21 things to know about beach weddings

Feeling the sand between your toes as you walk down the aisle in your flowing white gown while the warm sun falls on you, your guests and that amazing blue water. The perfect destination beach wedding is a dream for many brides and grooms to be. And for good reason - what better way to bring out a great celebration than with a day at the beach?

Whether you're planning to bring all your loved ones to a private spot in the Caribbean or to your local lake with beachfront property, there are some special arrangements to keep in mind to ensure your day keeps up with that of your dreams.

Here are the 21 things you need to know about beach wedding days 

  1. When you're choosing your location, keep in mind your priority guests and how easily they will be able to there. Make it as affordable as possible to those you really want to be in attendance on your big day.
  2. Keep in mind the time of sunset and sunrise where you're getting married. This will help you plan your photographs. 
  3. As for marriage licences, different states and countries will have different laws. Make sure you know what they are and that you have the necessary documents before you make any decisions.
  4. Send out your save the dates well in advance - at least six months beforehand. That way your guests will be able to plan their flights, book time off and budget accordingly. 
  5. When you're thinking of decor, keep it simple - you've got a beautiful natural backdrop after all. Try rose petals on the sand for the aisle, bright local flowers on chairs and lighting for an evening ceremony. Tiki torches or strings of small white lights work well. 
  6. Consider the weather. Beaches can be windy! Have shawls for your guests for cooler breezes.
  7. Make sure you know what the tide is doing! 
  8. If you're having your ceremony at a hotel beach ask about their sound system and whether you can borrow it. (If not, you may have to rent one).
  9. Make sure there are rest rooms nearby for your guests.
  10. If you are taking your wedding reception off the beach, keep the theme going with your decor - candles in sand, sea shells, baskets of flip flops for guests with tired feet ...
  11. Remember that not every tropical beach has the same climate. If you're getting married in the Far East - maybe Thailand - it's going to be hot and humid. If you're off to the Caribbean then it could be warm and windy. 
  12. When you marry somewhere hot, you need to think of the structure of your wedding gown and those of your bridesmaids. Nothing too fitted (ditch the traditional, full-sleeved lace gown). Goddess style gowns and one- shoulder bridesmaid designs work well. Floaty chiffon, spaghetti straps and strapless are also worth investigating.
  13. Search out fabrics that travel happily and won't need endless pressing on arrival.
  14. Colour is also a consideration. Pastels look a bit washed out and insipid under bright sunshine so embrace whites and dazzling colours. This is the time to go for turquoises, yellows, oranges, emerald greens, hot pinks and rich purples. These shades look fantastic under a blue sky on a white sandy beach.
  15. As for the men, a sunshiny beach isn't the place for a formal suit.  Linen or seersucker suits are very cool (literally in this case) and will look much more in place at a sandy ceremony. Most men find a pale linen suit an extremely useful garment to have in their wardrobe and he's likely to want to wear it on your honeymoon too, whenever you want to dress smartly for dinner.
  16. It goes without saying that you need to have the pedicure to end all pedicures if you're going to go barefoot on the beach.
  17. Ditch the heels, you don't want to be wobbling down a sandy aisle. If you must, wear pretty flat sparkly sandals (crystals look fantastic at a tropical wedding) or flip flops. 
  18. At a beach wedding you're better off with a birdcage veil or a sparkly headpiece. Because if it's hot and steamy you're going to get hotter and redfaced under a veil and if it's windy, it's going to be whipped around your face, possibly spoiling your hair and make-up. 
  19. It's worth sending a note to your wedding guests about the beach temperatures they might experience so they can plan their outfits too - maybe put a dress code on your invitations.
  20. Wear sunblock and have a basket of it available for guests.
  21. Don't wear too much makeup in the heat. Keep it fresh and natural - best to consult a beauty specialist about the right look and products that will work for you. 

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How to plan a destination wedding

Have you always dreamed of getting married on a beach? Where you can guarantee the sunshine during the ceremony, feel the sand between your toes as you exchange your vows, choose your wedding gown without having to think about what coat to wear if the weather suddenly takes a turn for the worse?

And by choosing to get married abroad, you can keep the guest list down to a bare minimum, if you want to, without causing any offence, neatly side-stepping the issue of how far to extend the invitations.

Sounds perfect, doesn't it?

But how do you plan a destination wedding? Where would you start?

Your destination wedding choice of course is driven not JUST by your dreams, but by the number of guests you are hoping will join you, how much you feel you should contribute to their expenses and how much time they will be able to take for the trip.

Whichever country you decide on, your next step will be to contact the foreign embassy or consulate to make sure that you really understand exactly the legal requirements and to allow yourself enough time. For example, if you want to have your wedding in Ireland, marriage by registrar's certificate requires three months written notice of intention to wed. You might also need to produce birth certificates, divorce and death decrees AND be resident for a period of time prior to an Irish wedding.

Whatever the requirements, if you follow the correct process according to the local law, your marriage or civil partnership should be recognised.

(Image credit: Stephen Ludwig Photography)

Wedding packages can be helpful

  • You can plan the whole thing yourself but that could be quite stressful unless you know someone on the ground.
  • Wedding packages organised by tour operators are quite cost effective and have the bonus that you know they've done it before.
  • Many hotels will have an on-site expert to work with you to reserve your dates, plan the schedule of events, coordinate all food and beverage details, from menu design to table linen, and assist with other aspects of your wedding experience.
  • It is always worth considering insuring your wedding, but perhaps more than ever when you are thinking about getting married abroad.
  • Probably the last thing big thing to think about is how much you contribute to your guests' stay. Maybe nothing; maybe the odd meal here and there; maybe just the celebration itself - ultimately it doesn't matter what you decide to do, as long as you make it clear at the outset what the possible expenditure is for those you invite.

6 ideas that will make a beach wedding really stylish

(Image by Suki McDonald Photography on Destination Weddings)

So you're going for the option of blue skies, palm trees, the sea breaking on the shore .... in other words you're having a beach wedding ceremony.

Whether it's an intimate occasion for just the two of you and a couple of witnesses - or whether you're making a party of it with a host of family and friends, there are a few do's and don't with beach weddings.

Beach Weddings Need To Be Thought About In A Different Way

For example, it's not a good idea to wear an ornate, really detailed wedding dress. Don't go for the long veil and the heavy, full skirted wedding gown. Think light fabrics like chiffon ... it's going to be hot.

To help you plan your beach wedding ceremony, here are six ideas to get you thinking.

1. Get your guests ready for the beach by giving personalised beach towels as favors in advance of the ceremony.

(Image by Marcella Treybig Photography via United with Love)

2. Dress your bridesmaids in aqua colors to echo the azure blue of the sea and sky. Dessy has some wonderful bridesmaids dresses in greens and turquoises.

A post shared by The Dessy Group (@dessygroup) on

3. Make the most of a hot balmy night by getting the table laid up on the beach.

(Image via Gray Likes Weddings)

4. Keep your jewellery simple and understated. Forget the bling ... freshwater pearls are a classic...

Pearl bracelet by Dessy

5. Your invitations should echo your theme. Maybe give a hint of what's to come by using the same colors you're planning on having? You can use bright shades or delicate pastels and golds as below.

(Destination wedding invitations by Ananya)

6. Never thought we'd say this, but sometimes heels should not be worn and if you're getting married on a beach then that's one of those times. Flip-flops work much better on beautifully pedicured toes.

(Flip flops by Dessy in different colours)

Destination weddings around the world

Today we have a guest blog from Fairmont Properties who've hosted weddings from Shanghai to The Plaza in New York. With all the weddings the planning staff see, they're perfectly placed to tell us about wedding trends and ideas.

What chic couples around the world are doing

Destination weddings have moved past the days when the wedding party dons their finest formal tuxes and gowns only to dress down with bare feet or flip flops. Wedding parties that don't want to compromise on couture but still want to take advantage of the beauty of the beach can get creative with ceremony set-up. Brides can keep their Louboutins for a ceremony on the sand by creating custom catwalks - turning the walk down the aisle into a walk down the runway.

"Nature and fashion are perfect partners", said Stephan Miller, Director of Catering and Special Events at The Fairmont Orchid, Hawaii. "We essentially built a runway for one particularly stylish bride who wanted a beach wedding, but whose heart was set on wearing her designer shoes. The same strategy also works on grassy areas like our Turtle Pointe venue, which features a lovely gazebo surrounded by beautiful greenery."


"Facebook may be great for sharing photos after the Big Day, but a number of couples have figured out that making a social media hashtag for their wedding makes it easy to connect with guests, share photos in real time, and end up with a huge trove of candid shots. There's no need for disposable cameras on the tables when guests are online with Instagram and Twitter. As an added bonus, they never run out of film!

"We've seen couples include hashtags on everything from save-the-date cards and invitations to actually displaying it on signage at the event", said Jennifer Zajac, Internet Marketing Coordinator at Boston's Fairmont Copley Plaza. "Twitter lights up when certain weddings are in house, not only does it make it super easy for friends and family to share the fun, it also means that people who couldn't make it to the event can participate from wherever they are in the world."

Ditch the Bar & Free the Bartender

Wine or Champagne may be the beverage of choice during the wedding reception, but once the speeches are done, the party begins. Some couples are avoiding tedious cocktail lines by having mobile bars roaming the venue on carts or even attached to roving waiters. Drinks and shots with fancy names add life to the wedding, and having the bartenders rove around the festivities keeps events fun and lively all night long.

"Mobile bars can come in many shapes and sizes, and don't just have to consist of waiters walking around with pre-made drinks," says Monique Garcia, Associate Director of Events at Fairmont Makati, Philippines. "They can be stylishly imagined and offer a surprising variety of beverages. One of my favourite ideas is to make cocktails named not only after the couple, but their bridal entourage as well!"

decorated chairs at wedding

The trend of small weddings is going strong, with some receptions becoming more like intimate dinner parties for 10-20 guests. These luxurious affairs allow hotels to produce amazing plated dinners, and also allow the couple to share the day with just the people who mean the most to them.

"Small weddings allow for a lot of flexibility, and can offer a unique kind of grandeur that you just can't get with an enormous event", said Heather Courtney, Wedding Coordinator at The Fairmont Palliser in Calgary. "Especially common for people getting married for the second time, we've put together intimate affairs around regal King's Table concepts that are simply stunning."

"Smaller, more intimate weddings events are still on the rise", said Ann Renneker, Director of Catering and Conference Services at The Fairmont Dallas. "We've had requests for varied course options and table-side culinary demonstrations that simply wouldn't be possible with large groups. Couples often request several choices for selection and we now even offer a choice of appetisers, which are served according to guest response cards."

(Gold bridesmaid dresses by Dessy)

Go for the Gold

Trends are often dictated by recent events, fashion, interior design, and the vast world of print and social media. Gold has never been more popular across the board. The opulent accent adds drama to all kinds of décor, and lends an unmatched level of sophistication to everything it touches.

"If I had to pick one trend for 2013, based on my own upcoming client weddings, and London Fashion Week, it would be the use of gold as an accent colour", said Bruce Russell, London Wedding Planner for Weddings at The Savoy by Bruce Russell. "I am seeing gold accents in all kinds of décor whether it's linen, candelabras, cutlery or stationery. Florists are also being asked to create arrangements with more neutral colours, with some blooms being dipped in gold."

Tea Time Instead of Cocktail Hour

As weddings gravitate toward heightened elegance and sophistication, a new way to bring style to an event is by including teatime. After a stunning ceremony, smart couples don't let guests mill around with passed canapes and cocktails, they go all out with exquisite pastries and a fully formal afternoon tea before the reception.

"We are seeing lots of brides move beyond cutesy cupcakes and cookies", said Christo Van Wyk, Wedding and Function Coordinator at Fairmont Zimbali Lodge & Resort in South Africa. "Couples still love the idea of a variety of small bites instead of one big wedding cake, but don't want to compromise on style, so we've found that a classy tea service is the perfect segue into the reception."

"We're also seeing the trend of wedding tea in Bermuda", said Kimberley Terceira, Conference Services & Catering Manager from Fairmont Southampton. "Sometimes it's hosted en lieu of a cocktail hour, but it can also be great for pre-wedding formalities, often with brides hosting afternoon tea at Jasmine Lounge with the ladies before the event."

"We love tea for bridal showers, said Dana Schroader, Weddings Specialist at The Fairmont Olympic in Seattle. We have done several ornate showers in our Kensington Room, and with the Roaring 20s history of our hotel, the tie-ins with the hugely popular 'Great Gatsby' theme are a natural fit."

Buying Out the Banquet Space

Some couples are taking advantage of luxury resorts by booking several banqueting rooms taking up entire wings of conference centres and event spaces for their big day. Not only does this ensure exclusivity and complete privacy, it allows guests to go back and forth between a quieter, lounge-like atmosphere and a lively dance floor.

"Couples looking for an immersive experience can make an entire area seem like their own private and exclusive enchanted palace", said Katie Rae Kugler, Wedding Coordinator at Scotland's Fairmont St Andrews. "We've seen couples offer one suite for the dinner, one for dancing, one as a relaxing room to get away from the music, and an open patio area to drink and be out under the stars. It feels like your party is the only thing happening in the whole world!"

"Lounges are popular as a way to get some respite from lively dance floors", said Meaghan Tiberio, Catering Sales Manager from Fairmont Pittsburgh. "You can create these comfy spaces right in your reception area for a more casual atmosphere, or host it in a space nearby. Couches, ottomans and pillows that match your decor create a great vibe."

Small Bites, Big Impact

Sliders, small bites and comfort food are old news, but savvy foodies know that guests still love the ease and convenience of bite-size nibbles. The sophisticated solution - Mini buffets and delectable canapes that wouldn't be out of place in any fine dining establishment.

"The most prominent trend for us is mini food buffets that offer a stunning presentation and a variety of haute cuisine options", said Kathy Robineau, Senior Catering Manager at The Fairmont Banff Springs. "Guests still prefer the variety available with smaller portions, so we're presenting stylish options on glass pyramids and even floating in the air, suspended from the ceiling."

"In Cairo, candy stations are still popular, but crepe stations with chocolate, maple and honey flavours are a classier addition", said Rehab Youssef, Conference, Events & Social Sales Director at Fairmont Heliopolis & Towers. "Elaborate juice fountains where guests can fill their own glasses from freshly squeezed fruit are another great way to keep guests fuelled and ready to party all night long."

Picture Perfect

Many brides and grooms have done away with the traditional guest book and are coming up with imaginative keepsakes that they can treasure year-round. Signed photos, scrap books and more have become creative ways to bring the event home.

"We've seen many recent couples bring a picture frame with a white matte for guests to write congratulatory notes and well wishes", said Polly Xiong, Weddings Manager at The Fairmont Kea Lani, Maui. "Alternatively, couples will bring a picture book that includes photos with family and friends for guests to sign. One recent couple brought a scrapbook and Polaroid camera for guests to take photos and then tape their photo in the scrapbook with a note!"

Time to Talk

Weddings are a time for old friends and new to get together and celebrate. So, encouraging conversation is an important responsibility for any couple. Whether you've sat two guests together who may not be acquainted, or the couple themselves are trying to make it easier to mingle, there are multiple strategies for getting people talking.

"To ensure couples can enjoy all of their guests during the wedding banquet, we suggest keeping two free seats at each table", said Hane Cabarrus, Conference Service Manager at Quebec's Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu. "Not only can the wedding couple switch tables throughout the evening instead of being isolated at the head of the room, guests can wander to other tables to chat with friends and family who may not be seated with them."

"We are also seeing more Family Style Dinners", said Kourtney McKercher, Director of Conference Services at The Fairmont Chateau Whistler. "When guests share platters of main dishes instead of individual dinner selections it creates a warm, conversational dining experience."

Fairmont Hotels

Friday Festivities

Increasing numbers of couples are selecting Friday as the day for the wedding celebration. They are able to book a venue of their dreams at a value driven pricing structure and still enjoy all of the ruffles and flourishes of a Saturday evening celebration.

"The added benefit of a Friday event is that it adds an extra day of celebration for out of town family and friends", said Robert J. Mikolitch, Director of Catering at Fairmont Washington, D.C., Georgetown. "Couples can plan to host a BBQ or post-celebration party on the following Saturday evening for friends and family who want to celebrate all weekend long."

Some interesting new ideas here from Fairmont. Future brides and grooms interested in more information on holding a wedding at Fairmont should visit Fairmont Weddings online.

Images via Fairmont Hotels

The Top 10 U.S. Towns for a Destination Wedding

The Top 10 U.S. Towns for a Destination Wedding

So you've decided you want your wedding to be an adventure away from home, but which destination will suite all your fantasies for the special day? It's amazing to know that you don't always have to take a 10 hour flight to escape to an island oasis or desert retreat. Your dream destination may just be a few states away! From charming ski towns to coastal coves, these are our top ten wedding destinations located right here in the good ol' US of A:


10. Bar Harbor, Maine

There is something rugged and peaceful about the coastal stretches of natural beauty that are hidden in the east coast's most northern state. Venture to the charming town of Bar Harbor for the rustic-chic wedding of your dreams. The town is conveniently nestled right next to Acadia National Park for wildlife sightings and wilderness activities. Summer and early fall are the most popular time for ceremonies because of the cool breezy days and gorgeous waterfront views.


9. Scottsdale, Arizona

Think red hues, sky-scraping cacti, and a prevalent Native American culture on a retreat to the southwest. Arizona's desert landscape is unique to say the least. Scottsdale is a western-style little town with a lively nightlife scene and a number of quaint boutique hotels. Plus, no one will be able to complain about the weather. The days are always mildly warm and the evenings presents the most brilliant sunsets.


8. Outer Banks, North Carolina

The Outer Banks is comprised of miles and miles of long sandy shores and a number of family-oriented beach towns. Your wedding invitations should promise lighthouse tours, a good surf, and lots of sunshine. The most unique sighting of this tranquil destination will definitely be the wild horses. They still roam near the northern beaches which is the one of the only places left in the country where they can be seen regularly.


7. Nashville, Tennessee

Even if you're not a country music fan, you'll be sure to fall in love with this entertainment capital. Allow your guest to enjoy all kinds of music and shopping experiences. Besides its sheer southern meets urban appeal, it is considered one of the most affordable and accessible wedding destinations in the country.


6. Newport, Rhode Island

Who knew that the country's smallest state could boast a town with all of your wedding necessities and more. Newport is a quaint town located just 30 minutes from Providence that features historic architecture and an enormous amount of culture. The New England Colonial style mansions scattered along the famous cliff walk create an elegant setting for ceremonies, receptions, or photos.


5. Charlottesville, Virginia

Virginia is for Lovers, and that's exactly how you'll feel once you visit the college town meets art hub of Charlottesville. With the perfect amount of southern charm and romance, this town has a very wide range of venues to choose from. From Chapels, to wineries, to horse farms, its a rural location with a bustling downtown spot for a party to remember.


4. Sonoma, California

If you and your fiancé consider yourself food and wine connoisseurs, then Sonoma Valley will take the term foodie to the next level. Vast vineyards set atop rolling hills will be the perfect pairing to your chef-prepared gourmet cuisine. Remind your guests to bring a little extra cash, because they'll be sure to bring a few cases of wine home with them.


3. Key West, Florida

The Keys promote a laid back island vibe with crystal clear water and white sandy beaches comparable to those of the Caribbean. The major perk of staying domestic is that it will likely be cheaper and easier to get to for your guests. From snorkeling, to fishing, or even just relaxing on the beach, everyone will feel as if they are honeymooning.

james christianson

2.Aspen, Colorado

Mixing mountain town charm with first class luxury places Aspen at the top of most couples' lists for scenic weddings. Each season presents a completely different atmosphere for your ceremony. Whether you envision a winter wonderland or autumn oasis there is so much to see and experience within the breathtaking Rockies.

holladayweddings 2

1. Kauai, Hawaii

America's 50th state is sometimes hard to imagine as part of our country. Kauai, nicknamed "the garden island" is the oldest and least commercially developed of the archipelago. The gorgeous terrain offers dramatic waterfalls, lush rainforests, and famous black sand beaches. Couples getting married in this sunshine mecca, don't like to miss out on incorporating a bit of Hawaiian culture into their ceremonies. Fresh orchids leis and traditional luaus are a must when making the trek to this tropical paradise.

Shop our twist dress! So versatile, it can transform to accommodate any destination of your choice.

Photos by Emily Delamater, Kristi Midgette, Rachel Moore, W. Scott Chester Photography, Cody Hunter Photography, Giving Tree Photography, Filda Konec Photography, James Christianson, and Holladay Weddings.

Buddy moons, baby moons and mini moons

Farewell, romantic honeymoon for two

hello buddy moons, baby moons, mini moons...

Research out earlier this year showed that nowadays only 38% of us take a two week honeymoon, as opposed to 80% ten years ago. This is partly due to work pressures and partly due to the spiralling cost of weddings which falls more often that not on the happy couple themselves, unlike in previous times when parents were more likely to foot the bill.

And even more shockingly, according to a study by LateRooms.com, 10% of couples don't have a honeymoon at all! So to help you through the various moons out there, I've compiled a little list!

The baby moon

When Fin and Lena married in Ireland last year, their daughter was just 18 months old and no way did they want to leave her with the grandparents after the wedding. "That would have been just plain odd!" said Lena, "The wedding was as much about us as a family as it was about Fin and me as a couple." And with more people giving birth out of wedlock in the UK than ever before the trend of the baby moon is on the rise.

The family moon

Second marriages have fuelled the rise of the family moon. If the couple wants to bring their child with them and yet one or other already has children from previous marriages, it wouldn't get family life off to a great start if you left someone behind. Mind you, it would add to the cost of the whole holiday so maybe this one is more for the rich and famous.

The mini moon

Some choose to have a mini moon, particularly if they have paid for the wedding themselves or are busy setting up home with all the costs that that entails. A mini moon is, as the name suggests, a short break for the bridal couple immediately after wedding, normally with the hope of a longer holiday/delayed honeymoon later in the year. An increasing number of people in their early twenties think that this is the way forward for them and some even ask guests to chip in to a Delayed Honeymoon Fund rather than buy a wedding present.

The buddy or groupie moon

And of course nowadays, many people (some 48% of heterosexual women in the UK) co-habit prior to marriage and so the setting up of the home as newly weds is less of an issue. So what's to stop them having a honeymoon? Some cite the fact that it would 'weird' and 'a little dull' to holiday with just their partner, having been used to holidaying with larger groups of friends over the years. (That could be viewed as a little portentous for the marriage, but I guess time will tell!)

More understandable for a buddy moon is if you have a destination wedding. When Gemma and Stephen got hitched three years ago in Turkey, they were so appreciative of their family and friends coming out for the ceremony that they felt it would be downright rude just to walk away into the sunset at the end of that idyllic day. So they met their guests for breakfast the next morning and spend the day on the beach with everyone for more merriment and partying. Once all of their guests had departed back home, the happy pair had a couple more days of sunshine at the hotel before also heading back home. In fact, a mini, buddy moon!

Gemma and Stephen's wedding in Turkey

For whatever reason, we all seem so busy nowadays that there never seems enough time to see those who live relatively close to you, let alone those who live abroad. So if someone makes the effort to take time out of their busy schedule to fly over for a wedding or drive a long way to be with you, it's understandable that you will want to spend some quality time with them. And there's no doubt that on your wedding day, proceedings do seem to happen on fast forward, so it makes sense to extend the time you can spend with your special guests after the wedding; after all, what's wrong with having a seven day celebration? More and more hotels and large villas are getting in on the act and it's not hard to find a house that will sleep a large number of people in relative luxury. The problem would be narrowing the guest list down to the right number to join you and your partner!

One word of advice? If you do rent a large house out for you and your chums for your buddy moon, make sure you discuss in advance how the costs will be shared, so there are no awkward conversations to be had later on. And if you can, look into hiring a local cook and cleaner too - after all, surely on any kind of moon you don't want to be doing housework!

Destination Wedding Bliss with After Six and Dessy Collection!

Destination Wedding Bliss with After Six and Dessy Collection!

Planning a destination wedding? We think these two colors are beautiful! Freshen up your tropical destination wedding with these vibrant pinks in our two newest styles - Dessy Collection Style 2942 and After Six Bridesmaids Style 6730.

What we love about these colors is that you can have your groomsmen wear Summer Suits in khaki, it will complete your bridal party look. Also check out all of our accessories that will go great with your destination wedding on Dessy.com!

Wedding images by Vienna Rose Photography

Beach Wedding Brights

destination beach wedding

Opted for a beach wedding in a topical destination?

Then it's all about the color.

Pretty pastels just won't cut it under a tropical sky. They'll look pale and washed out - although white is always perfect.

If you don't want to be outdone by the sun, you need to be thinking brights. Turquoises, tangerines, hot pinks, sunshiney yellows, neon greens ...

Which means that you can get really creative with your color scheme. Dress your maids in floaty gowns that will move in the breeze and flick through Dessy's amazing color options (better still, share them with your bridesmaids).

One maid wants to wear a short gown? Another long? No problem. Check Dessy's Social Bridesmaids Style 8138 and 8139 in both short and longer versions.

And on a hot day, your flower girls will look pretty as pictures in Flower girl Style FL033 (which comes in over 80 - yes 80 - different shades).

beach wedding colors

From left: Social Bridesmaids Style 8139 in Oasis; Heaven Dyeable Crystal Sandals; Social Bridesmaids Style 8138 in Tangerine Tango; Flowergirl Style FL4033 in Tangerine Tango.

Finishing off the look

Ditch the high heels when you're on the beach. Flats are a must

And if you want to dress it up a bit, try our flat Crystal Bridal Sandals - which you can dye in a color of your choice.

Your bridesmaids could have fun with their manicures too - maybe dazzling orange on their toes?

Check out our other posts on tropical weddings for more hints and tips on how to make your destination wedding hot in all the right ways!

6 Reasons to Have a Destination Wedding

6 Reasons to Have a Destination Wedding

There are so many reasons to have a destination wedding, it's cost effective, it's a chance to share a location that you as a couple love and it's a chance to step away from a traditional wedding and make it more about you! Here are some additional reasons why you should consider a destination wedding for your wedding!

For Something Different: Don't want to do a traditional wedding? A destination wedding may be what you and your future groom will want. Couples can do a tropical wedding or simply a wedding away from home in any desired location. Doing a destination wedding is also a chance to stand out!


A More Intimate Wedding: Since destination weddings require people to travel it will allow you to keep the guest list smaller. If you want, when you return from your wedding you can have a post-wedding party for the rest of the family and friends.

Lighter Attire for the Wedding: If you're having a tropical destination wedding, your groomsmen can wear khakis, your bridesmaids can wear chiffon bridesmaid dresses. Destination weddings don't necessarily have to be as formal as a traditional wedding is, so allow everyone, both guests and the bridal party to be more comfortable! For the groomsmen, we recommend the Summer Suits by After Six and for the bridesmaids, we recommend the Twist Wrap Bridesmaid Dress!

Start Your Honeymoon Early! Having a destination wedding allows the bride and groom to start their honeymoon early, especially if they are getting married in a tropical destination.

A Vacation for Guests: You will find that most of your guests will arrive days before the actual wedding and make a vacation out of it. Most couples will set up pre-wedding events for guests prior to the big day so that everyone attending gets the most out of the time they are there! Also what's great, with destination weddings, hotels offer discounted rates on hotel rooms, so guests get a chance to save too!

No Stress, No Stress: When it comes to destination weddings, the world is the couple's oyster. Many hotels will offer free wedding planning or couples can get on-site wedding planners to help make the day a memorable one.

Need destination wedding ready shoes for your wedding? Check out all of Dessy's shoes!

Lovely Pantone Spa and Fresh for a Spring Wedding!

Lovely Pantone Spa and Fresh for a Spring Wedding!

This spring, whether you're having a destination wedding on a tropical island or having a quiet wedding at home, these two colors are just gorgeous together! The Pantone spa and fresh are soft colors and welcome a celebration.

Pair the bridesmaid dresses with soft white flowers and silver jewelry and shoes! We recommend the Celebrate Open Toe Crystal Bridal Pump!

These colors go well with with the Summer Suits by After Six, particularly in khaki or a gray suit works well too! Check out the Spring 2015 Collection of bridesmaid dresses!