Wedding Day Essentials: The Ultimate List of Bridesmaid Duties for the Big Day

bridesmaid duties wedding day ultimate list 

So, you’ve been picked to be a member of the bride’s squad. Congratulations! You’ve weighed in on the bachelorette party plans, ordered your bridesmaid dresses and popped a bottle or two in celebration — what else is there to do?

Being a member of Team Bride is equal parts fun and responsibility, and your bridesmaid duties will begin the minute she pops the big question — “Will you be my bridesmaid?” — and won’t end until the last mimosa at the post-wedding brunch. But the big-day duties are arguably the most important, so you’ve got to make sure you’re ready for anything during the wedding weekend.

Though your list of duties is lengthy, there’s no need to stress. You’re already a good friend, as evidenced by your bridesmaid status, so you’ll be a natural! Here’s everything you’ll need to handle for the bride-to-be on her special day, from supplying the a.m. lattes to gathering her things after last call.


Throughout the day, but especially in the hours leading up to her big walk down the aisle, your job as the bride’s bestie is to be her go-to gal. Do your best to anticipate everything she might need at every point in the day, whether it’s a handkerchief to dry her tears or assistance fastening her next-level bridal heels.

group of women sitting in gowns 

  • Be on Time If you’re not early, you’re late: No piece of advice is truer on wedding day. It should go without saying, but don’t show up to any wedding-related event late. The thing is, nothing can start without you there, so make sure to be on time with bells on. The bride will probably assign you a timeslot for hair and makeup, with some as early as 9 a.m., so pick one that you know you can reasonably achieve.
  • Bring Coffee — How to be a hero on her wedding day: Start with a cup of good coffee. The key to knocking this duty out of the park is to know her Starbucks order without having to text her to ask because she’s got more important things to think about. Depending on the crowd, you might also want to be in charge of supplying the wedding morning cocktails. Just make sure the bride is down for a little boozing before the start of the ceremony, and don’t make the drinks too strong.
  • Offer Your Assistance — Don’t wait to be assigned a job. Ask the bride, the mother-of-the-bride, the photographer and the other bridesmaids if there’s anything you can do to help the day run smoothly. There are a hundred moving parts to a wedding, and it’s inevitable — a dozen people will be hurling questions her way while she’s getting dolled up. Do what you can to field the inquiries and provide the bride with everything she needs to enjoy her day without extra stress.
  • Help Her Get Dressed — One of the most important jobs for members of the bride’s squad is helping her get into her wedding gown. Let’s face it: Those things are not designed to be tossed on without additional help. You might have to do a whole lot of lacing, buttoning and bustling while you’re getting ready — and you’ll likely be assisting during quick bathroom breaks. Do yourself a favor and watch some YouTube videos on how to bustle a wedding gown. Trust us, you’ll be the wedding day MVP if you show up prepped and practiced in the art of bustling. Don’t forget to make sure the photographer is ready to shoot when you’re all helping her get into her gown.
  • Calm the Bride  Even the most well-prepared brides get butterflies before their first look or walk down the aisle. Do everything you can to help ease the nerves so that she feels confident and ready for her debut. Simply asking her what she needs at any given moment will go a long way in helping the bride avoid panic.

getting ready graphic


Fair warning to first-time bridesmaids: The picture-taking portion of the day can be boring at best and downright maddening at worst. But know that everyone — even the bride and her spouse-to-be — will be ready for it to be over by the end, so the best thing you can do is to keep a positive attitude, lighten the mood and simply be game for whatever.

  • Prepare for Emergencies — This is the time of day when a wedding day emergency kit will seriously come in handy. Imagine, for example, that someone’s bridesmaid dress — or, gasp, the wedding gown — snags or tears in the photo shoot process. Or that someone’s self-tanner rubbed off onto her dress. Your survival kit should have all the necessities to handle these kinds of snafus, including a sewing kit, some safety pins, a stain-remover pen and extra bobby pins. If there’s rain in the forecast, try to help secure some umbrellas or facilitate indoor shooting locations.
  • Offer to Touch Her Up — Consider adding a few touch-up essentials to your bridesmaid-to-the-rescue kit, including some blotting paper to prevent sweat and moisture from ruining her makeup as well as some travel-sized bottles of her foundation, lip gloss and eyeshadow to provide instant touchups. You could even ask the photographer’s assistant to hang onto a small makeup bag or cosmetics case filled with all these day-of essentials so you don’t have to worry about them while you’re getting your picture taken.
  • Strike a Pose — During this part of the wedding activities, the photographer — and no one else — is the boss. Don’t try to advise the pros and know that the photography team is more than likely doing exactly what the couple asked them to do. Typically, the newlyweds-to-be will have conferred with the photographer beforehand to come up with a list of must-have shots and poses. Be prepared to take pics in a hundred poses and combos, with the bride, the bridesmaids, the groomsmen and solo. Don’t complain, even if it seems like the shoot is taking forever.
  • Let the Bride Shine — Make sure that no member of Team Bride is overshadowing the lady in white! The person who will know how to showcase her the best is the person behind the lens, so take direction gracefully as it comes. If you notice that one of the bridesmaids is taking away from the bride, quietly ask her to step out of the frame and allow the bride to be the star.

bridesmaids wearing royal purple dresses


When we think about quintessential bridesmaid duties, we often think about holding the bouquet and adjusting the train during the “I do” portion of events. Indeed, these responsibilities are crucial to the big day and should not be taken lightly! Making sure the bride looks perfect beneath the arch or at the altar should be your principal consideration when the couple is saying their vows.

  • Fix Her Dress — Typically, the maid of honor will be in charge of adjusting the bride’s train so that it lays properly while she’s saying her vows. However, if it’s a particularly long train or if the dress has special features that need to be taken into consideration, this might be a job for the entire crew of bridesmaids.
  • Hold Her Bouquet — During the ceremony, she’ll need both her hands to exchange rings, hold her partner’s hand and perform any special traditions, like the unity candle or sand ceremony. Thus, you’ll need to step in and hold her bouquet during a big chunk of the ceremony. The details of the fixing of the dress and holding of the bouquet — who should do it and when — can be ironed out during the rehearsal.
  • Hand Her a Hankie — Sadly, a mini pack of tissues doesn’t exactly go with her outfit. If you can, figure out a way to discreetly hold some tissues during the wedding so that you have something on hand in case there are waterworks mid-ceremony.

hand holding wedding bouquet


After the makeup is done, the photos have been taken and the couple is officially hitched, it’s time to party! But don’t immediately head straight to the bar for shots. There is more pomp and circumstance to be had at the reception, including toasts, dances and the cutting of the cake.

  • Nail Your Grand Entrance — Usually, the couple will have the entire bridal party make a grand entrance to the reception. Be sure that you’ve ironed out the details of this portion of the day with the bride. She may want you to enter with the groomsman you walked down the aisle with or with all the girls at once. She may want you to lighten the mood with a dance, a funny prop or an upbeat song, or she may prefer to keep this portion formal. Let the bride guide the vibe.
  • Maid of Honor Only: Give Your Toast — If you’re the maid of honor, the primary responsibility you’ll have that the rest of the bridesmaids will not have is giving a maid of honor toast. As obvious as it sounds, make sure that you’ve spent some quality time planning for this. You should have your speech written, polished and rehearsed at least two weeks before the big day. The emcee will usually invite the maid of honor and best man to give their toasts during dinner, traditionally after the fathers (or mothers, in many cases) give their toasts to the new couple. Tip: if you’re in charge of raising a glass, make sure to wait to drink any alcohol until it’s over.

maid of honor quote 

  • Keep the D.J. on Track — More than likely, the newlyweds had a very clear vision for the music before the wedding commenced. But during the reception, they’ll be bouncing from table to table and mingling with their guests, so they won’t have time to keep tabs on the soundtrack. Ask the couple beforehand what they envision for the music and if there are any songs, artists or genres that are off-limits or must-plays. If you have to step off the dancefloor to keep the DJ on track, do so politely and only to honor the couple’s vision. In other words, don’t request the songs you want to hear just because you’re bored with the DJ’s picks.
  • Gather Her Things — Another important role of the bridesmaid crew during the reception is to make sure that all the bride’s personal belongings are accounted for. Ideally, she’ll have all her items — her phone, some cash and lip gloss — neatly gathered in a pretty bridal clutch — to make your job easier. In the event that she traded in her high heels for some comfy bridal flats, make sure to grab her heels and anything else she may have left behind after dancing the night away.
  • Help Clean Up — Depending on the size, budget and complexity of the wedding, you may be employed to help gather decorations, remove linens and collect gifts after the final dance. Ask the bride beforehand what she plans to do for cleanup — will there be a crew, or does she plan to have her family and friends pitch in to help? Remember, the sooner it’s all cleaned up, the sooner you can head to the after party!

bridesmaids standing with bride


At the end of the day, your role as a bridesmaid is to provide your bestie with whatever she needs to enjoy the day she’s been planning and obsessing over for years, including emotional support. In everything you do, make sure that you put the focus on her and remind everyone that it’s her day and no one else’s. With any luck, she’ll do the same for you when it’s your turn to tie the knot. Dessy is always here to help you be the best bridesmaid you can be!

Ideas For An Apple Green Wedding Theme

apple green wedding theme

Nowadays many brides choose to 'theme' their wedding days in a different ways. They might go for a rustic theme, a bohemian mood or even a Marvel-themed day.

But really one of the simplest ways of styling your wedding day is by color.


It certainly makes your choices easier. Choose a color you love and the rest will practically fall into place.

Here we've picked out some ideas for an apple green wedding theme. It's fresh, simple, classic and perfect for a spring or summer wedding day. There's also plenty of potential out there (you're not going to have trouble finding foliage for a start!)

apple green wedding theme

Love this green apple-themed table centerpiece featured on Martha Stewart weddings.

apple green wedding theme

Serve color co-ordinated cocktails to your guests on arrival. (Image via Martha Stewart weddings). Find some cocktail recipes for Garden Daiquiris and Rosemary Fizz here .

Use the same shade as much or as subtly as you want. For your invitations, bridesmaid dresses, wedding shoes, wedding cake... Buy ribbons to pretty up chair backs, make DIY wedding invitations and decorate your reception tables with bowls of green apples and pears yourself.

apple green bridesmaid dresses

Bridesmaids' dresses in Apple Slice by Dessy. Shown on the left Style Social Bridesmaids Style 8159, on the right After Six Bridesmaid Dress 1512

apple green bridesmaid dresses

Wedding cake via Pinterest

Your wedding cake is going to be an attention grabber at the reception - so make sure the color blends in beautifully with your scheme. You don't have to go for a cake in a block color - just some subtle detailing or maybe ombre will get the idea across.

bridesmaid dress with long sleeves

Bridesmaids dresses by Dessy. On the left style Dessy Collection Bridesmaid Dress 3027, Flower Girl Dress FL4058

Dessy offers beautiful bridesmaid dresses in apple green in a variety of styles, so your bridesmaids can choose a neckline, length and design that really suits them.

Apple Green Wedding Color - PANTONE Apple Slice

When you're talking to caterers and suppliers about your chosen color, you'll find the Dessy Pantone tool really useful (basically it gives you a color reference number to share with wedding vendors). You can also ask for a free fabric swatch of a color and fabric you're interested in.

How to have the bachelorette party YOU have always dreamed of

bachelorette party tips

(Photo via @mauimakaphotography)

Bachelorette party. Do those two words fill you with anticipation and excitement. Or dread?

Excited and happy because you're going to get together with your squad and have a fabulous time you'll remember forever for all the right reasons?

Or dread because you really can't face spending a load of money on something you don't want to do anyway, being holed up on a spa break when they're not your thing ....

It's your party and YOUR call

Think back to that classic film Bridesmaids where the maid of honor organizes everything just how she thinks it should be ... without really consulting the bride.

And that's the whole point really. It's all about communication.

While surprises are fabulous, you really need to get over to your maid of honor exactly how you want your party to go. And that brings me onto another point. If your maid of honor has a tendency to be a bit controlling, then should she really be your chief bridesmaid anyway? (Read here on why your best friend doesn't necessarily make your best bridesmaid.)

bachelorette weekend ideas

Anyway ... moving on. You need to bring up the subject of your bachelorette event early on before anything has been planned and booked. Here's a few things to think about and discuss.


  • Some girls will be on good salaries. Others not so much. (Again think back to the film bridesmaids where one of the girls has to fly off on a weekend she really cannot afford.) A luxury spa weekend or a trip to St Barts might not work for some girls. Remember that what you really want is to have all your besties around you. So chat with your maid of honor about making your events affordable.
  • Look at some bachelorette packages to get ideas of prices for different options. Before you decide on anything, run a poll with your girls, asking what they'd like to do and what they feel they could spend. Ring each girl up and chat it through.

Time Away:

  • Taking time off work could be an issue for some of your girls, particularly if they're freelance or work on the weekends.
  • A multi-day affair could also be an issue, if your girls have young children.

Ideas + Tips:

  • You could adapt a sort of 'pick and mix' approach so that girls can join in all, some or one of the events. You could host a fun dinner, with specialty cocktails, at your place on a Friday. Then maybe some of you could go off for the rest of the weekend to a spa or trip further afield.
  • If you're going to have a spa weekend, you could organize something that doesn't require an overnight stay to keep the price down.
  • Talk to your maid of honor about how you see your bachelorette party going. If you're a creative type then you could all attend a group cooking class and learn to make something a little unusual like sushi.
  • Maybe get an AirBnB for a few days? Check that your girls have passports that are up to date if you're planning on going abroad.

bachelorette party cocktails

10 Stunningly Creative Ways to Use Mason Jars at Your Wedding

wedding mason jar ideas

Images by Things in Mason Jars

Mason jars have become a staple at creative weddings in the past few years.

It's not really surprising when you think about it. These simple glass pots are really versatile and lend themselves perfectly to a bit of DIY creative wedding crafting.

10 Mason Jar ideas you'll love to try

  • Fill with tealights, tie string around the neck and suspend from the branches of trees for instant lanterns (image via Architecture Art Designs on Pinterest.)

    tea light mason jars

  • Use for informal arrangements of flowers. Gerbera daisies, dahlias and peonies look amazing in Mason jars.
  • Make mini homemade cookies, and fill small Mason jars with them for wedding favors. Tie each guest's name on the jar with a label (which doubles up as a place setting of course).
  • Place Mason jars in rows on a bar and fill with cocktails or lemonade. Add stripy straws (all facing in the same direction) to complete the effect.
  • If you're having an informal barn wedding with a buffet, put a set of cutlery and napkin in a Mason jar, labelled with each guest's name. (Image via on Pinterest.)

    cutlery mason jars

  • Make up separate jars with S'Mores kits as favors or put on the candy table.
  • Make up some bubble blowing solution with detergent, pour into Mason jars and attach a bubble blowing hoop alongside. Place by the children's table for instant entertainment (actually this is best done outside). Label each jar with the child's name so everybody gets their own bubble kit.
  • Create a kids' crafting table at the wedding and put beads, safety scissors, coloring pencils and crayons in different jars.

    kids table mason jars
    Organize the children's table. Image via on Pinterest

  • Add some sparkle and light by creating illuminated Mason jars. Put a small string of battery powered fairy lights in each jar, switch on and shut the lid. Put on your guest tables just before they enter the reception. (Image via Ever After Guide via Pinterest.)

    fairy lights in mason jars

  • Fill a Mason jar with potting compost and then plant a small fragrant herb (we're thinking mint, rosemary, thyme). Then put on tables and ask guests to help themselves.

herbs in mason jars

Herb wedding favors? Image via DIY Inspired on Pinterest

How will YOU show your wedding guests to their tables? You're going to LOVE these ideas - and so will they

wedding table ideas

It wasn't so long ago that weddings followed a cookie cutter template.

  • You got married in a cream, ivory or white dress that was long, with a veil.
  • You wore shoes to match.
  • Your bridesmaids wore matching dresses.
  • All the bouquets matched (although the bride's would be a bit different).
  • Invitations were always black and white script on card.
  • The wedding cake was always three tier (or more). 

And so on ...

wedding table ideas

Image credits: Disney Weddings, Hester Lear on Pinterest

But thank goodness those days are gone and couples getting married now can express their personalities, rather than following a formula. 

It's got nothing to do with budget either. If you're prepared to spend a bit of time and effort finding good ideas on wedding websites and Pinterest, you'll find plenty of inspiration and there's masses of wedding stuff you can do yourself.

wedding table ideas

Image credit: Brides Up North 

So what's this got to do with your guests and seating plan? 

Well, what we're saying is that you can also have a bit of fun with this most important part of your reception and make it real personal. 

wedding table ideas

Image credit:

You could just hand it over to your caterers and have a standard board at the entrance to the reception ... but you might want to dress things up a little. 

  • Instead of calling tables 1, 2 and 3 - think of some creatively themed table names. They could be the names of your favorite authors, athletes, artists, makes of car or places. So if you and your other partner have done a lot of travelling, the tables could be named after places you've visited: France, Italy, Greece, Bahamas ... you get the idea.
  • You could call them after your favorite Disney characters or favorite films ... 

wedding table ideas

Image credit: June Bug Weddings on Pinterest

Here's a few ideas we've found on Pinterest to inspire you: 

  • Find some old keys in a yard store or flea market and handwrite the table number and guest name
  • Find an old mirror and write up your seating plan in silver or gold pen (or ask a friend who's studied calligraphy to do it)
  • Get old photographs of your friends and put them alongside the table numbers. That will make everyone laugh when they see the board, that's for sure. Maybe some photos from your High School Yearbook? 
  • Get some empty wine bottles, print up sticky labels with the guest names and paste them on the bottles. Fill with flowers. Voila and an instant table centerpiece too .. 

wedding table ideas

Image credit: Want That Wedding on Pinterest


The most important thing you should know about filming your wedding day


floral bridesmaid dresses

Credit: Alison Leigh Photos. Floral dresses by Dessy Style After Six 6763

 Did you know that not having the wedding filmed is top of a bride's regrets about her big day. So it's probably not something to save money on - after all, you want your grandkids to see how fabulous you both were as a young couple!  


A post shared by Antonio Fatano (@antoniofatano) on

How To Avoid A Wedding Day Video Disaster

  • If you can afford it, have your wedding filmed. Being able to see your ceremony, your first kiss and dance as a married couple are magical moments. And you only get one chance!
  • Don't ask a relative or guest to shoot your video. They are guests and want to be busy enjoying themselves, rather than on duty capturing your big day. And they might miss those crucial moments!
  • Know what style of wedding video you want - standard,  static or fly on the wall documentary.
  • Think about the elements of the wedding you want recorded; Bride getting ready; Groom getting ready; guests arriving; bridal party and bride arriving to the ceremony; the ceremony; drinks reception; newly weds entrance to reception; dinner and speeches; cutting the cake; first dance; party with guest dancing.
  • Meet and discuss ideas with your videographer well in advance. Make sure they are sensitive and respectful of your needs.
  • Good videographers are booked a long way ahead, so try to secure your choice as soon as possible.
  • Make sure you know exactly what your video package includes,so that you avoid any hefty add-ons later.
  • Prices will depend on the equipment the videographer uses and the number of crew coming along.
  • Ask to see previous examples of the videographer's work and get recommendations from previous clients.
  • Remember, you ultimately get what you pay for. So if something is cheap, then it probably will look it

Did you have a wedding video made of your big day? Which were your favourite shots and which do you think you could have done without? If you've any great wedding videos tips, please share them with us below by leaving a comment.

Shaken and Stirred - A James Bond Theme Wedding Party


The James Bond look is certainly iconic. From his classic DB5 Aston Martin to today's digital gadgets. Who's been your favorite Bond? Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan , Daniel Craig? Or one of the others?

It's also a glamorous look that lends itself to a wedding reception theme. 



If you're looking to theme your wedding, then James Bond style has a lot to offer

You could offer a roulette table at your wedding reception for your guests to toy with. As for music - well there are some classic soundtracks to the James Bond films.

 Having a destination wedding, then James Bond style is easy - just watch some of the classic Bond movies like Doctor No that were filmed in tropical paradises. (You don't have to arrive for your wedding in a bikini, rising out of the sea, like Bond girls Halle Berry and Ursula Andress though!) You also don't have to have sharks swimming in a pool! 

Above from Dessy: Style 3016 in Platinum, Mystic Blue Lapel Suit, Style 6784 in Stardust. 

The men could dress in tuxedos - you can rent or buy tuxedos here at Dessy.  Or, the bridegroom and his groomsmen could dress in classic, lightweight summer suits from Dessy. 

As for women, think high octane glamour. Spaghetti strap dresses, one shouldered dresses, sequins, updos - this is not a time to dress down. Settle down with a DVD box set of Bond movies and enjoy planning ...

Ideas for a James Bond theme wedding

  • Arrive in a classic Aston Martin DB5
  • Spaghetti strap dresses for your bridesmaids or one shouldered dresses
  • Or short sassy cocktail style dresses
  • Have guest entertainment with blackjack and roulette tables
  • Martini cocktails of course - shaken, not stirred
  • Make the dress code tuxedos and glamor
  • Plenty of James Bond theme music
  • Call your wedding tables after James Bond Movies: Skyfall, Spectre, Goldfinger, Dr No, Diamonds are Forever, The Spy who Loved Me ...
  • You could have gold and diamonds as a parallel theme - maybe an idea for your wedding tables and invitations? 
  • On the walls of your reception have clips from the Bond movies playing on a big screen
  • Maybe hire James Bond lookalikes to mingle with the guests as they arrive? 

It's a lot of fun this theme and one that your guests will instantly recognise!  


18 ways to save money on your wedding day (that your guests won't even notice)

If you're anything like most brides-to-be (and we even think this would include a certain Miss Meghan Markle) you won't have an unlimited budget to spend on your wedding day.

Sticking to a wedding budget you set is really important - you don't want to start off married life together with a pile of debt. 

So we've talked to some clever brides and asked for their tips on saving money (and many of them won't even be obvious to your guests). 

  1. Get married on a Sunday or Monday to Wednesday. Venues are less busy at these times so you're more likely to be able to negotiate a special rate. Try and avoid a Saturday at any time of the year as this is the most popular day.
  2.  The same applies to your photographer. Try and pick a time when your photographer is unlikely to be innundated with work. They will be more open to negotiation.  
  3. Look out for your wedding dress at designer sample sales. You could pick up a top label dress at 50% off the retail price - it will be cleaned and altered to fit you.
  4. Have a tiered wedding cake (but only one tier is real cake, the rest are for show!)
  5. Decorate your cake with fresh flowers rather than intricate icing.
  6. Serve canapes instead of a starter.
  7. Consider having a wedding during the afternoon with a vintage theme - maybe a Great Gatsby theme? Serve traditional afternoon tea, sandwiches and cakes with music from a 1920's style band. Much less expensive than a sit-down, three course dinner. 
  8.  Use flowers that are in season rather than exotic blooms that have to be flown in (you're also keeping your eco credentials intact).
  9. Or use greenery on your tables.
  10.  Forget wedding favors. People won't even notice. 
  11. If your ceremony and reception take place at the same venue you won't need wedding transport. 
  12.  Really think about your guest list. You don't have to invite everyone. Just the people that matter to you. 
  13. Have a rustic wedding with bowl food in different styles of cuisine - and let your guests sit where they wish. Less formal and pricey than a sit-down three course dinner. 
  14.  Do your wedding make-up yourself. Have some lessons beforehand and try out some different looks so you know what will suit you. 
  15. See what you can borrow. You never know who has a spare tiara or even a wedding veil you could use.
  16. Make your own wedding table centers. A pot of hyacinths or daffodils in Spring would look and smell fabulous. Or put one or two blooms (roses, gerberas, daisies) loosely in a simple stem glass vase.
  17.  Ask a friend with a classic vehicle to drive you to and from the ceremony.
  18. Don't have children at your wedding. Avoid getting married during school vacations or taking your honeymoon at that time. Airlines and travel agents put a premium on flights and hotel rates then, so you'll be paying a lot more than you would during term. Travel when the kids are in school and you'll save (you may also find your flight/hotel/beach is a lot quieter). 

Are these the ultimate chocolate wedding cakes?

Chocolate Wedding Cake Ideas

Wedding cakes aren't what they used to be. Oh, no.

Back in the day, you had a tiered fruit or sponge cake, with white frosting - and maybe some colored paste flowers. And that was pretty much that. If you were feeling adventurous you'd have a skyscraper of tiers - but the decoration would follow a pastel, white or ivory iced convention.

Well those days are over. Cakes are a little more adventurous these days. Well, quite a lot actually.

Chocolate Cake Ideas for Weddings

Today's brides have cast their eyes over their wedding cakes and decided they wanted something quite radically different.

And if that sounds like you - and you love chocolate - then there's no reason why you shouldn't have a chocolate wedding cake.

Why a chocolate wedding cake is a great decision

  • Well, just about everyone loves chocolate.
  • You could have different layers frosted in white, dark or milk chocolate.
  • If you're watching your budget, then an indulgent chocolate wedding cake will stand in perfectly for dessert. In fact, people will probably be expecting it.
  • A chocolate cake would be completely perfect at a winter wedding when you want rich, intense flavors to combat the cold outside.

It's a real talking point

You could have tiers of sponge in different flavors (we're thinking red velvet, vanilla and chocolate) finished off with a chocolate ganache. (Ganache is a mixture of chocolate and cream, melted together and used to glaze or fill a cake or whip into frosting.)

If a friend wants to make your wedding cake and they are a good baker, then a chocolate cake might be a good option. Ask your baking friend to make cakes in graduating sizes so you can have tiers or a naked cake.

Naked Chocolate Wedding Cake

Going naked

Naked chocolate cakes are getting really popular and with good reason. (What's a naked cake? It's when the cake is left unfrosted or has a minimal scrape of frosting and decorated with fruit and/or flowers, like the cake above.)

Another decorative option would be to have a 'drip' cake like the one below. That's when ganache (a sort of liquid frosting) is poured on the top of the cake and allowed to 'drip' down the sides. Something to think about if you don't want to go overboard on the chocolate part. Have a vanilla cake with minimal frosting and then a chocolate 'drip' topping.

Chocolate Wedding Cake - Drip Cake

We've found this video here to show you how the drip effect is created.

If you're thinking that a pure chocolate wedding cake might be a bit too rich, remember you can break up the intensity with fruit layers - and as we know, strawberries and raspberries go with chocolate just perfectly ...

Fruit & Chocolate Wedding Cake

Seasonal berries would also work well, as would freshly cut figs.

Chocolate Wedding Cake


Top image, clockwise from top left: Cake Parlour London, I Take You, The Hudson Cakery Jeff Brummett

Second image, clockwise from left: Pinterest, Cake Parlour London, Steven Leyva

Third image, Cassie Rosch

Fourth image, drip cake by Buttery Bakery

Fifth image, DessertsvilleLondon, Cocoa Bakery

Why sweet pea colors could be the perfect choice for your rural, rustic wedding day

sweet pea wedding colors

(Image credits: Top right Tino & Pip, bottom right Flowers Online)


Sweet peas are the most perfect, cottage garden, rustic country flower.

  • They come in beautiful colors - from delicate pastels through to vibrant purples and pinks
  • They smell absolutely wonderful
  • They're delicate - but have tough stems which make them ideal for buttonholes and bouquets
  • A sweet pea wedding bouquet is a timeless classic
  • And sweet pea tones would be beautiful as a wedding day theme, as you can see above

Finding bridesmaid dresses in sweet pea colors is easy with Dessy. Take a look at colors like Tahiti, Honeysuckle and Persian Plum.

Mix up the shades for an ombre effect. Let each maid choose the best hue to suit them.

sweet pea wedding colors

Image credits: Bridesmaid dress by Dessy in more than 50 colors

Then tie the look in by having a sweet pea bridal bouquet in a single pastel shade, and let your maids' bouquets be a riot of contrasting colors.

  • Sweet peas also look wonderful on wedding tables. Put them in Mason jars for an unstructured look
  • Offer sweet pea seeds as wedding favors
  • Have a trellis of sweet peas climbing up behind you as you say your wedding vows
  • Macaroons would be a perfect choice to serve your guests at a sweet pea themed wedding. Delicious with cups of English afternoon tea!

If you're planning a rustic style wedding then this is really an idea to think about. Have simple bunches of sweet peas as your table centers, make sure the bridegroom and his party have sweet pea buttonholes and of course think about the colors you could be using for your wedding stationery - the invitations, order of service sheets, table planner and name cards.