6 ideas that will make a beach wedding really stylish

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So you're going for the option of blue skies, palm trees, the sea breaking on the shore .... in other words you're having a beach wedding ceremony.

Whether it's an intimate occasion for just the two of you and a couple of witnesses - or whether you're making a party of it with a host of family and friends, there are a few do's and don't with beach weddings.

Beach Weddings Need To Be Thought About In A Different Way

For example, it's not a good idea to wear an ornate, really detailed wedding dress.  Don't go for the long veil and the heavy, full skirted wedding gown.  Think light fabrics like chiffon ... it's going to be hot.

To help you plan your beach wedding ceremony, here are six ideas to get you thinking. 

1. Get your guests ready for the beach by giving personalised beach towels as favors in advance of the ceremony.

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2. Dress your bridesmaids in aqua colors to echo the azure blue of the sea and sky. Dessy has some wonderful bridesmaids dresses in greens and turquoises.


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3. Make the most of a hot balmy night by getting the table laid up on the beach.


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 4. Keep your jewellery simple and understated. Forget the bling ... freshwater pearls are a classic...

Pearl bracelet by Dessy

5. Your invitations should echo your theme. Maybe give a hint of what's to come by using the same colors you're planning on having? You can use bright shades or delicate pastels and golds as below. 

(Destination wedding invitations by Ananya)

6. Never thought we'd say this, but sometimes heels should not be worn and if you're getting married on a beach then that's one of those times. Flip-flops work much better on beautifully pedicured toes.

(Flip flops by Dessy in different colours)


The Top 10 U.S. Towns for a Destination Wedding

The Top 10 U.S. Towns for a Destination Wedding

So you've decided you want your wedding to be an adventure away from home, but which destination will suite all your fantasies for the special day? It's amazing to know that you don't always have to take a 10 hour flight to escape to an island oasis or desert retreat. Your dream destination may just be a few states away! From charming ski towns to coastal coves, these are our top ten wedding destinations located right here in the good ol' US of A:


10. Bar Harbor, Maine

There is something rugged and peaceful about the coastal stretches of natural beauty that are hidden in the east coast's most northern state. Venture to the charming town of Bar Harbor for the rustic-chic wedding of your dreams. The town is conveniently nestled right next to Acadia National Park for wildlife sightings and wilderness activities. Summer and early fall are the most popular time for ceremonies because of the cool breezy days and gorgeous waterfront views.


9. Scottsdale, Arizona

Think red hues, sky-scraping cacti, and a prevalent Native American culture on a retreat to the southwest. Arizona's desert landscape is unique to say the least. Scottsdale is a western-style little town with a lively nightlife scene and a number of quaint boutique hotels. Plus, no one will be able to complain about the weather. The days are always mildly warm and the evenings presents the most brilliant sunsets.


8. Outer Banks, North Carolina

The Outer Banks is comprised of miles and miles of long sandy shores and a number of family-oriented beach towns. Your wedding invitations should promise lighthouse tours, a good surf, and lots of sunshine. The most unique sighting of this tranquil destination will definitely be the wild horses. They still roam near the northern beaches which is the one of the only places left in the country where they can be seen regularly.


7. Nashville, Tennessee

Even if you're not a country music fan, you'll be sure to fall in love with this entertainment capital. Allow your guest to enjoy all kinds of music and shopping experiences. Besides its sheer southern meets urban appeal, it is considered one of the most affordable and accessible wedding destinations in the country.


6. Newport, Rhode Island

Who knew that the country's smallest state could boast a town with all of your wedding necessities and more. Newport is a quaint town located just 30 minutes from Providence that features historic architecture and an enormous amount of culture. The New England Colonial style mansions scattered along the famous cliff walk create an elegant setting for ceremonies, receptions, or photos.


5. Charlottesville, Virginia

Virginia is for Lovers, and that's exactly how you'll feel once you visit the college town meets art hub of Charlottesville. With the perfect amount of southern charm and romance, this town has a very wide range of venues to choose from. From Chapels, to wineries, to horse farms, its a rural location with a bustling downtown spot for a party to remember.


4. Sonoma, California

If you and your fiancé consider yourself food and wine connoisseurs, then Sonoma Valley will take the term foodie to the next level. Vast vineyards set atop rolling hills will be the perfect pairing to your chef-prepared gourmet cuisine. Remind your guests to bring a little extra cash, because they'll be sure to bring a few cases of wine home with them.


3. Key West, Florida

The Keys promote a laid back island vibe with crystal clear water and white sandy beaches comparable to those of the Caribbean. The major perk of staying domestic is that it will likely be cheaper and easier to get to for your guests. From snorkeling, to fishing, or even just relaxing on the beach, everyone will feel as if they are honeymooning.

james christianson

2.Aspen, Colorado

Mixing mountain town charm with first class luxury places Aspen at the top of most couples' lists for scenic weddings. Each season presents a completely different atmosphere for your ceremony. Whether you envision a winter wonderland or autumn oasis there is so much to see and experience within the breathtaking Rockies.

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1. Kauai, Hawaii

America's 50th state is sometimes hard to imagine as part of our country. Kauai, nicknamed "the garden island" is the oldest and least commercially developed of the archipelago. The gorgeous terrain offers dramatic waterfalls, lush rainforests, and famous black sand beaches. Couples getting married in this sunshine mecca, don't like to miss out on incorporating a bit of Hawaiian culture into their ceremonies. Fresh orchids leis and traditional luaus are a must when making the trek to this tropical paradise.

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Destination Wedding Bliss with After Six and Dessy Collection!

Destination Wedding Bliss with After Six and Dessy Collection!

Planning a destination wedding? We think these two colors are beautiful! Freshen up your tropical destination wedding with these vibrant pinks in our two newest styles - Dessy Collection Style 2942 and After Six Bridesmaids Style 6730.

What we love about these colors is that you can have your groomsmen wear Summer Suits in khaki, it will complete your bridal party look. Also check out all of our accessories that will go great with your destination wedding on Dessy.com!

Wedding images by Vienna Rose Photography

6 Reasons to Have a Destination Wedding

6 Reasons to Have a Destination Wedding

There are so many reasons to have a destination wedding, it's cost effective, it's a chance to share a location that you as a couple love and it's a chance to step away from a traditional wedding and make it more about you!  Here are some additional reasons why you should consider a destination wedding for your wedding! 

For Something Different: Don’t want to do a traditional wedding? A destination wedding may be what you and your future groom will want.  Couples can do a tropical wedding or simply a wedding away from home in any desired location.  Doing a destination wedding is also a chance to stand out!


A More Intimate Wedding:  Since destination weddings require people to travel it will  allow you to keep the guest list smaller.  If you want, when you return from your wedding you can have a post-wedding party for the rest of the family and friends.

Lighter Attire for the Wedding:  If you’re having a tropical destination wedding, your groomsmen can wear khakis, your bridesmaids can wear chiffon bridesmaid dresses.  Destination weddings don’t necessarily have to be as formal as a traditional wedding is, so allow everyone, both guests and the bridal party to be more comfortable!  For the groomsmen, we recommend the Summer Suits by After Six and for the bridesmaids, we recommend the Twist Wrap Bridesmaid Dress!

Start Your Honeymoon Early! Having a destination wedding allows the bride and groom to start their honeymoon early, especially if they are getting married in a tropical destination.

A Vacation for Guests: You will find that most of your guests will arrive days before the actual wedding and make a vacation out of it.   Most couples will set up pre-wedding events for guests prior to the big day so that everyone attending gets the most out of the time they are there!  Also what’s great, with destination weddings, hotels offer discounted rates on hotel rooms, so guests get a chance to save too!

No Stress, No Stress:  When it comes to destination weddings, the world is the couple’s oyster.  Many hotels will offer free wedding planning or couples can get on-site wedding planners to help make the day a memorable one.

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Lovely Pantone Spa and Fresh for a Spring Wedding!

Lovely Pantone Spa and Fresh for a Spring Wedding!

This spring, whether you're having a destination wedding on a tropical island or having a quiet wedding at home, these two colors are just gorgeous together! The Pantone spa and fresh are soft colors and welcome a celebration.

Pair the bridesmaid dresses with soft white flowers and silver jewelry and shoes! We recommend the Cushion Cut CZ Drop Earrings and the Celebrate Open Toe Crystal Bridal Pump!

These colors go great with with the Summer Suits by After Six, particularly in khaki or a gray suit works well too! Check out all of our Spring 2015 Collection of bridesmaid dresses!

Our Favorite Destination Wedding Styleboards of 2014!

Our Favorite Destination Wedding Styleboards of 2014!

When it comes to destination weddings, the wide array of colors are endless! If you're planning your own destination wedding at the moment, we thought we would share some of our favorite destination wedding inspired style boards from 2014! Here are some, including our newest one at the top! 

Here is our newest destination favorite with Pantone posie, punch and turquoise!

A destination beach wedding with Pantone spa, cameo and ginger! Check out the full blog post here! 

Pantone ginger and windsor blue for your destination wedding!

Pantone pistachio and ginger destination wedding!

Pantone cerulean, pistachio and clementine for a destination wedding!

Pantone canal blue, taupe and blush for a destination wedding!

If you're looking for more bridesmaid dress inspiration, explore the bridesmaid section on this site, or go to The Dessy Group Pinterest page!

A Destination Beach Wedding!

A Destination Beach Wedding!

Dreaming of your destination beach wedding? We are too! With Pantone spa, cameo and ginger.  We think these three colors are perfect for a destination beach wedding.  The colors are vibrant and beautiful and look great with a tan!   Mix in some golds with your accessories, from the shoes to the jewelry.

We love the Stackable Multi Bangle for accessories to match these beautiful colors. For the men,  they will surely look handsome with their Summer Suits  available at Dessy.com!

What's Cooler Than Hosting A Cold Weather Destination Wedding? Nothing.

What's Cooler Than Hosting A Cold Weather Destination Wedding? Nothing.

The joy of the holidays is wafting through the air and there's a universal jolliness all around, but the post-holiday blues can settle in somewhat fast. From February until May there's no matter where you live there is probably a mad rush to get out of dodge and see some different scenery... Enter the all important winter destination wedding. But, what if you threw the book at the standard choice of a tropical location and instead chose a cool, cozy and cold (??) place for friends & family to gather? We've done our research and have come to the conclusion that a secluded cold-weather winter wedding is a genius idea. See below for some of the best locations!

Aspen Colorado

Aspen, Colorado

This is possibly the most conservative location on our list. Known for upscale living Aspen touts luxurious accommodations and some of the countries most-acclaimed culinary experiences. The shopping in downtown Aspen is also unparalleled offering antiques, galleries and designer boutiques. We can't not mention the skiing that surrounds this chic town - it boasts some of the best slopes in North America. We chose Aspen for it's ability to please a diverse crowd.

Kiruna Sweden

The Laplands, Northern Sweden

The northern Laplands of Scandinavia will offer your wedding guests a truly memorable experience. The Laplands are an arctic, somewhat desolate region of the world. This region is located in the Arctic Circle, so it's c.o.l.d. but the crisp air is the perfect backdrop for the Northern Lights, which paint the sky from early fall until late spring. The famed Ice Hotel is a favorite destination among visitors to the region and the snow and ice covered landscape provides a romantic, otherworldly backdrop for nuptials. Kiruna is the most populated Swedish city in the region with a population around 20,000.

Anchorage Alaska

Anchorage, Alaska

When you see a wide-shot of Anchorage, it almost looks like it's set against a green screen. High rise buildings are sandwiched between crystal clear water and a monstrous mountain range that dwarfs the city of 300,000. In wintertime, Anchorage has 130 km of Nordic (cross country) ski trails. Ice skating, ice fishing, snowmobiling and guided tours of the glacial peaks are among the favorite pastimes for residents.

Whistler Blackholm

Whistler in British Columbia, Canada

Whistler Blackholm is known to be one of the premiere ski resorts in the world. Epic scenery and mammoth mountain trails make this the perfect destination for a couple that enjoys hitting the slopes. Whistler also offers a charming, cozy and luxurious little town for guests to shop, eat and relax. It's a great choice if your guests are west coast based, as it's a fairly easy trip.

Punta Arenas Chile

The Patagonia Region in Punta Arenas, Chile

Sometimes people are under the misconception that because Chile is in South America, it's hot there... Not the case with Patagonia Chile. Set in the southern section of the Andes Mountains, Patagonia is an incredibly scenic. The largest city on the Chilean side (Patagonia is also part of Argentina) is Punta Arenas, with just over 110,000 residents. Punta Arenas is 1418.4 km from Antarctica and is the perfect destination for an adventuresome couple and their guests!

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How to Choose a Destination for Your Destination Wedding

How to Choose a Destination for Your Destination Wedding

Choosing a destination should be the first decision you make once you decide to have a destination wedding.   Do you want a destination wedding abroad or is a tropical wedding more your style?    Whichever you choose, keep a few things in mind:

Weather plays a major part especially in tropical climates.  Do your research when deciding the time of year you want to get married.

A friend of mine recently got married in Costa Rica and when she was planning her destination wedding she said, when planning a destination wedding you will have to decide whether you want to take the “cookie cutter” approach where you pick a hotel that comes with their own planner and will pretty much do everything for you and everything is included in the package.

Italy Italy

The “cookie cutter” approach is a good route to take if you don’t want to worry about anything.  My friend opted to take the more creative route in her destination wedding planning, but still hired a wedding planner.

When it comes to picking a venue you have options.

You can go the “cookie cutter” route with resort hotels or you can go the more creative route and choose a boutique hotel for your wedding venue.  This option allows couples to customize more to their wants and tastes.

Make sure your destination is easy to get to for your guests. Check to see if there are reasonably priced flights to avoid any unnecessary hassles.

You will want to visit the destination at least twice before your wedding day.  If you can’t go twice, go at least once to meet with your planner and potential vendors for your wedding day. This way you understand how everything will work and you are not overwhelmed the day of the wedding.

Beautiful Beach Wedding

Beautiful Beach Wedding

A few of your closest friends and family and saying your vows while barefoot in the sand is my idea of a dream wedding day. This beautiful beach wedding keeps things simple and you can just tell that everyone had a great time. The yellow bridesmaid dresses go great with the sunny day setting and the romantic sunset stroll on the beach as husband and wife can't be beat! I hope you enjoy this pretty and sweet wedding.

beautiful beach wedding summer wedding bridesmaids summer wedding bridesmaids and groomsmen bride and bridesmaids in yellow bride and groom kiss wedding party on the beach bride and groom kiss purple and yellow wedding flowers wedding flowers seashell wedding escort cards wedding cake topper summer sunset wedding bride and groom at sunset bride and groom kiss at sunset

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