Trimmed Bridesmaid and Bridal Flip Flop for the reception.

Wedding image by Vienna Rose Photography 

Tassels Are Always a Good Idea for a Wedding or Bridal Shower

Tassels Are Always a Good Idea for a Wedding or Bridal Shower

We came across this DIY video by Style Me Pretty on how to make your own tassels. Which are a great decorative detail for your wedding and/or bridal shower or any other wedding related event.   We thought we would take a step further and give you some ideas of where you can incorporate them.

"Will You Be My Bridesmaid?" Party:  You can have different color tassels made for each of your bridesmaids, put them on the stems of wine glasses or make it part of their "Will You Be My Bridesmaid?" invitation.  It adds a little fun something to event.

Centerpieces: Whether its for your bridal shower or your wedding, have tassels part of the centerpiece.  Making them ahead of time is also a great way to get your bridesmaids together before the wedding too!

Cake Toppers: Whether its for your engagement party, your bridal shower or even your wedding, tassels make a great cake topper.  They are fun and festive and they definitely say "celebration!" You will see what we mean in the video.

Hanging on the Walls: As you will see in the video as well, they are a great decoration for a bridal shower or wedding.  It will instantly add fun to your event!

Image by Style Me Pretty 

4 Things to Think About Before Going DIY With Your Wedding

4 Things to Think About Before Going DIY With Your Wedding

While DIY (do-it-yourself) is definitely a way to cut costs in various aspects of your wedding,  can you in fact do things yourself?  Or are you creating more of a hassle than is necessary?  Here are some thoughts before you decide to go DIY with your wedding.

Are you crafty?  There are a ton of videos out there that make it look easy (and in some cases it is) to have various aspects of your wedding DIY,  but before you undertake any project, can you in fact do it?  Creating your own wedding bouquet may be fun and definitely save you money, but is it worth it?  Maybe start with something small like  wedding or bridal shower favors, there are plenty of fun DIY ideas that don't require a lot of work.

Do you have the time? Time flies by while planning a wedding, so before you decide to do any DIY projects for your wedding,  make sure you in fact have the time to do it.


Here is an easy DIY project by Paper Pony

Do you have Help? If you aren't crafty, maybe your bridesmaids are!  Enlist some of your bridesmaids to help make wedding favors, centerpieces or floral bouquets.  It's a great way to get everyone together for a day of DIY fun.

Have you considered other alternatives? Maybe cutting costs at the wedding doesn't mean having to go DIY at all.  Maybe it means cutting down the guest list, or not going overboard on alcohol or flowers.  If you know you aren't the DIY type, don't give yourself any additional stress.

Trying to figure out a color scheme for your wedding? Check out our Pantone Color Guides at Dessy.com! 

A Country Chic Wedding for Spring!

A Country Chic Wedding for Spring!



This spring, a country chic wedding is all you need!  Colors like orchid and other spring colors are a great way to invite spring into your wedding.  The Social Bridesmaids Style 8131 and the Summer Suits by After Six, in khaki complete the look.

When it comes to the country chic decor, work in some burlap, mason jars and various pops of purple through out the wedding.   Much like the ones shown here:

[gallery size="full" ids="19319,19320,19322,19323,19324,19325"]

If you're looking for other colors for spring, visit Dessy.com for the Pantone Color Guides!  

Wedding images by Pure Sugar Studios