Top 10 things to consider when planning your wedding

So, the proposal's been made, the celebratory champagne has been drunk and now you've got to decide how to start planning your wedding. Where to begin?

Whenever you're discussing anything, it's always better to be well-nourished before you start off, otherwise two things happen:

  • your blood sugar level will be low and you are more likely to be grumpy

  • you are less likely to make good decisions.

Don't get overwhelmed by the enormity of whole thing: do the brainstorming over a couple of weeks, and then add the layers of details over the following months.

So for the first session, plan a quiet evening together: have a good meal, turn off your phones and computers and settle down with a warm cup of cocoa or tea.

how to start planning  your wedding

Sounds mad, doesn't it? But you are more likely to feel favourably towards someone if you have a hot drink in your hand than a cool one, so don't take any chances!

Way before you get into any sort of nitty gritty about the wedding there will be a few fundamental questions that need answering and so just spend a while compiling a list of questions that you will need to answer before you can really move on. Here are my top 10 things to consider when planning your wedding:

      1. Who is paying for the wedding? The two of you, your parents, your friends or a mix of all three? Would your parents be upset if you didn't expect them to contribute, or mightily relieved? Are your friends in a position to help fund your wedding or is that a bit cheeky?And don't forget, there will always be little extra expenditure items along the way that you won't have bargained for!

      2. Is there a ballpark budget? Will you consider a Wedding Planner or DIY? Brides Magazine carried out a survey in 2015 and found out that their readers spent an average of over £30,000 on their weddings...

      3. What time of year do you want to get married? Is there a special month for you or would you rather be dictated by the venue availability?

      4. Where do you think you'd like to have the ceremony in a perfect world? Church, registry office or special venue; town or country - home or away? Maybe brainstorm a long list and then narrow it to start planning your wedding
        Town or country?

      5. Who will be the Best Man, Maid of Honour, Ushers and Bridesmaids? Many or few? Future-in-laws or just old friends? Do brothers and sisters make the grade?duck egg blue wedding theme

      6. Is it more important for you to have a more lavish wedding and a less expensive honeymoon or the other way round? Or would you consider a buddy moon?

      7. How important are the flowers and the cake to you? Will you allocate a large proportion of your budget to either, both or none?

      8. Dress to die for or something a little more modest? Morning suit, black tie, boho or themed? tulle wedding dresses

      9. How will you travel to the wedding? Horse and carriage, tractor, vintage Rolls?top 10 things to consider when planning your wedding

      10. Will your reception be just drinks and nibbles, full-blown Wedding Breakfast followed by all-night party or an elite meal for the chosen few? Champagne or Prosecco, beer or cocktails? Church music, live music, iPod music, disco or nothing?

[caption id="attachment_19445" align="aligncenter" ignore-width="595"]Raspberry and lime green wedding table Magical wedding table by Anne Edgar Photography[/caption]

Whatever your first thoughts, sleep on them before you commit yourselves to anything. And try not to be too self-centred, or assume that you know what others are thinking - above all, keep those lines of communication open!

All that really matters is that you and your fiancé are about to embark on a wonderful journey together, of which the Wedding Day, whilst important, is only a very small part of the whole journey. Don't make your marriage about only one day; your future life as a married couple is what really matters.

For more guidance, check out's Wedding Planning Tools to help you on your way. Enjoy!

6 Resolutions To Get Every Bride Feeling Great For Her Big Day

6 Resolutions To Get Every Bride Feeling Great For Her Big Day

I'm sure you made an intention or two as the famous ball dropped at midnight on the first of the month. Now that 2016 is in full swing, everyone feels the urge to become more conscience about what they should focus on for the future. Take the new year as the opportunity to set goals for yourself as a bride as well. As you enter the many stages of wedding planning, be sure keep a few promises to yourself to ensure your happiness and health on your special day. johnnymiller

1. I Will Eat Clean

Not only will eating healthy help you to look your best on your wedding day but it will also help you to feel your best.


2. I Will Take Time For Myself

In the chaos of planning a wedding it is so easy to get stressed and overwhelmed. Taking the time to go to a yoga class or meet up with a friend for lunch will slow down your pace and keep your mind at ease.

Bishop_Goldin_RiverlandStudios_JB7_0_low3. I Will Spend My Money Wisely

It's easier said than done to set a wedding budget and actually stick to it. However, making smart financial choices on things like the dress, venue, and caterer will have you thanking yourself for years to come after the wedding. Plus with so many DIY ideas out there, it's so easy to have a wedding thats stylish and affordable!

GaganDhiman4. I Will Have More Patience

Patience is one key characteristic that people often lose when stress is in the air. Have patience with your groom, bridesmaids, and family members to keep your relationships strong.

ArnauDuboisPhotography25. I Will Communicate Effectively

It's important to remember that while you are the primary decision maker, this wedding is ultimately about you and your beloved. Communicating about emotions and ideas will help the two of you sail through the planning process.

ArnauDuboisPhotography 6. I Won't Expect  Everything to Be Perfect

There will inevitably be bumps in the road to your wedding as well as in your marriage in general. Don't get caught up in the making all the tiny details absolutely perfect, because everything always comes together beautifully in the end.

Photos by Gagan Dhiman, Johnny Miller, Dan Campbell, Riverland Studios, and Arnaus Dubois Photography. 

Most romantic way to propose

One of my best (male) friends recently proposed to his Russian girlfriend. Being one of the world's most thoughtful and charming of men (and a Virgo to boot, which I always find a huge help), he had planned the proposal enough to know the location and what he was going to say, but not so much that the romance of the moment was lost in a sheet of to-do notes.

[caption id="attachment_20950" align="aligncenter" ignore-width="595"]most romantic way to propose With thanks to Ian Britton for this beautiful photo of a romantic sunset via[/caption]

As the two of them strolled back hand in hand from a late lunch in London on Christmas Eve, they stopped to watch the sun setting over the Thames and he said,

most romantic way to propose

It is the most romantic way to propose that I think I've ever heard!

He had wisely ensured that neither of them had had too much to drink at lunch, he had already decided that they would go to Paris to buy the ring together, and he really meant what he said - he wanted nothing more than to grow old with his beautiful wife and help her follow in the footsteps of her blissfully happy grandparents.

They told me how they had subsequently had such a romantic time in Paris the following week visiting many of the joyous jewellers in Place Vendôme before buying an exquisite, emerald-cut diamond set in platinum, flanked by a diamond baguette on each side - divine!

My friend laughed at his naiveté when, remembering that his fiancée's favourite colour was green, he had enquired about emerald engagement rings in one of the shops - the assistant had taken them downstairs to a vault to view an emerald ring that was absolutely spectacular. My friend discreetly enquired as to the price tag; at ‚¬70,000 he decided to hot-foot it back to the ground floor and stick to the diamonds!

While that happy couple were in Paris in the last week of 2015, I travelled to Rome which I find one of THE most romantic cities in Europe, if not the whole world. There, on New Year's Eve, I witnessed an American gent take his girlfriend's hand, studiously throw a coin into the fountain, pause to make a wish and then down on one knee he went before popping the question. After she had said yes and the surrounding crowd and whooped and given their congratulations, the new fiancee asked why he had thrown the coin in before he asked her. "I wasn't taking any chances so I wished that you'd give me the answer I wanted!" he replied.

most romantic way to propose

The romantic Trevi Fountain as capture by Stephen Lyons for

So although summer is definitely the time when most couples actually tie the knot, winter is the most popular season for proposals in the UK. But fear not if you weren't the recipient of a romantic proposal this Yuletide. According to Chillisauce, the UK hen and stag party organisers, whereas boys think that Christmas Eve is the best time to pop the question, girls think that Valentine's Day is THE most romantic day to become engaged. So there's time yet...


Blue eye make up

Would you wear blue eye make up? It seems so 80's - or was it 70's? Who cares? Vogue and Harper's Bazaar are selling it strong and, like many fashions, it may seem slightly weird at first, but before you know it, we'll all be doing it! Spring and Summer 2016 are going to see us donning peacock, azure and electric blue eye make up like there's no tomorrow.

Blue eye make up

Wouldn't it look fab if you teamed the blue eye make up with your bridesmaids dresses in Ocean Blue like those above (the girls are wearing Dessy Collection styles 2894, 6639, 6694 and 2905)? You would only need to provide each girl with a cobalt eye liner and the effect would be subtle but stunning.

Or you could go a little bolder (although maybe not too bold!) and apply rich blue eye shadow across the whole lid (a la Missoni and Chanel). I love the beautiful selection of  bridesmaid dress colours at this wedding where all the girls were dressed in the same style (After Six 6678) but in a delightful combo of blues - Spa, Lapis, Sapphire, Cerulean, Windsor and Cornflower, although not necessarily in that order! Just think how fab they would look with varying shades of blue eye make up to suit each girl.

Blue eye make up

You could of course be TOTALLY 2016 with your choice of bridesmaid dress AND make up by selecting one of Dessy's newest styles, Alfred Sung Style D723FP, which is a heavenly vivacious floral print in a palette of blue:

Blue eye make up

But you needn't spend a fortune getting the latest look - take a look at the brilliant shades of eye make up available from George Home at Asda and you'll see just how easy it is going to be to get your bridesmaids on trend!

Blue eye make up Blue eye make up

Go on - give it a go!




New Years Day Wedding

The first of January and there's every chance that if you're thinking of a New Years Day Wedding for next year, the weather might be a little chilly. But there a plenty of ways to wrap up warmly on your wedding day and still look gorgeously stylish, particularly nowadays when faux fur is so widely available and so gorgeous. Like the beautiful bride above in her white stole.

This bride cleverly found a faux fur jacket that colourwise worked beautifully with her flowers.

New Years Day Wedding

Whilst this bride was determined to keep all white with this charming faux fur bolero jacket and three quarter length sleeves - very stylish.

New Years Day Wedding

You don't have to go the fur route, of course - this beautiful girl chose a lovely white bouclé jacket and white chiffon scarf to wrap up in against the cold:

new years day wedding

Whilst this bride went for a brightly coloured plaid shawl - a must if you have any sort of claim on a family tartan!

New Years Day Wedding

Of course you've got to think about your bridesmaids, too. These girls had it sorted; white for the bride and a fab grey for the bridesmaid to complement her electric blue dress:

New Years Day Wedding

If the weather isn't going to be super-cold, you could contemplate fur collars like the ones below that are just enough to keep the chill off whilst looking so pretty.

New Years Day weddingBut I think this takes the biscuit - if I were having a New Years Day Wedding, I'd want a cape like this one - what a way to start the New Year and married life!

New Years Day Wedding

With huge thanks once again to the fabulous Anne Edgar Photography for her wonderful images and I wish you all a joyous 2016.

A Glam DIY Perfect For a Festive New Years Wedding

A Glam DIY Perfect For a Festive New Years Wedding

With sparkling confetti flying, sequin gowns twirling, and champagne bottles popping, New Years Eve is a time meant for pure celebration. New Years weddings come with all the glitz and glam that you would expect of the annual holiday. Plus if you're a couple fueled by pushing each other to be your best, then incorporating resolutions into your ceremony is just another reason to tie the knot on the special day. Inspired by the sparkle and shine theme of these festive weddings, we've come up with this fabulous glitter glassware DIY. Try it out to serve champagne or handcrafted cocktails at the reception or simply give the glasses as gifts to your wedding party.

mikecarreiro3 2


  • Glassware (champagne or martini works best)

  • Mod Podge

  • Liquid glue

  • 2 paintbrushes

  • Glitter (in your choice of color)

  • Painter's tape

  • Paper plate

Step 1: Clean the glassware.

Step 2: Adhere tape to the glass where you want there to be straight lines. For example if you want to glitter only the stem of the glass then place the tape around the top of the stem.

Step 3: Use a paintbrush to brush on Elmer's glue to the area of the glass that you want the glitter to appear.

Step 4: Pour the glitter onto a paper plate. Use your hands to sprinkle it over the glue area on the glass until it is fully covered. Let it dry for 30 minutes.

Step 5: Use the other paintbrush to apply Mod Podge over top of the glitter in a thin layer. This will allow the glitter to stay in place better. Let it dry for 2 or more hours.


mikecarreiro 2

mikecarreiro2 2

Photos by Budget Savvy Hostess and Mike Carreiro.

Female Tuxedo

Fancy wearing black tie to a New Year's Eve party tonight? A girl donning a dinner jacket is no longer an outre look but you do nonetheless need to have a certain amount of confidence to carry it off. Like Emma Watson a couple of years back in Saint Laurent. The actress accessorised the fashion house's contrast lapel blazer and skinny tuxedo pants with a Reece Hudson Bondage minaudière and black, sling-back courts and she looked absolutely stunning.

So if you also want to wear that look, don't rummage around in your boyfriend's wardrobe for his old dinner jacket; get a proper female tuxedo from somewhere like Dessy.female tuxedo



Designed by the fabulous After Six team, the Marlowe women's tuxedo is cut to flatter the female form, something you just won't achieve with a man's dinner jacket. It has a sleek satin peak lapel, single satin covered button fastening, two satin trimmed welt pockets and a welt breast pocket. Its beautiful tailoring is enhanced by the material - a fine stretch wool from one of the oldest mills in Italy, Lanificio Di Tollegno (est. 1862), 96% wool, 4% Lycra.

The jacket is hugely versatile, too. You can team it with the Marlow Women's Tuxedo trousers, a classic, slim fit with a stain stripe down the outside of each leg, side slash pockets and an elegant satin waist band. The trousers sit comfortably just below the waist for the most flattering of looks and have a 32 inch inseam to allow for alterations.

female tuxedos


Or you can pair the jacket with jeans for a truly funky look:

female tuxedos


Like Ms Watson, I'd accessorise the look with a minaudière, like this one in the prettiest of pale pinks from Dessy:

female tuxedosor this heirloom-in-the-making Crystal Rose Minaudière which is simply divine.

female tuxedos

Whichever look you choose, you'll look sassy and chic in your female tuxedo so order one now and enjoy standing out from the crowd.

Pale green and blue wedding theme

I saw this wedding on Style Me Pretty the other day and was just wowed by the colour combination of the bridesmaid dresses.

Pale green and blue wedding theme

The idea of a pale green and blue wedding theme hadn't occurred to me before but I have to say that I'm quite a convert; the colours are so easy on the eye and remind me of the caribbean sea in all its tranquility. What is particularly clever is the inclusion of the darker colour alongside the mint green and powder blue, which is just a stroke of genius. The chiffon fabric is perfect too for this style and colouring of bridesmaid dresses as it adds to the image of sea spray and delicate foam, in keeping with the bride's effervescent gown so reminiscent of seaside white horses!

If you also like the look of a pale green and blue wedding theme, take a look at these gowns from Dessy which are similar to those above. First up are these three gorgeous gowns:

pale green and blue wedding theme

or what about these three?

pale green and blue wedding theme

All of the combinations are beautiful and whichever you chose, imagine wearing these divine earrings (only £29.63!) from AngelPearls on Etsy to coordinate the whole thing? Absolutely heavenly...

pale green and blue wedding theme





coloured bridal belts

I've so fallen for bridal gowns with embellished belts but until recently I hadn't realised that you could buy coloured bridal belts too!

So imagine having a really outrageously decorated wedding dress sash for yourself and then more delicate coloured bridal belts for your bridesmaids - what's not to like?

I might choose something like the Millie sash for me:

coloured bridal belts

And then for my girls, I'd go for the Audrey sash with its delicate beads and sequins on lush satin ribbon. Here I've shown them in Midnight (top), Platinum (middle) and Rose (bottom):

coloured bridal belts

coloured bridal belts

Don't you just love this gold Grace bridal belt? And so aptly named, too, when you think how beautiful and golden Grace of Monaco was.:

coloured bridal belts

Last of all, just take a look at this awesome Ava Sash in black satin, vintage-look rhinestone and metallic thread - now if that doesn't make a statement, I don't know what does!

coloured bridal belts